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The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics
by Bill Morgan

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Tom Bearden (2001)
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired) 

For the past six months I have been undergoing the greatest paradigm shift I have ever had to go through. It has rattled my nerves and shaken my bones. This intense adjustment of my "world"has come about by studying the information given by Col. Tom Bearden at his website Cheniere. The new knowledge there has necessitated a total revision of my ideas about physical reality, the world we live in, and the future of humanity. 

This paradigm shifting even actually made me dizzy on certain days as I tried to absorb and digest Bearden's vast amount of information. I am not a scientist at all, just a layman, and I have little comprehension of the math and high physics of this new science called "Scalar Electromagnetics."But there is a great deal of information at Cheniere which needs to become common knowledge as fast as possible, for the sake of the survival of life on earth. 

To that end I have put together this small primer of Bearden's ideas, as a kind of "beginner's guide" to his website. (I have tried to underline certain words and phrases which are part of the new "jargon" of talking about these "new" phenomena. Also I have taken the liberty of bolding certain words and phrases to help them stick in the mind). 

(Note: Throughout "EM" means "electromagnetic," and "LW" means "longitudinal wave")
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This article has six sections:
1. New Waves  2. Tapping the Waves  3. Weaponization  4. Healing  5. Psychoenergetics  6. As It Stands 

2006 NOTE: Click here for a current status history of the MEG from Tom Bearden

1. New waves discovered
Longitudinal EM energy fills vacuum of space, the time domain of spacetime, time as compressed energy, E=tc2, waves of time, phase conjugate wave pairs.

"Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."   Nikola Tesla 

"At any point and at any time, one can freely and inexpensively extract enormous EM energy flows directly from the active vacuum itself." Tom Bearden 

I guess the first thing to try to comprehend is that a "new" kind of electromagnetic (EM) wave has been discovered in the empty vacuum of space which, when engineered, can be an inexhaustible supply of energy in great magnitude at any place in the universe. The word "new" is in quotes because the discovery really goes back to Nikola Tesla and his discovery of what he called "radiant energy." It is also not "new" because the Russians (KGB) have been working on this technology for over 30 years and have weaponized these "new" longitudinal scalar waves to a great degree. 
These are the weapons Nikita Khrushchev spoke of in January, 1960.

"By 1957-8 the Soviets had progressed to the point of a giant scalar EM accident in the Urals which exploded nearby atomic wastes, devastating the area. They had also progressed to development of great new superweapons using their new energetics - weapons to which Khrushchev referred in 1960 when he informed the Soviet Presidium of a new, fantastic weapon in development, a weapon so powerful that it could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly employed.'" Tom Bearden

After over 30 years of development, and extensive testing around the globe, these new scalar electromagnetic weapons are up and running and ready to go. Tom Bearden, at his website Cheniere, dicusses the history of these new scalar electromagnetic weapons in his paper "Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons." 

Some Immediate Implications

The implications of successful engineering of the longitudinal waves are enormous, and will change the world as we know it, one way or another. Among other things, these discoveries mean that: 

1. The solutions to the energy crisis and the "oil problem" are in hand. These oil wars are unnecessary. There is endless energy available freely from the domain of time.

2. Unbelievably powerful weapons are not only possible, but are already operating in several nations. The many powers of these weapons are unprecedented and mind-boggling.

3. The cure of diseases such as cancer and AIDS, in fact nearly any disease, has become possible within a few years of sufficient funding. Everyone can be made healthy and stay healthy.

4. Mind control on a mass scale has now become possible, and the machines to do it are already in place in certain nations. It has become possible to mentally enslave whole populations with the twist of a few dials.

So the layman will need to understand that there is a new kind of electromagnetic energy that is altogether different from what he knows, e.g. radio, TV, cell phones, etc. The ordinary EM waves that we have known about are called transverse EM waves, to distinguish them from the new longitudinal EM waves. These scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. And we must keep in mind that this vacuum of space we speak of exists all through everything. Even our bodies are mostly empty space between atoms and molecules. So the gateway to this seething ocean of energy can be there at every point in the universe. This seething ocean of energy is all around us and all through us.


Emptiness is Full

This amazing discovery announces that the "emptiness" of empty space is in fact not empty, but a great ocean of seething energy!

Col. Bearden refers to this ocean of energy as being of the "time domain." Energy out of time?  It seems like something from Star Trek but this is the point which the new science of  scalar electromagnetics  has reached. And where it is going may be beyond anything Star Trek could have dreamed of. 

We live in a 3-dimensional world, which physics calls "3-space." But there is also spacetime, or 4-space, or the "4th dimension." Then suddenly comes this amazing new knowledge that time itself is actually compressed energy. And it is energy which is compressed by exactly the same factor by which matter is considered compressed energy: the speed-of-light-squared!

So we have a new companion to the famous E=mc2. It is now paired with E=tc2 (where t is actually "delta-t," or change in time). Or (amaze your family and friends and) say:

"E equals em-cee-squared"
E equals delta-tee-cee-squared

It has a nice ring to it, like some freedom bell announcing a new era.

And as the atomic bomb released the compressed energy in matter, so can we now unleash the tremendous energy that is compressed into time itself.  It gives a completely new meaning to the term "time bomb."

Some New Terminology of Scalar Electromagnetics

A new science, several new names

"Those [Russian] weapon scientists resurrected an old term from the history of electrodynamics, called "energetics". That is their approach to a unified field theory, where everything is based on "energetics". This model as its foundations uses a very similar approach to that "single fundamental unit" model, where energy is the unit. If one makes the energy EM in nature, then one has the Russian energetics approach. This unified approach gathers everything in, including all energy actions and relations in inert matter (the first branch of energetics, called by the same name), all field and matter interactions in living matter (the second branch of energetics, called "bioenergetics"), and all mind operations and mind-matter interactions (the third branch of energetics, called "psychoenergetics"). [ed: sometimes also called "psychotronics" by the Russians]

"Note that the weaponeers sliced energetics into three branches, with each branch depending on the nature of the "targeting".

"So I took a hint from them, since the stuff and the approach worked. They had already weaponized it highly." 

Bearden : http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021502a.htm
See also "Subdivisions of Soviet Energetics"

Rick Andersen in an article called "What is Scalar Electromagnetics?" describes the new science this way:

"Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and wargames specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetics which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlie all physical reality.

"If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of." http://twm.co.nz/Beard_scalem.html

"Time-energy, time-currents, and time-structuring play the dominant role in electromagnetics. Time-as-energy eventually becomes engineerable, as easily as is spatial energy now. We are always dealing with spacetime and with spacetime curvature."


The scalar energy discovered in the vacuum of space is sometimes called "zero-point" energy. Thomas Valone explains how this term came about.

What does "Zero Point" mean?

"Boyer traces the historical “creation of the vacuum” as proceeding in stages in parallel with the historical development of ideas about the vacuum. To paraphrase, he says that in the 17th century, it was thought that a totally empty volume of space could be created by simply removing all matter and, in particular, all gases. That was our first concept of the vacuum. Just get rid of all the gas. 

Late in the 19th century, it became apparent that the region still contained thermal radiation. But it seemed that the radiation might be eliminated by cooling. So the second concept of getting a real vacuum is to cool it down to zero temperature. Just go all the way to absolute zero. Then we’ve got a real vacuum. Right? Well, since then, both theory and experiment have shown that there is a non-thermal radiation in the vacuum and that it persists even if the temperature could be lowered to absolute zero. Therefore, it was simply called the “zero point” radiation."

Thomas Valone http://www.seaspower.com/InsideZeroPoint.htm

"For our very survival, it is absolutely imperative that informed citizens be aware of this dramatic change, which is just now starting. The powerful new science and engineering must be controlled and used for humanity's benefit, not its detriment. Else it will eventually be let loose unrestrainedly, to destroy all life on earth - a possibility indicated by Nikita Khrushchev in 1960." - Bearden


2. Tapping the waves

Endless free energy, Tesla's radiant energy, the dipole as the gateway to the energy of the void, MEG in one year, Bedini, Yakuza, etc. End of Oil, geopolitical chaos, rogue groups

Move Over G.E. & Big Oil, Energy is Everywhere!
Third-world nations set to rise

"Certain powerful interests did not wish the extended electromagnetics to be discovered or taught. That, after all, would lead to free energy and loss of economic control of the citizens. That was precisely why Nikola Tesla had already been suppressed ... Today it is still being suppressed by the orthodox establishment." http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s25.htm

The vast seething ocean of energy of the vacuum, the longitudinal scalar EM waves of the time domain, can now be tapped and "transduced" into ordinary (transverse) EM energy in our 3-Space world. The process can be compared to putting a paddlewheel into a river. The energy acquired is free, since the river is there flowing whether we tap it or not. And it is a mighty river, and is not diminished by our paddlewheel.

This means that a permanent solution to the "energy crisis" is at hand, if only those who hold it so secret would give it up to humankind

It means our species' insane use of oil is no longer necessary. We can make automobiles that need no fuel at all. We can build motors that power themselves. It means that unlimited electrical power can be available for free anywhere in the world. Every house and even shack can have its own power supply. 

Of course there is the cost of the equipment at first, but the energy flow is free for the presumably very long life (no moving parts) of the generator. It will probably take decades to shift over to scalar power. 

But the ability to tap the scalar (longitudinal) EM waves of the vacuum (which exists everywhere) also means that unbelievably powerful weapons can be, and already have been  developed. In fact these weapons are so dangerous that the fear engendered becomes a psychological obstacle to the grasping of the facts. 

I struggled with this myself for months, and even though Tom Bearden had completely convinced me already, it is hard to accept the fact that for everyone on earth the "worst that might happen" has suddenly gotten much worse. It takes time to deal with that, to realize it and get over it. 

Indeed, the possibilities of these new weapons, which are tapping the huge energies of time, are so terrifying it is natural for the mind to simply say: "I don't want to hear about that." 

And the government, likewise, pretends these weapons do not exist and tries to keep it secret from the people. Because most people would indeed be truly alarmed to know the actual situation. Col. Tom Bearden has decided that the people need to know the truth anyway. As a People on a Planet we must face this now, and ban the use of scalar weapons in war or in mass mind control. The current deployment of these weapons is a world emergency which we must all face.

The physics and mathematics of the longitudinal waves and the time domain are clearly beyond the layman, but I recommend scanning through them anyway just to get a sense of the wonder and the elegance of it all and some of the exotic terms which are used. Two of the most important papers by Col. Bearden are:

 Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole
 The Final Secret of Free Energy

Despite the complexity of the science involved, Bearden sums up the essential secret of it all in a few words.

"There is no problem at all in extracting all the energy one wishes from the active vacuum, anywhere in the universe, at any time. Just make a dipole.

The problem is in (1) catching some of that freely gushing EM energy in a circuit containing a load, and (2) dissipating the caught and collected EM energy in that load to power it, without using half the caught energy to destroy the source dipole's).

That is the ONLY real energy problem on the planet, and always has been."


A dipole could be a battery, which is polarized into negative and positive. Or the terminals of a generator. Or any magnet with its two poles. Or an atom with its positive and negative charges. Or the earth's magnetic field, the sun, and all heavenly bodies. Even a galaxy must be some kind of mega-dipole. Wherever there is a dipole there is already immense scalar EM energy ushering out of and back into the vacuum. And there have already been demonstrated a number of diverse methods for tapping that energy as it flows. (John Bedini, Edwin Gray, Bruce de Palma, and others). Bearden provides what he calls a "partial list" on his website.

"In other words, nature then gladly gives us as much EM energy flow as we need, indefinitely — just for paying a tiny little bit initially to "make the little dipole." After that, we never have to pay anything again, and nature will happily keep on pouring out that 3-flow of EM energy for us. This is the giant negentropy mechanism I uncovered, performed in the simplest way imaginable: just make an ordinary little dipole." Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/techpapers/Unnecessary%20Energy%20Crisis.doc


Important note 2006: Since the enthusiastic early report below, the hopeful timetable envision has gone quite off track. Bearden had said that the MEG could appear as early as 1-2 years after getting funding for the final research and scale-up. They have still NOT gotten the funding as of 2006.

Click here for a current status history of the MEG from Tom Bearden

The original text of article continues here...

How to Buy a Free Energy Machine

Answer: Just wait one more year! 2003. Then get off the Grid!
[note 2006: The above line was unfortunately naive and overly optimistic! - author]

Perhaps the most eagerly awaited event now is the marketing of Bearden's Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) scheduled to begin in about a year's time. This is when the proof will hit the fan. Many people have said to me, when talking about free energy, "I'll believe it when I can go to the store and buy one." Hopefully in a year's time they will be able to order their own MEG. And then they will believe, because it works and is working.

Says Bearden: "I will admit that the chief scientist of an important experimental group in a large company was rather stunned at the type of output we were able to obtain. The MEG may look like just a transformer, but it is not. It is a completely different breed of cat." 
Bearden : http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/011202.htm

Soon the cat will be fully out of the bag. The first MEG units will supply 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity. Forever. Units can be connected together to double or triple the wattage. After that gets going, 10 kilowatt generators are planned. Energy will flow freely from the time domain indefinitely, and there are no moving parts to wear out. This manufacturing project is a heroic effort and will change the world as we know it. For once people are in possession of such devices there can be no further denial from anyone, including the government and/or "secret-government."

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
(Successfully replicated here by J. L. Naudin)

The physics of how the MEG works is explained in the paper "The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy Replenishment from the Active Vacuum." 

The device was successfully replicated by J.L. Naudin in France, and others, like Steve Utne, are also working on their own models. But Magnetic Energy Limited's MEG is actually scheduled for production soon and looks to be the first commercially available free-energy generator in history! 

I imagine it will not take long for tinkerers to put them into their electric cars and make the first fuelless automobiles since Tesla's unheralded (and unheeded) experiments. Or for builders to begin building houses powered by MEG's. Houses which will never see electric bills. How can they ever make enough of these to meet the demand that will suddenly be there? Bearden is right, it needs to be an all-out crash program of the government on the order of the Manhattan Project.

I must include here that Bearden is quick to point out that he is not himself the inventor of the MEG, but is a partner and advisor in bringing it to the public market through Magnetic Energy Limited, Inc. I must also admit that I am praying for the success of this venture, and the ending of the absurd and criminal withholding of this technology from the people by the black-ops military-industrial people. This secrecy has cost the planet over 30 years of unnecessary pollution.

The first units off the assembly line, which is being set up in a "friendly" unnamed nation, will usher the public at last into the new era of scalar electromagnetics.

As of December, 2001, the situation with the MEG was described by Bearden in a letter. 

"What we presently have with the MEG is a successful laboratory experiment. At least a year's very hard research will have to be done before we will be ready to put a commercial power supply into production.

"Consequently, we have made an agreement with a foreign partner (the National Materials Science Lab of the National Academy of Sciences of a friendly foreign nation) to do that year's research. At the same time, we are trying to make an agreement with one or more large financial partners here in the U.S."

"So we are hopeful that we will be able to start introducing units on the market about a year from now. Quite simply, we will either succeed or we will fail. But we will give it our very best effort." http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/012202a.htm

Bearden has given another technical explanation of how the MEG works here in a letter.

Update : Motionless Electromagnetic Generator patented, 3-26-2002

Click here to read the patent

"In Magnetic Energy Limited, all business discussions and arrangements are taken care of by Dr. Lee Kenny, Managing Partner. There are five of us who are co-inventors of the MEG, and two of the others are really the principal inventors." Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/megstatus.htm

Lee Kenny can be reached by E-mail at: jlkenny@ingr.com

Free Energy has been Suppressed

Secret Government Aware of Free Energy

"In this world of contemporary times, all the agencies, CIA, FBI, KGB, NSA, Electric Power Research Institute, DARPA, Brookings Institution, Henry Kissinger, Edward Teller, et al., all are aware of [free-energy researcher Bruce] DePalma and his ideas. 

"Because these individuals and institutions are employed by the ruling elite to forecast the future and satisfy present needs and demands, it is clear that free energy is a threat to the world order constructed by business and the mindset of those who want to own the world

"Free energy represents Man's aspirations and dreams of freedom and equality, uniform division of resources and the ability to choose one's own future. 

"The fact that free energy is suppressed speaks to the greed and self-interest of a ruling elite which, even in the face of an emergency of global starvation, resource depletion and environmental pollution, will not give one inch if it means loss of control. This is an attitude of paranoid delusion and fantasy which can only arise from the alienation of a class of elitists who, through their money, are completely insulated from the reality of the day to day fight for existence of the common man."



"Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his waves were non-Hertzian, and his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance. His discovery was apparently so fundamental (and his intent to provide free energy to all humankind was so clear) that it was responsible for the withdrawal of his financial backing, his deliberate isolation, and the gradual removal of his name from the history books."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/part1/starting%20pages.htm

Bearden describes one clear case of the suppression of free energy  when the Yakuza killed the Kawai engine in his very presence in Huntsville, Alabama. 

"That night a jet arrived from Los Angeles, with a Yakuza on board. The next morning Kawai no longer controlled his company, his invention, or his own fate. The Kawai party was in fear and trembling. The Yakuza coldly dissolved the agreement, they packed up the two Kawai engines we had, and left. And that was that."

So it is not only governments who are keeping this revolutionary technology from seeing the light of day. The Yakuza? KGB? The Aum Shinrikyo cult? Our "leaders" need to be honest about what is going on, otherwise they look foolish, acting out a kind of "Alice In Wonderland" script before the public, a script that has become completely unbelievable.

Concerning the criminal withholding of this scalar technology by the military black-budget people, and the cover-up of the actual situation regarding scalar weapons throughout the world, Tom has this to say:

"The high government officials of the United States of America grossly violated our constitution and their sworn oaths of office. Our constitution specifically charges the government of the United States to defend the people of the United States. That means our officials are specifically charged with defending our people. Yet they deliberately agreed not to do so, and they deliberately sacrificed us in advance.

"They committed treason of the highest kind, by deliberately surrendering us to total destruction anytime the big balloon goes up."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s75.htm

Energy Crisis Solved

One of the "must read" documents at Cheniere is The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly, especially since the "oil wars," which Bearden has foreseen for decades, have now already begun. 

Here are some clips from that Document:

"To avoid the impending collapse of the world economy and/or the destruction of civilization and the biosphere, we must quickly replace much of the "electrical energy from oil" heart of the crisis at great speed, and simultaneously replace a significant part of the "transportation using oil products" factor also.

"The technical basis for that solution and part of the prototype technology required, are now at hand. We discuss that solution in this paper." Bearden

And although the solution to the energy problem and the oil wars may be at hand, Bearden suggests there is still an urgent rush that needs to be made to save human civilization from collapse.

"Once the technology hardware solutions are ready for mass production, even with a massive worldwide deployment effort some five years are required to deploy the new systems sufficiently to contain the problem of world economic collapse. This means that, by the end of 2003, those hardware technology solutions must have been completed, and the production replacement power systems must be ready to roll off the assembly lines en masse.

"The 2003 date appears to be the critical "point of no return" for the survival of civilization as we have known it.

"Reaching that point, say, in 2005 will not solve the crisis in time, and the collapse of the world economy as well as the destruction of civilization and the biosphere will still almost certainly occur, even with the solutions in hand."

"The good news is that we now know how to easily initiate continuous and powerful "electromagnetic winds" from the vacuum at will. Once initiated, each free EM energy wind flows continuously so long as the simple initiator is not deliberately destroyed."

On page 9 he explains the concept of the dipole, and how there is already huge scalar energy flowing in the time domain around any dipole. Hold a magnet or a battery in your hand and you hold a stress in time and a beautiful flowing loop of longitudinal waves! 

Bearden decries the scientific community in the West for being unable to let go of their dogma long enough to see that the greatest discovery in human history lies at their feet, but for their stubborn ignorance.

"The present energy crisis then is due totally to that "conspiracy of ignorance" we referred to, that is maintained by the scientific community, and that has been maintained by it for more than 100 years.

"This is the real situation that the environmentalists must become aware of, if they are to see the correct path into which their energies and efforts should be directed — to solve both the energy crisis and the problem of gigantic pollution of the biosphere."

As far as anyone in the legislative branch of government ever understanding the profundity of the discovery and engineering of scalar waves, Tom Bearden says they are at a great disadvantage in doing so.

"The nontechnical person — e.g., a Senator or a Congressperson — is operating under a distinct disadvantage. If he or she takes the stance that much better electrical power systems can readily be achieved, he or she is in fact opposing almost the entire set of University, Government Technical, Power Company, Battery Company, and Organized Science communities. Further, in most cases his technical advisors are themselves from one or the other of those communities, and likely to go back into that community or those communities when the Senator or Congressperson leaves office, or even before. So the Congress and the non-technical government community at large operate at a great disadvantage...Bearden

National Emergency Declaration is Needed

"The Government Non-Technical community (the Senate and the Congress, in particular) are in far better shape than the Government Technical community, to appreciate the world implications of the pending economic disaster. I am hopeful that both the environmentalists and the Government Non-Technical community will rapidly unite in a common goal to get this vacuum energy program launched, under a National Emergency declaration. If so, then they can solve the energy crisis and the pending economic crisis, in fairly short order, and permanently."


In the conclusion of his paper The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly Bearden again states the urgency of replacing our centralized power grids with highly dispersed and local taps on the freely flowing energy of the active vacuum. Given the abilities of the Tesla howitzers, the power grids of all nations are sitting ducks. 

"Personally, the present author regards the increasing energy crisis as the greatest strategic threat to the United States in its entire history. I will do anything within my power to help prevent what I perceive to be the looming economic collapse of the Western world, preceded or accompanied by a sudden, explosive, all-out and continuing exchange of the WMD arsenals of most of the world.

...In the name of all humanity, let us begin! Else by the time this first decade of the new millennium ends, much of humanity may not remain to see the second decade."

3. Weaponization  
Scalar interferometry, Tesla howitzer, Tesla dome, heat/cold, dudding, 10 nations have them, dead-man fusing & Insane Systems, scalar strategy, earthquakes and weather wars, solar storms, mind attacks, leased to Yakuza, many examples of testing, quantum potential weapons.

"Indeed, Soviet energetics weapons are now capable of destroying both our triad shield, our homeland, our armed forces in the field, and our population, quickly and efficiently. We have a new "gap" of monumental proportions: not a missile gap, not a submarine or bomber gap, and not even a particle beam or laser gap. We have a scalar electromagnetics or electrogravitation gap." Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/intro.htm

"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon." Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960

"We've totally missed the most incredible "secret superweapons" development program of all times, and the worldwide testing of the weapons themselves.

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki should serve as object lessons in the price of ignorance of such technological breakthroughs.

"History does repeat itself. But this time it's not we Americans who got the great new superweapon first."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s75.htm

Warfare has been changed forever by the development of these scalar energy longitudinal wave howitzers. To get a basic understanding of scalar waves is to have the imagination suddenly run wild as all the implications and possibilities regarding warfare fall into place. One realizes with a certain horror that the world has totally changed, and that there are some very fearsome possibilities. Remember, the power for these weapons comes from the time domain, longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum of empty space, and the power is tremendous and mind-boggling. Being able to blast away at any target from a distant control booth is something that has never  happened before. This is incredible power to be in control of and it divides the history of weaponry into "before" and "after." And the destructive power of these weapons is delivered instantaneously to the target from the local vacuum at the place of the target.

From an interview:

"Are you saying that real energy can be transmitted faster than the speed of light?"
Bearden: "Yes. But hyperspatially. Not through 3-space, but "around" it. Again, this means that it's possible to produce energetic changes in a distant system at a distant place, without transmitting energy "through space" in the normal sense. You transmit "around" space, so to speak, and directly in time or through a higher dimension, depending on the model you're using to understand this. Further, the speed of the internal EM energy transmission is not limited to the speed of light."


Here are some initial considerations about 
scalar weapons and scalar wars

1. Tesla Howitzer 2. Tesla Domes 3. Rogue groups 4. WW III  5. Russian "UFOs?"

1. The Tesla Howitzer 
and its modes of action

Source: Tom Bearden's weapons slides and Fer-de-Lance Briefing

For one thing there is no delivery of any thing to any place. Bombs are obsolete. So are the planes to get them there. No helicopters necessary. All current nuclear devices are rendered nearly useless by electronic "dudding." All distant-destruction can be done from a control room, and to any point on earth. The destructive power of "men" has just increased by orders of magnitude. The new weapons could even cause storms on the sun! Thus there is great urgency to make these new facts public and known, with the hope that all nations would come together to ban the use of scalar weapons

Two scalar antennae together along with the computers to control them, make up a scalar interferometer, and according to Col. Bearden the Russians have hundreds of such installations already. These interferometers are called "Tesla Howitzers." They can deliver a giant blast of energy to the distant target site, true "action-at-a-distance". 

The first howitzer mode is called the "exothermic" mode of operation because immense EM energy blasts outward at the target site. The blast of a scalar howitzer can be of near nuclear level in destructiveness, and can be repeated easily, at that place, or nearby, or anywhere.

The howitzer can use a lesser exothermic power setting and simply destroy all electronics in the target area. Thus they can render our nuclear missiles inoperable as they sit in their silos by "frying" the electronic circuits that guide them. They can bring down any airplane, anywhere in the world, at any time. Any person anywhere, if their exact position is known, can be assassinated without a shot being fired. 

The howitzers can also bring down power grids anywhere in the world, at any time. Thus they could bring Wall Street to an instant halt by disabling all its electronics. Even this one little easy tweak of the howitzer could cripple the U.S. economy in a single day. No wonder the "leaders" don't want you to know! This is a new era we are in. The discovery and development of scalar interferometry has put us in a new world, whether we like it or not. Anyone could be expected to go into denial, the befuddled senators and congressmen included. But we have to wake up.

In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean. Bearden gives a number of cases where these "cold explosions" have been witnessed, mostly by airline pilots. April 9, 1984: 1  2  3 ) A huge mushroom cloud of mostly water is seen rising miles into the sky from out of the ocean, an awesome sight.

In the endothermic mode the sucked-out energy must go somewhere, so it is vented out at some other chosen spot on the earth. These endothermic plumes have been photographed by satellite.

"The exhaust in the left picture is about 150 miles long, and is nearly horizontal (about 1.5 degrees above the horizontal). It is entirely consistent with the continuous exhaust from a "dumping transfer" scalar EM howitzer in the continuous exothermic mode. (The primary howitzer, of course, was activated in the endothermic mode.)" Bearden More Plumes

By using both of these heat (exothermic) and cold (endothermic) modes together the weather can be altered anywhere. Warm the air over here, cool it down over there, put a curl in the jet stream, dissipate clouds, create clouds, whip up a tornado. Bearden speaks about using the endothermic howitzer mode as a weapon of war:

"Cold explosions can be used to freeze tanks, personnel, and equipment. The equipment and tanks thaw out. The personnel thaw out too, but they are dead when they do." Bearden, Fer-de-Lance

(This endothermic mode of the howitzers makes me think that there might one day be a cure for the problem of global warming after all. Could not a big device, situated in space or on the moon, be able to vent a great deal of excess heat outside the atmosphere into space, thus functioning as a kind of planetary thermostat?)

While the United States has experimented with electomagnetic weapons using ordinary transverse EM waves, the longitudinal [LW] weaponized waves are truly of another order altogether

For one thing they do not have to travel through space, for they come from the time domain, which is everywhere. The energy of the blast, the heat or light or whatever, comes from the vacuum of space at the location of the target itself. This is astonishing. The weapons actually just trigger the release of immense energy from the vacuum at the target location.

"... it is possible to focus the potential for the effects of a weapon through spacetime itself, in a manner so that mass and energy do not "travel through space" from the transmitter to the target at all. Instead, ripples and patterns in the fabric of spacetime itself are manipulated to meet and interfere in and at the local spacetime of some distant target. There interference of these ripple patterns creates the desired energetic effect (hence the term energetics) directly in and through the target itself, emerging from the very spacetime (vacuum) in which the target is imbedded at its distant location." Bearden Fer-de-Lance

The big Tesla howitzers are aimed at their targets by using a worldwide electromagnetic pattern called the "Woodpecker Grid," begun by the Russians in 1976.

You can hear the Woodpecker signal here: http://www.cheniere.org/misc/woodpeckersound.htm

The woodpecker grid is just that, a grid of EM waves which provide a channel for the LW waves to any point on earth. Computers use the woodpecker grid information to hone down the aiming of the howitzers to a pinpoint location on earth. (For that matter, it could be under the earth, in space, or under the sea).

A third howitzer mode is what Col. Bearden calls "Mindsnapper" mode. This is a truly frightening mode which affects the electromagnetic mind-body connection. Being mind-snapped at a low level would cause you to lose consciousness. Being mind-snapped at a slightly higher power would "entrain" all minds in the target area into a kind of hypnogogic trance, a state in which they would all be highly susceptible to suggestions and orders. 

Being mind-snapped at high level would so disrupt the mind-body connection that everyone in the target area would fall down, instantly dead. Not only that, everything around you and inside you would be killed, so that your sterilized body would not rot for quite a long time. 

The Mindsnapper can be used for a small area, or to kill an entire population. In fact, using the scalar waves to affect the human mind has become a new field in its own right, and has been dubbed "psychoenergetics." (This is discussed below in section 5).

Bearden describes the use of the howitzer in mind-snapping mode against people, to cause unconsciousness or death:

"From a military viewpoint, these scalar EM weapons are really quite all-around weapons.

"For example, they are very lethal against personnel.

"Set in the "high intensity pulse mode," one blast and a person's nervous system is destroyed instantly. Total, instantaneous death results. One can blast away at entire groups of infantrymen, for example. It's the peak power that's important, not the average power. So the weapon doesn't require too much battery power.

"Set on a lower intensity pulse mode, one zap can simply knock out a person, rendering him instantly unconscious. Quite useful if one needs prisoners to interrogate. Also very silent, which is useful in operations employing stealth and surprise."
Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s80.htm

"Those hit by the scalar EM weapon, however, have a most peculiar death mode.

"Death comes-instantly and totally. There is no convulsion, no response. The entire nervous system is destroyed instantly. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, germs, etc.

"A body hit with this thing falls like a limp rag and lies where it falls. It doesn't decay in even 30-45 days. In a macabre fashion, it's been reduced to something like food irradiated with nuclear radiation; everything is killed, so the material is preserved for an extended period before any decay can set in."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s81.htm

He goes on to say that the same "bazooka-sized scalar EM pulse weapon" can also be used to knock out a tank with one shot (or pulse). So tank warfare is obsolete. Helicopters? Bearden points out: "... if he's attacked by a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft, he can bring the same weapon to bear on it. He can knock down a chopper or a jet. With one shot." 

Obituary for Tank Warfare
Tanks useless against portable LW weapons

"For example, suppose one attacks a tank. [with an LW weapon]
With scalar EM pulse, the personnel die instantly. Total personnel kill is achieved.
All electronic systems of the tank are dudded. Total systems kill is achieved.
The ammunition in the tank explodes. Total kill is achieved.
The fuel explodes. This is another total kill mechanism.
That tank has been killed totally, by a variety of mechanisms, all simultaneously.
That's a k-kill in any analyst's book.
And don't worry about retrieval and repair. That tank is finished permanently.
Even the most modern tank is just as vulnerable as the most obsolete."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s88.htm

One begins to get the idea how profoundly the conventional means of warfare have been obsoleted. All the usual weapons of war have been rendered nearly useless! And Star Trek's "Phaser," with its "stun" and "kill" modes is here at last.

Although it is the weapons aspect of scalar electromagnetic which has received the most developmental effort, Bearden points out that a great many other amazing things that may be accomplished in this new field of science. Beam me up Scotty!

"Superluminal communications systems, hyperspace drive, and materialization and dematerialization are all hypothetically possible, using scalar electromagnetics. As the technology develops, we should see the development of many of the systems long thought impossible except in science- fiction."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s15.htm

Bearden describes a huge test of the Russian scalar weapons systems which occurred in 1985, a test that went completely unnoticed by western scientists:

"Just before May 1, 1985 the Soviet Union performed a "full-up" operational test of their entire strategic scalar EM weapons complex. This test was detected and monitored periodically by Frank Golden. Some 27 of these giant Soviet "power taps" were locked into the molten core of the earth, producing forced (entrained) scalar resonance of the entire planet on 54 controlled frequencies under our very feet. The remainder of the scalar frequency spectrum was ablaze with literally hundreds of Soviet scalar transmitters: probably the entire strategic scalar command and control system to underwater submarines, higher command centers, distant commands, etc. was activated in the giant exercise.

"For several days, the system was exercised on a mind-boggling scale, apparently as part of the Soviet Union's highly accentuated 40th anniversary celebration of the end of World War II.

"Ironically, not a single U.S. intelligence agency, laboratory, or scientist detected this monstrous exercise for the new Soviet leader, Gorbachev. Not a one of them had a detector for scalar EM radiation, and not a one of them officially believes the exercise ever happened."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s38.htm

"The Woodpecker grid/howitzer weapon system can be placed over the ocean and used against cruise missiles, naval surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, etc. Placed over a carrier task force, it can also take care of the aircraft launched by the carrier as fast as they are launched. It can also handily take care of the missiles launched by guided-missile cruisers of the accompanying task force."

(Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s65.htm )

The whole series of the Fer-de-Lance briefing slides and comments is a "must read" for anyone wanting to be aware of the actual state of things in this world right now. It is a new world and it takes some getting used to. Fer-de-Lance speaks clearly, for the layman, of the way things stand. 

What is it like to operate these Tesla Howitzers? Col. Bearden gives us an idea in his "Fer-de-Lance" briefing, Slides 66-71

Who needs armies anymore? A entire war can be fought and won by a handful of men sitting in a comfortable control booth! The scalar electromagnetics revolution has made all previous forms of warfare nearly obsolete.

Why haven't the Russians used the scalar weapons yet? 

Bearden gives his thoughts on this in "Fer-de-Lance." The power of these weapons is so great that an accident or war could wipe out all life on earth, and even affect the sun.

"As can be appreciated, this entire concept [MAD] is now totally obsoleted by the Soviet possession of scalar EM weapons.

'The "mutual assured destruction" capability -- or MAD concept as it was so aptly named! -- is no longer mutual. And for two reasons: (1) the Soviet surprise attack could destroy essentially all our Triad forces wherever they are, in the first attack. (2) Even if a very small number of our strategic forces survive, the puny strike we could attempt to launch could be repeatedly decimated from launch to terminal phase.

'The restraint on the Soviets is not because of our Triad forces. The restraint is twofold: 

(1) a second nation has scalar EM weapons, and would undoubtedly unleash them upon the Soviet Union with great violence if such a massive world-wide destruction of U.S. forces occurred or was threatened (is it really "accidental" that six major Soviet missile ammunition storage sites mysteriously exploded within seven months?); 

(2) the closed-loop scalar radiation exchange system of Earth-Sun could be inadvertently "tweaked" in the feedback loop from Earth to Sun, so that a large solar scalar resonance was stimulated. In that case the Sun could emit a mighty resonant "burp" that would simply wipe out all life on Earth in a fiery shower.

'The "terror" in the "balance of terror" between nations has just increased by many, many orders of magnitude.

'The biblical prophecy that the Earth will be wiped out by "fire and brimstone from heaven" is very near fulfillment now.

'Put another way, the pucker factor -- even on the Russians who may contemplate unleashing Armageddon -- is higher than any Western strategic analyst has ever imagined, even in his wildest nightmares.

'Truly these weapons are "more frightening than the mind of man has imagined," as Brezhnev put it in 1975.

'The frightening scalar EM weapons can be used, but only very, very gingerly indeed. If a slight mistake is made, everybody loses everything."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s74.htm

But the Russians (KGB) are not the worst of it. Bearden claims that some of the scalar weapons have been leased to the Yakuza for about a billion a year, and that only the KGB is holding the Yakuza in check from making a full-scale all out scalar attack on the west.

U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen 
Warns about eco-terrorism using scalar electromagnetic weapons

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensifour [counter terrorism] efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997

In a letter to a writer named "Russell" Bearden says, 

"In short, Russell, the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range."


See Also:
Examples of scalar weapons testing around the globe

See Also: Powers of the Longitudinal Interferometers

Tesla Howitzers in Weather mode

How to Make Weather

"Engineering the weather is duck soup; they tested that over the U.S. in 1967, and entered upon continuing operations over North America on July 4, 1976 as a grim kind of KGB "Bicentennial Gift" to the United States. Here's how it is done with several interferometers. 

"First, the interferometers can deliberately make "high pressure areas" (cool the air so it shrinks and its "footprint" pressure on the ground increases because its density increases) and "low pressure areas" (heat the air so that expands and its "footprint" pressure on the ground decreases because its density decreases). Well, if one makes the highs and lows where one wishes them, and judiciously and somewhat slowly moves them along a given path, these highs and lows will entrain the jet streams and thus "steer" the weather. 

"So if you wish a very cold snap or attack, go up into Canada and start these actions to steer down some streams that bring some very frigid air. Establish other highs and lows judiciously to "block" or "slow" other jet streams and flows as desired. In this way, one can pull the "large cold air masses coming down from Canada" deep into the southern U.S. at will. They do it regularly. If you wish an ice storm, add an additional current of warm moist air you bring up (steer up by using artificial highs and lows) from the ocean. Where they meet, you will get freezing rain, then sleet, then severe icing accumulating. This type of attack does rather large damage to the struck area."


Whole websites have now sprung up showing weather radar anomalies which may well be indications of scalar weather engineering. One list of over 500 images is here. Cheniere has its own collection here

Here is an animated anomaly with cloud formation.

In another section at Cheniere are many photos of cloud anomalies which reveal the underlying grid along which the clouds are forming or un-forming. Bearden relates a startling incident in these ongoing "weather wars."

"During the spring of 1986, abnormally strong Soviet weather engineering occurred over the U. S., causing a drastic drought in the southeastern U.S. This drought was broken by a colleague who used an extremely powerful scalar EM device to redirect jetstreams. A most unusual and unique signature of the "blocking" against the Soviet scalar EM actions resulted: Two huge circulations developed in the atmosphere, clearly showed as two adjacent giant "holes" in the swirling cloud cover over the middle and eastern U.S.

"Between these two giant holes, the cloud circulations formed a stream of clouds, moving to the south, looking very: much like a giant vertical "bar" of a huge "Y-shaped" cloud flow.* Several national weathermen commented on this unusual pattern, which had not been observed before. The pattern continued, day after day, as the blocking continued." 

* On the weather maps.


Tesla Howitzers in Earthquake mode

How to Make an Earthquake

"Here's how you initiate a very large earthquake with such weapons. Take a convenient fault zone of set of them. Focus the interferometry on the fault zone, in the "diverging" mode, and deposit EM energy there in the rocks on both sides, increasing (slowly) the stress in the rocks by the reverse piezoelectric effect (deposit excess energy, get crystal mechanical movements). 

"Do it slowly, and the stress will build up to large pressures well-above a plate slip minimum energy required. At some point, the rocks yield and one or both sides "slip" and move rather sharply, giving a very large earthquake in that zone. 

"Do the same thing down in the earth (remember, LWs easily penetrate right through the earth and ocean at will, and so the "interference zone" focus can be inside the earth or beneath the ocean, at will. 

"Anyway, focus this thing down to where the active part of the volcano is still slumbering, down where the hole in the plate has been made. Keep increasing the deposition of energy in the magma itself, and eventually the increasing pressure from deep within that volcano, underground, will cause an eruption. Build the energy slow, and the eruption will likely be much larger."


Yugoslav Earthquake, Followed by Cold Explosion
Strange Characteristics of Iran Quake, Sep. 1978

Tesla Howitzers in Tesla's "Big Eye" mode 

How to make a Big Eye in the Sky

By using longitudinal wave interferometry in a weakly endothermic mode a new kind of "radar" is now possible, one which can look right through the earth and oceans. Because the endothermic mode extracts energy from the distant target, a pattern of the target area can be scanned for in the returned energy. 

"Thus the receiver produces a representation of the energy extracted from various locations within the distant endothermic zone. By displaying the received signals on an appropriately scanned screen, a representation of the distant scene in the intersection zone can be created. Indeed this is a special kind of "microwave interferometry," and -- with modern techniques -- the imagery obtained might be surprisingly good. With development, it might even become as good as the image presently obtained by side-looking acquisition radars. 

"Interestingly enough, since scalar EM beams will easily penetrate the earth or the ocean, one can also look beneath the earth or beneath the ocean with this type of scanning scalar interferometer. 

"The importance of this capability to strategic and tactical reconnaissance is obvious. Camouflage, cover, and concealment have no effect on such a system. One can easily look inside buildings and into underground facilities. With a small system such as this, the U.S. Marines at Khe Sahn would have had little difficulty locating the tunnels continually dug under the perimeter by the Viet Cong. And targets under jungle canopies are directly visible." 

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s42.htm

Tesla Howitzers can destroy all life on earth

How to Make a Storm on the Sun!!
(Just make a big mistake with your Tesla howitzers)

The deepest dangers of the use of scalar weapons are frighteningly pointed out by Bearden here where he considers that the sun, earth and moon (actually the whole solar system) is a delicately balanced arrangement of scalar (longitudinal) EM radiation. There is a scalar connection between the earth and the sun, which are both giant dipoles gushing energy in the time domain. Big scalar events on the earth could alter this balance causing true catastrophe.

"Indeed, a solar response could be stimulated so that the Sun would violently belch and destroy our biosphere, among other effects." 

Unrestrained scalar warfare could cause huge solar storms? To realize that human activity could actually affect the sun itself is truly mind boggling.

Bearden goes on to say: 

"Accordingly, use of huge scalar EM weapons is a double-edged sword. Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user as well as the victim, and even accidentally cause the destruction of the earth itself. It is not accidental that in 1960 Khrushchev stated that his new fantastic weapon could -- if unrestrainedly used -- destroy all life on earth.

"This appalling backlash potential is apparently what prompted Brezhnev in 1975 to make so strong an effort to get agreement to outlaw the development of "new weapons of mass destruction" more frightful than the mind of man had even dreamed of. Gromyko even introduced such a draft agreement into the proceedings of the United Nations. The first article of the draft agreement indicated that the nature of the weapons referred to would be negotiated. Sadly, the entire Western world did not even know what the Russians were talking about."


2. Tesla domes provide 
near-perfect defense shield.


(Slide from Cheniere.org)

The Tesla howitzers can be used in a nearly impregnable defensive mode whereby they throw up a dome (Tesla Dome) or a sphere (Tesla Globe) of highly powerful electromagnetic energy, enough to "dud" or destroy missiles which try to penetrate them. Once again, this energy is not going through space from the howitzer, but being made to emerge from the local vacuum at the location of the shell.  KGB tests of these domes have been witnessed by airline pilots around the world. Bearden gives many examples of the Tesla domes being sighted around the world in his briefing paper "Fer-de-Lance." (Russian dome test, another globe incident, yet another globe test). These giant electromagnetic domes can be hundreds of miles across, or narrowed down more to total impermeability. 

"Such a shell may be several hundred miles in diameter at the base. The enormous energy required to form such a defense shell is obtained by a "scalar power tap" into the molten core of the earth itself, as previously explained. In late April/early May of 1985, 27 such "power taps" were placed in the earth by the Soviets. If each tap is capable of powering four to six large scalar EM weapons, then the Soviet strategic scalar EM arsenal contains over 100 monstrous superweapons capable of generating exothermic explosions, endothermic explosions, engineering the weather, locating and destroying underwater submarines, detecting and destroying ballistic missiles shortly after launch, detecting and destroying long range strategic bombers as soon as they are airborne, etc." http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s52.htm

By using nested domes one can protect the domed area even against nuclear radiation itselfTesla globes can be used to hit airborne targets by simply placing a globe of any chosen size in the flight path of the incoming missile. It does double duty because the missile hits it going in, and then the rubble hits it again going out the other side. 

While the U.S. persists in its useless boondoggle "missile defense system" by shooting a missile with a missile (missiles which would already have been "dudded" by the Tesla howitzers), between the domes and the globes the Russians (KGB) have in hand (operational) a nearly perfect missile defense system. Someone should ask the Secretary of Defense if the U.S. Tesla domes are in place. And over which cities? How powerful are our American Tesla domes? 

Bearden cites a number of examples of these domes being tested around the world:
March 20, 1969 | March 24, 1977 | August 17, 1980 | June 17, 1966 | June 18, 1982  June 22, 1976

In a slide from the Fer-de-Lance briefing it is shown how the "woodpecker grid" itself also acts as a sensor, detecting any missile launch anywhere, and how the howitzers can respond instantly by delivering a blast to exactly the right coordinates, right along the channels of that same grid which is feeding the location information about the missile launch. This certainly beats "trying to hit a bullet with a bullet." Especially since YOUR bullet would probably be instantly inoperable in a real scalar war situation.

3. Rogue Groups in the government

Bearden fears that these scalar electromagnetic secrets may have fallen into the hands of what he called secret "rogue groups" within the labyrinthine depths of the black-ops special-access domain of the secret government. "In the extreme, such a deep black program can even become a "captured" program," he says, "which is totally in the hands of rogues and no longer reports to or is bound by the dictates of the parent government."

"They have their own agendas. And being rogue groups, they may well bring in unethical, immoral tricks: assassination, bribery, entrapment, disinformation, plausible deniability, etc. A certain percentage of a highly secret rogue group will wind up using all these things and more. It's a human characteristic, the old primate dominance game. Only now disguised and hidden under deep classification. ... 

"In highly classified groups, these groups are greatly enabled to joust more widely, unethically, and immorally because it is so deeply hidden. So very deep classification evokes the growth and intensity of rogue groups. It's the old 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely' routine. ... Due to loose formation of rogue groups inside such programs, they may have dual or triple purposes, may not operate under very much legitimate government control at all, and may operate specifically for the purposes of the rogue group or groups that have gained control."

"The involvement of at least some rogue groups, some being "cowboys" who operate well outside all laws and ethics, could also result in such things as assassinations, clandestine testing on individuals without their consent, etc. In short, it could account for what seems to be actually occurring. "  


4. World War III has already begun

Because it is now possible to cripple the power grids and electronics of any nation, that nation could be reduced to economic ruin without ever firing an actual "shot." Without electricity Wall Street cannot operate. Without electricity you quickly need martial law. One no longer needs to wage a conventional war anymore at all. There are now lots of new ways to bring any nation to its knees.

"We are at war, whether we like it or not. And we are going to have strategic strikes on an unparalleled scale for us. Pearl Harbor was nothing compared to what is coming down, once we consider the "augmentation" and such. 

"When that factor is considered, then it's a totally new ball game on replacing the power system. There isn't going to be much choice; the old one is going to be destroyed or so badly crippled that it will collapse the U.S. economy in a way we have not seen since 1929. Of course, in such a case hitting us, we will be under martial law, the works, everywhere. For one thing, it's the only way you can keep the cities from imploding from within, by the criminal element, looting, robbing, killing, etc. Simply wait and see; it's on the way." 

Although Bearden has for years decried the "scalar-gap," and chided the military for falling so far behind the Russian KGB in the field of scalar electromagnetics, recent statements indicate that things may at last have changed somewhat.

"In the new war, the first phase of WW III has already been completed. Hence President Bush's recognition that this is a total war, and has to be taken to the enemy no matter where he may be hiding or in what sanctuary or in what foreign nation. This is an entirely different war than anything the U.S. has ever fought in its history. And before it is over, it is going to kill more Americans than have died in all the previous wars in our history. The news media and the public have not yet recognized that awful situation and predicament. Most are already thinking that, well, we won in Afghanistan so it's just about over. Instead, it has only just begun.

"Anyway, that's a brief uptake on some of the weapon situation today. Some 10 nations or more now have LWIs, and five have the QPs. I'm still working on how many have the appalling negative EMP weapons, but would estimate 6 or 7 nations have them in one stage or the other, either deployed or in at least advanced development. And in my estimation, the Yakuza will have them within three to five years if they have to build them themselves, and quicker if they can buy them from the Russians, Chinese, or???" Bearden

When he was asked the question "Does the government listen to Tom Bearden?" Bearden said:

"Let me speak carefully. I am very satisfied with how I've been listened to in the quarters where the rubber meets the road. The West is no longer defenseless, not by any means. Cannot amplify it further than that." http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021102a.htm

Bearden has briefed the government a number of times and the Cheniere website contains a great number of his graphic military briefing slides. 

5. Are the Russians making "UFOs?"

Scalar electromagnetics engineering opens the possibility of antigravity vehicles and "hyperspace travel." In other words we can now make our own UFO's! Of such scalar-powered antigravity vehicles, which have now become possible, Bearden has this to say:

"We might expect to see such vehicles glowing. Their various surface features and mechanisms might appear to be glowing or revolving lights, etc.

"They could exhibit incredible "aerodynamic performance," seemingly in the atmosphere. Actually they would not be moving "through" the atmosphere at all, but through a higher space outside each particle of atmosphere.

"They could seem to materialize and dematerialize.

"They could seem to plunge into the ocean or rise out of it.

"They could even seem to operate under the ocean or inside the earth itself.

"Such anomalous vehicle performances have been seen all over the world, particularly since a few years after WWII.

"It appears that one or more nations of Earth are operating such vehicles now in great secrecy. Our own "government" may even be one of these.

"If so, it isn't our true "government/government." Instead, it's the "control group/government." It's government at the operational level, but at higher level it belongs to certain control groups who have penetrated our government's vitals and taken over all such projects."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/slide32.htm

In an excellent article on her Earthfiles website, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the utter bafflement of Norwegian scientists over mysterious lights appearing in the valley of Hessdalen, Norway. 

She writes of the research there: "The results can be broken down into two groups: 95% are thermal plasmas and 5% are unidentified solid objects. The plasmas emit long wave radio frequencies and strangely, their temperatures do not vary with change in size or brightness." She quotes the scientists' research summary:

"1) most of the luminous phenomenon is a thermal plasma; 
 2) the light-balls are not single objects but are constituted of many small components which are vibrating around a common barycenter; 
 3) the light-balls are able to eject smaller light-balls; 
 4) the light-balls change shape all the time; 
 5) the luminosity increase of the light balls is due to the increase of the radiating area. But the cause, and the physical mechanism with which radiation is emitted, is currently unknown." 

This would almost certainly seem to be another example of the testing of the scalar howitzers. It is baffling because, as Bearden points out repeatedly, Western scientists have limited knowledge of the scalar electromagnetic principles by which the howitzers operate. The Hessdalen scientists were completely baffled as to where the energy of these plasma balls was coming from

Ms. Howe interviews Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, who released the report on the 2001 Hessdalen sightings. The scientist speaks of the baffling phenomon observed.

"I don't know how it is possible that Nature is spontaneously able to do that. Anyway, we deduce that the plasma is trapped inside a sort of magnetic cage and the magnetic cage closes around the plasma and keeps it fixed in some way, prevents it from expanding. But where does it come from? We don't know."

By what we have been considering here, we can recognize the signatures of scalar electromagnetic engineering. If it is a Tesla howitzer, then the energy for the plasma balls is coming from the vacuum of spacetime at the very location of the balls themselves, triggered by scalar interferometers aimed through the woodpecker grid. 

These kind of balls can be used as marker beacons giving feedback for precision aiming of the howitzers. The energy of the marker beacon can be read back into the computers giving precise location information for pinpoint aiming. The target area can be very small, or widened out. 

There is a little movie of one of the Hessdalen plasma balls here. It would seem to be a clear documentation of a scalar howitzer marker-beacon. How many other current "UFO" sightings are actually the witnessing of Tesla howitzer tests?

In fact there are a great many anomalous events of the past few decades which might very well be explained by the Russian testing of their longitudinal electromagnetic weapons. It would seem that the mysterious appearance of crop circles around the world could be accomplished by feeding a precise mathematical graphic pattern into the computerized aiming software and change the very molecular structure of the crops themselves along the lines of that pattern. The stalks fall over from the localized effect of the longitudinal waves. A plasma ball tracing patterns? Are they slyly sending a message to see if we are "getting it" yet? 

The "Cambridge Angel" - Made by Russian scalar plasma balls?

Also see: Interview with Tom Bearden

(Slide from Cheniere.org)

4. Healing powers of longitudinal waves
Healing via longitudinal waves, time reversal of cells (de-differentiation), Priore's machine, Bearden’s proposed "blanket" version, using the electric power grid for healing waves or for broadcasting disease patterns. Scalar Biowar.

The good news!

"Any sort of disease whatsoever - physical or mental - will be rapidly curable, simply and cheaply. It will be possible to reverse aging and rejuvenate the person. It will be possible to regrow limbs and straighten misshapen spines - and directly remove the causes of mental diseases and cure them as well. Lifespan will be staggeringly increased, without 'old age's debilitation.' AIDS, cancer, leukemia, and genetic diseases will be completely conquered. The potential for a true golden era is upon us, for all humanity." 

Bearden- http://twm.co.nz/beard_interview.htm

Proof of the healing powers of longitudinal waves from the vacuum is seen in the work of Antoine Priore who produced longitudinal scalar waves using a gigantic glass tube filled with plasma. He himself did not understand why it worked or how it cured cancer in animals.

"The Priore team cured terminal tumors, trypanosomias, and other dread diseases in laboratory animals in France, in the 1960s and 1970s, under rigorous scientific protocols by eminent scientists. The Priore project was funded by the French Government to the tune of several millions of dollars (equivalent). http://www.explorepub.com/articles/energetics.html

". . . Prioré's machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960." http://www.cheniere.org/priore/index.html

Bearden has stated that the longitudinal EM waves can have a healing effect because they always come in pairs called "phase conjugate pairs" and one of the pair is time-reversed. This enables engineering of the waves to "pump" the cells of the body (with waves from the time domain) and actually time-reverse the cells back to a previous healthy condition. The scalar cure of cancer does not involve killing the cancer cells but rather pumping them with time energy into a previous condition. I know, this seems miraculous, and is it not? 

Priore and his giant plasma tube

This healing power in the longitudinal waves of the time domain is a mind-boggling thing to face. It took me months to get through it, and to suffer the fact that the cure for cancer and AIDS was right there, in this new scalar electromagnetics technology, and that it has been kept back from the people for so many decades now.

Bearden has a great deal to say about the work of Antoine Prioré, who himself did not understand why his machine worked. Priore did not know about the longitudinal scalar waves of the time domain. In fact, Tom Bearden has supplied, at last, the missing  explanation as to how that big giant two-story glass tube consistently cured cancer in animals. 

"The medical implications are enormous. By just reversing the damaged cells back to a previous physical state, this gives a physics mechanism for controlled cellular dedifferentiation, in biology terms. Physicians will time-reverse diseased, damaged or aged cells back to an earlier healthy condition, including all the cellular genetics. Normal cells are just reversed to a slightly younger condition."

"We believe this mechanism explains the revolutionary but baffling electromagnetic cures achieved by a team of outstanding French scientists in the 1960s and early 70s, working with inventor Antoine Prioré. In lab animals, cures were achieved for terminal tumors, infectious diseases such as trypanosomiasis, and atheriosclerosis. In addition, deliberately suppressed immune systems were dramatically restored.

"We hypothesize that this is the long-sought mechanism of how the living body heals itself. In short, the body's cellular control system induces cellular reversal by weak time-domain pumping of the damaged cells and the affected area. The cellular regeneration system performs all healing of cellular damage in the body; the immune system heals nothing, not even its own damaged cells) .

"For the first time medical science can develop as a science of healing rather than a science of intervention. And it will develop as a science of unlimited healing, since no pathogen can resist action by curved spacetime engines." Bearden


See Priore's machine     See Slides of how it works.

Bearden has extended the Priore work, with the previously missing knowledge now in place, and designed a revised system (for irradiating the body with longitudinal waves) which gets rid of Priore's giant glass plasma tube and uses instead an antenna unit which surrounds the body. He has also provided the missing explanation of how it works. There is an article from "Explore" magazine, Part I and Part II.

(Slide from Cheniere.org)

In fact, Bearden has presented to the U.S. government a plan to use a portable version of a Scalar Healing Blanket where wire channels in the blanket act as a scalar antenna, which can both send and receive scalar electromagnetic waves. A two minute treatment of the waves is sufficient to restore the body to its earlier healthy condition. Thus even thousands could be treated easily and quickly in a biowar mass attack situation.

"To defend against things like anthrax attacks on our civilian population centers, we also have recommended to the U.S. Government the crash development of small, portable treatment machines—using similar "antiengine-forming" and cellular reversing "porthole technology". [See Figure 13 on previous page]. Such portable machines could be developed cheaply and quickly, and present government facilities could be used to massively attack the correlate database production problem. 

"The portable treatment units could be cranked out by the hundreds of thousands and flooded down through emergency response agencies such as the police forces, the National Guard, emergency hospitals, emergency response teams, etc." - Bearden

(Slide from Cheniere.org)

The Scalar Healing Blanket would fit into large suitcase. It has three basic parts, the longitudinal wave generator, a laptop computer, and the antenna-blanket. The plan was a stroke of Bearden's genius, but unfortunately it fell on befuddled government ears. "Unfortunately, so far the DOD [Dept. of Defense] doesn't even understand what the heck we're talking about!" 

Article "Healing with Energy": http://www.explorepub.com/articles/energetics.html

"We tried very hard in 1998 to call attention to the extreme national need for the most urgent possible development of a portable computer-controlled treatment device based on the experimentally proven Prioré methodology, but extended to a much simpler and far more rapid method of treatment. 

"Quick development of this technology could lead to a suitcase size device, capable of treating a patient in less than one minute, and stopping the symptoms and disease progress cold, then reversing it. Three "less than a minute" treatments one week apart would be required for complete cure. As an added advantage, partial reversal of aging in older patients would also be accomplished as a bonus, in addition to time-reversing the damaged and diseased cells...

"The method proposed to the DoD in 1998 used normal EM in a peculiar way to force the body itself to make its own time-polarized EM waves, and pump every part of its cells -- including the genetics -- in the time domain.

"Quite simply, we are going to be struck this way (QP spreading the immune systems of the populace plus professional smallpox, anthrax, etc. BW attacks on our population centers) and by other means we've spoken of in other papers and briefings."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021401.htm

The Dark Side of the Force
Creating and broadcasting disease

Speaking of the scalar wave induction of disease by longitudinal wave patterns Bearden refers to work by French scientist Kervran and Russian scientist Kaznacheyev, who proved that any disease could be transmitted electromagnetically.  

"It works this way: the Kaznacheyev experiments (and others) demonstrated that any cellular disease or disorder can be initiated into cells at a distance, by electromagnetic means (albeit unusual EM in nature). The decades of microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, was an ongoing set of "stimuli" to ping the U.S. system and, by its response, ascertain how far along (or if it was "along") in its knowledge of such weapons. The radiation was responsible for many health changes in personnel and for the eventual deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors." Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021702a.htm

In a letter he writes,

"Yes, the Kaznacheyev experiments were quite real; 15,000 or so in military research institutes in Siberia. As with so many other novel areas investigated and developed by the Soviets, most U.S. investigators just assumed normal EM, which is not what the Kaznacheyev experiments involved, and not what was carrying disease induction patterns from one cell culture to another in rigorous lab tests."

 How to "Broadcast" Diseases
Longitudinal EM Biowars

Bearden explains how the new quantum potential weapons can be used to induce disease-at-a-distance in a population, or to "spread" the immune system so thin that a conventional bio-attack would be greatly potentiated. By "broadcasting" virtual disease patterns over a population, the immune system is so overloaded by the presence of the "shadow" diseases that its effectiveness is thinned out.

"In short, alter the internal wavestructure, and one creates a curved spacetime 'engine' that acts on mass in any fashion one chooses to design -- including initiate diseases . . . Now visualize one of these 'vacuum engines' or 'spacetime curvature engines' that acts on mass to generate the exact effects produced by anthrax. (Or any other disease one wishes) . . . Call the virtual state of a disease engine the disease pattern in the "shadow" state, just prior to becoming observable. . . .

"And the master cellular control system responds to "coming events that cast their shadows before". In short, it responds to the upper level of the "shadow state" of a disease, still in the virtual state! (Hey, virtual particles are real, virtual photons are real, virtual ST curvatures are real --- just very fleeting, only for another to immediately arise). The exchange of virtual particles is known to generate all forces in physics anyway! . . . 

"So the cellular control system responds to "shadow state" disease patterns. Enter a QP weapon application. Place a quantum potential weapon "area" on the United States, so that the entire populace is in it. The slowly introduce and bring up in the shadow state, the necrotizing fasciitis disease engine. At some point, the cellular control systems will react, and order the immune system into action. In other words, immune system resources will be committed against this "immediately coming" enemy. Bring it on up a little, but still just in the shadow state. Voila! Humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve. And even if the structure of the QP fluctuates a little, fluctuating a bit stronger and a bit weaker, etc. A few of those targeted bodies will now actually develop necrotizing fasciitis. So far, just like the U.S. Embassy targeting, except a different "carrier".

"But now there is an exact signature that this is what is doing it, and not normal vector carriers of disease and contact or exposure infection. The few cases of necrotizing fasciitis that break out will be most puzzling. They will be randomly scattered across the entire nation, and so few that the vector carrier and contact or exposure explanation completely fails."

"And that one happened, right here in the U.S., not so long ago. Check it out.

"So carefully adjust the patterns for, say, 12 major terrible diseases, to that "adjusted and desired shadow state level". Now add all 12 patterns into the internal structure of the quantum potential. Now it has 12 shadow state disease engines in it.

"Place that one on a populace. The cellular control systems order the immune systems into action, and they now have to commit their finite resources to 12 different areas. This greatly thins the response an immune system can make to any one of those 12 disease patterns! In short, it "spreads" the capabilities of the immune system, which can be galvanized to great effort, but only can perform a small bit against each area.

"Suppose one of those "galvanized" areas in the targeted populace's immune systems is anthrax. And suppose the bad guys now hit one or more of those cities with a professional anthrax attack. A former OTA study showed that a professional anthrax aerial spray attack against Washington D.C., dispensing 100 kilograms of anthrax spores in the spray, will account for 1 to 3 million casualties. And that's in an "unthinned" set of immune systems. In the "thinned" set, one can at least double or triple, and even up to five times, that estimate. So conservatively, now there would be from 2 to 6 million casualties. And even mild anthrax spray attacks in other "thinned" cities would also be amplified.

"That one is being set up, or already set up, right now. There are other such "augmentation" setups also under way.

"So the weapons alluded to by the SecDef in 1997 are already being employed. WW III has already begun, and our populace (and our scientific community) is blissfully unaware of it."


Most of us can remember the strange outbreaks of the so-called "flesh eating disease." It seemed to break out here and there randomly with no known cause. Bearden believes this was a test of the newer quantum potential weapons which go even beyond the capabilities of the Tesla howitzers.

"The Kaznacheyev "disease induction by novel electrodynamics" work is also the basis for the spacetime curvature engines (not EM signals!) carried by quantum potential EM biological weapons for distant induction of diseases etc. into the population of an entire nation or area, such as the U.S. 

"This quantum potential disease induction weapon -- capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area -- has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels, in the shadow state only (we explain shortly) and it has a most peculiar signature. E.g., one test used necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-rotting disease) engines

"The disease 'engine' was deliberately kept down in the 'shadow state' (virtual state, just below the observable state) so that only a tiny bit of the populace with depressed thresholds would "breach the observable threshold' due to the population forming a bell-shaped curve as to the threshold level. The major signature of the test was that the cases of the disease broke out totally statistically and randomly, spread all over, without any 'disease vector' in between. 

"In short, it was not spread in any manner required by normal deterministic disease vectoring, but was a totally random set of occurrences. Several other diseases were also tested this way in the American populace, with precisely the same signature."  

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021401.htm

"Apparently one planned use of such an augmented clandestine BW weapon will be smallpox, e.g. As you know, the Russians did develop smallpox for biological warfare, and even developed a new strain against which previous vaccination is ineffective. 

"The vast numbers of expected casualties, coupled with immune system spreading, are absolutely irresistible to the Russian mind. You can count on it that they have seen that the smallpox is already on site here, in the U.S. and in the hands of professional terrorist teams. Of course, the Russians/KGB will protest they have nothing to do with that! Yet likely the KGB will have flatly arranged it or at least assisted it. The capability for mass destruction of the nation is so lucrative and easy to achieve in advance, that they would never be able to resist doing it."

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021401.htm

Bearden believes the Gulf War Syndrome involved the use of scalar technology to induce a disease state, as he stated in a 1997 interview:

"I'll say this flatly, and I won't answer any further questions about it; the Gulf War Syndrome was induced... It was induced with this stuff. All the rest... was contributing factors that everybody's talking about... There are some deeper signatures, if you look into it very deeply, that show you exactly how it was done and the fact that it was induced. It was a test. It was a test of a very special kind of weapon I have not talked about yet. Anyway you can use it to create diseases."

Bearden http://twm.co.nz/beard_weapon.htm

Besides using the woodpecker grid to target a population, the entire electrical grids of nations can be used as "channels" for disease patterns to be broadcast to all people near that grid. Your own house wiring can become an antenna, broadcasting these "shadow" patterns of disease, weakening your immune system. 

And here one faces the frustrating fact that the same power grids could be set to channel patterns which would keep the entire population healthy, rejuvenated, continuously bathing in the time-reversing old-age-defying energy of the spacetime vacuum. We have no idea yet of how long the human life span could be increased with this new technology. People might be able to live two centuries given full humane development of this technology.

5. Psychoenergetics
Mental entrainment, inducing hypnogogic trance, mind control, broadcasting thoughts and feelings, the Ant World, education via EM [LW] mental download, the "Feelies," revolution in spirituality, "enlightenment machine?" Scalar churches? 

Psychoenergetics is simply using the scalar interferometers to manipulate and engineer the human psyche. To me it is the most mind-boggling and frightening aspect of longitudinal wave engineering. 

The mind is electromagnetic in nature, and itself of the time-domain. It is not observable in 3-space. There is no thing you can point to that is the mind. As Bearden says, "The mind is time-like." 

The longitudinal scalar EM waves are also of the time-domain. By overlaying certain infolded patterns (oscillations in time) on the longitudinal waves, a thought or feeling may be made to arise in a person or persons who are in the interference zone (where the wave beams cross).

The person will not notice anything, feeling that this thought or idea is his or her own idea. The longitudinal wave pattern might be a wave of panic or fear that spontaneously sweeps over you, perhaps inexplicably. It could even be in the form of a sudden intense patriotism. It could be explicit words and phrases, which everyone would think they had thought of by themselves. Or it could be rage and hatred, angry and violent. On the other hand It could also be a continuous sense of docility and placidity. This is the brave new world of psychoenergetics and the coming "Mind Wars." 

Scalar Psychoenergetics in its most primitive form simply "entrains" all minds in the target area into a deep hypnogogic trance. In this state of mind people would be suddenly extremely suggestible, and would likely believe anything they are told, and would obey any orders given. Talk about winning the hearts and minds of the American People!

Tom Bearden makes me think of Paul Revere, who heroically conveyed important warnings for the sake of the new nation. But the words of the famous phrase have now strangely and curiously mutated into the once-inconceivable: "One if by land, Two if by mind."

Indeed one strategy in a Mind War would be to simply take over the minds of the "leaders" of the enemy nation. The targeted leader would not be aware that anything was amiss, although he might begin to make unexpected changes in policy. 

And are, in fact, any of our "leaders" already having secret thoughts that are not their own? Who knows? Frighteningly, we can no longer be sure. The new sciences of scalar electromagnetics and psychoenergetics are even now plunging humanity into a sudden science-fiction-like world beyond anything in humanity's previous imaginings. 

"The Russians reached the point in the mid 1990s that they could take over control of a person's mind, with modified longitudinal EM waves including some time-polarized EM waves, and with a team of specialists (estimate 25-30 per transmitter, and one transmitter and team per controlled person)." Bearden

In a slide Bearden illustrates how a Scalar War would involve a psychoenergetics attack on the operators of the enemy scalar installation, entraining their minds into hypnogogic trance and getting them to shut down their systems.

And ultimately psychoenergetic warfare goes to the very heart of human identity itself. For if my thoughts might no longer be "mine," then who and what am I? Can my very sense of being "me" be hijacked by some nefarious psychoenergetic scheme? Will the "secret government" eventually dictate directly into your mind how you feel about yourself? Or what you think you are? Or what you should do?

How Does Longitudinal EM Mind Control Work?

The physics of scalar psychoenergetics as expounded by Col. Bearden seems even more arcane and over-my-head than that of extracting energy from the vacuum. I can't understand it, but I look through it anyway. Each time another tiny understanding might occur, or a term might fall into place. I know the mathematics is forever beyond me. 

One paper to begin with is Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions This is such serious stuff that Bearden includes a strong warning about misuse of this knowledge. Psychoenergetics weapons can mentally maim and physically kill. 

(From "Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions")

"This article refers to experimental research techniques which can be detrimental or lethal in the hands of any but highly skilled, qualified experimental scientists proceeding under proper laboratory safety procedures. The purpose of this article is strictly for information to properly qualified and authorized scientists in certified laboratories. We do not propose or condone any use of these procedures for nonapproved practice of medicine without a license. Neither the publisher nor the author are responsible for accidents or outcomes in the use of these experimental pro­cedures and techniques. Any researcher who performs these procedures and experiments is acting on his or her own volition, and is solely responsible for insuring safety, qualifications, and legality of the acts and their results. We neither suggest nor condone unauthorized experimentation on human subjects. Such is a criminal violation of the constitutional rights of the subject under Federal and State laws, and is both illegal and immoral." Bearden

After the serious warning comes the description of the paper. This is heady stuff for the layman.

"Calling full attention to the special note above, in this paper we present a high-level over­view of the novel electromagnetic nature of mind operations, mind and body coupling, and intent - the induction of physical 3-space EM energy changes into the brain and nervous system, and into every cell of the body, from the mind's time-like coherent operations. We summarize the time-polarized electrodynamics used to engineer and affect mind operations and the mind-body coupling loop. Transduction mechanisms whereby differing EM wave polarizations can be transformed one-into-the-other are presented." Bearden

I will leave it to the technically astute to try to understand the mechanisms of operation which are described in scientific language. But there are tidbits for the layman. Here he speaks of the difficulty Western scientists have in opening up to the "immaterial" (longitudinal wave) nature of the human mind.

Western Science Remains Largely Materialistic

"Ironically, most Western scientists are materialists and consider "mind" as a mystical and nonscientific concept. They tend to consider mind operations and functions either to be simply "meat computer" operations and functions, or at best to be very weak ordinary transverse-wave EM operations and functions in the brain and nervous system. This serious self-limitation exists because in the body we measure only weak TW [transverse wave] EM operations and functions correlated to biological behavior and brain operations. We simply do not know how to measure "mind operations" directly.

"With no mind measurements possible and no instruments, it is understandable that Western science considers only the physical side of the mind-matter interface.

"Presently our scientists do not measure the longitudinally-polarized EM wave operations and functions in the body and around it in nature. Few of them are aware that a maelstrom of such LW [longitudinal wave] functions exist in the body and in all of nature in general." Bearden

Western methods of influencing the mind with EM waves have only used transverse waves, not the longitudinal waves of the vacuum. If only transverse waves are used one pretty well has to hit the target mind with a sledgehammer of waves.

Western Science knows only transverse EM waves

Brute Forcing Time Functions versus 
Fine Control Methods

"Ironically, Western mind control researchers using transverse EM waves for mind control research, are using a brute force method of evoking and using vacuum engines (spacetime curvature engines) and a special form of general relativity, although they do not appear to realize it.

"While KGB scientists also use TW EM "brute force" TW waves when necessary, they do "imprint" or "activate" those waves with the desired internal LW and time-polarized EM wave and photon structures required to directly perform the mind engineering desired... Bearden

"These "fitted brute-force models" certainly can be very powerful, and certainly can produce the exact results shown in the experimental verifications of the fittings. However, they do not of themselves allow sophisticated design for example of the necessary time-polarized wave assemblies for engineering the entire human collective unconscious simultaneously, or for engineering the entire collective unconscious of all species on Earth (i.e., Gaia's collective unconscious), or even for precisely engineering the memory and knowledge base of an individualBearden

The seemingly magical operations of psychoenergetics, sometimes called "psychotronics," cannot be achieved with ordinary transverse EM wave energy. But they are possible with longitudinal scalar waves because the mind itself is scalar in nature.

"We note that all mind operations are time-like, i.e., they are comprised as scalar EM photon functions and scalar EM wave functions. Thus the mind is a very special kind of electromagnetic system, existing in the time domain..." Bearden

The engineering of the mind can only be accomplished with the waves of time. 

The course of psychoenergetics development necessitates the building of a vast database of settings and patterns which bring about given mental and/or emotional states. A kind of "genome" of the psyche. Bearden describes the process of the  decoding of this "genome."

"Now the scientists would perform many phenomenology experiments, making one little change at a time and profusely recording the data. Each time, they would establish the physical change(s) that occur in the body and/or the mental and emotional changes that occur in the mind for each spectral reinsertion back through the "ship's portholes". They would simply but painstakingly (over some years) build up an extensive database of those individual correlates.

"In these experiments, the experimenters will eventually be able to provoke any body or mind change they wish. Strong emotion. Intense pain. Intense pleasure. Painful thoughts. Images. Memories. Perceptions. Dreams. Visions. Memory losses. Memory changes. Personality changes. Etc. The "delta" in the emission spectrum (the changes from zero reference spectrum) represent the precise totality of all mental, physical, organic, chemical, etc.changes and interactions." Bearden

"A second stage in the research would be to test the correlates and porthole insertions upon a statistically significant cross section of ordinary people, and/or specialized populations (such as toughened soldiers). The program would evolve a highly complex, very effective, ever-improving science and technology of mind and behavior control and engineering mechanisms, complete with finished database and developed applications equipment." Bearden

Summing up his paper Bearden speculates on what the actual situation the science of psychoenergetics probably is. The intense secrecy with which this knowledge has been kept from the public has led to the current farce of the "government" pretending it all does not exist, and this secrecy may have now put us at great risk.  

"The implication is that in the West one or more highly classified, sustained, heavily funded developments in advanced mind control programs, probably exists and probably has existed for some time. Due to loose formation of rogue groups inside such programs, they may have dual or triple purposes, may not operate under very much legitimate government control at all, and may operate specifically for the purposes of the rogue group or groups that have gained control.

"In a nutshell, that's what may be going on in the clandestine mind control projects in several Western governments. The involvement of at least some rogue groups, some being "cowboys" who operate well outside all laws and ethics, could also result in such things as assassinations, clandestine testing on individuals without their consent, etc. In short, it could account for what seems to be actually occurring. As also is "usual" in such a mess, one or more of the rogue groups eventually may become very powerful because their secret weapons are very powerful. They may become confident, thinking they have the "best in the world." They may actually believe they are ahead of the Russians..."

"Remember that, in every large and powerful human organization, the basis for rogue groups is power and secrecy. They are always seeking to increase their power, control, influence, prestige, etc. Nothing else. Patriotism and mission are—to rogue groupsoften just idle words. They have their own agendas. And being rogue groups, they may well bring in unethical, immoral tricks: assassination, bribery, entrapment, disinformation, plausible deniability, etc. A certain percentage of a highly secret rogue group will wind up using all these things and more. It's a human characteristic, the old primate dominance game. Only now disguised and hidden under deep classification."

"The Russians, with their additional knowledge of the actual mechanisms in the transforms, will be much more advanced than the West, because their fundamental psychoenergetics science is far more advanced, so long as we continue to use the old U(l) electrodynamics. Further, the Russians have decades of use of longitudinal interferometry beams to reach right through the earth and ocean and produce stringent EM effects at a distance. So they will also be able to do the same things here in "mind control" with LW [longitudinal wave] interferometers, through intervening mass." Bearden

Bearden cites two examples where he believes the Russian KGB tested the psychoenergetics capabilities of their scalar interferometers. One was the case of Captain Button in his A-10 "Warthog" aircraft on April 2, 1997. 

"Over Arizona, Captain Button was thrown into a hypnogogic state, and his perceptions instantly altered and controlled. In his instant "dream-waking" state, everything seemed perfectly normal. His sense of direction was altered a bit more than 90 degrees, so he simply corrected and turned and "flew toward the range", actually flying off course by more than 90 degrees and ignoring radio contacts. He flew right on out of Arizona."

"At one point he circled, probably thinking he was over the range, and he probably dropped his ordnance there. Then he "flew on back toward home," as he thought in his waking dream state, until his fuel ran out and he crashed and died in the explosion—dream-thinking until he died that everything was normal. All the while, his sense of the passage of time was altered. To him, in his dream-thinking, dream-acting state, everything was normal and nothing untoward had happened. So the distant KGB transmitters and associated psychoenergetics team controlled him for over an hour

"Indeed, that was the exact purpose of the test: demonstrate control (at a great distance) of a skilled person performing highly skilled tasks."

The paper Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions ends with the most chilling and frightening possibility of all: the psychoenergetic engineering of the human species as a whole.

The Ant World
The Final Race for Direct Mind Control of the Entire Human Species

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapons scientists—because of their direct measurements and detections (and use) of t-polarized waves and LWs [longitudinal waves] for decades—also understand that Jung's collective unconscious mind (of the entire human species) also has its own time-like operations and correlates, which one measures also when using t-polarization measurements and sorting it all out. The collective unconscious mind operations are buried several levels deeper inside the recursive Whittaker structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials

"The KGB scientists also know that something very like Gaia — a collective unconscious mind for all species on earth — also exists, and they are striving to be able to sort out and measure that one as well. The Gaia operations are buried even deeper in the recursive structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials."

"Actually, from day one, the Russian mind control scientists have had their eventual goal set upon this "deeper area of mind and possible mind control" of the entire human species. 

"I am convinced that the KGB psychoenergetics scientists understand this deeper area. If they can learn to directly engineer the collective human species unconscious, they can then convert the human species easily into a sort of "ant" society, modeled along ideal Communism lines, except of course with an excluded "hierarchy at the top" running everything. The "ant society" — communist style — is still a variation of feudalism (all systems tend to feudalism or some form thereof). 

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapon scientists are seriously pressing on toward that very goal. In my opinion they are not very far from it right now...

"Some versions of Russian mind control devices were used on Russian soldiers in the Afghan War to condition them for performance of merciless acts." 13


More about "The Ant World"

Whether it is the Russians planning an "ant world" society or rogue U.S. black-ops groups withholding a great boon from human race, the secrecy on all sides around has allowed largely criminal elements to take over this technology while leaving the civilized elements in the dark. Openness and the spreading of this knowledge among good and decent people is essential, and for that we will have to overcome our frightened denial.

"Meanwhile, rogue groups amongst Western clandestine mind control researchers will probably arise if they have not already done so. They will likely seek to increase their personal control and further isolate the programs from orthodox government review and from government and legislative control. They may even divert the research into highly illegal and unethical means, because it furthers their own rogue agendas. That is how clandestine U.S. government research can sometimes go sour, unless great care is exercised by the oversight committees in the House and the Senate.

"Sometimes when rogue groups do gain control and total secrecy of a given new technological area, then what appears to be "U.S. government operations" do start to encompass a criminal and unethical operations, hidden usually beneath the deep veil of high classification. Also, if it's "scientific," no one is ever brought to justice, even if the "evil science actions" are uncovered and publicly revealed." Bearden

Like the huge energy of the Tesla howitzers, the ability to engineer the mind with longitudinal waveforms is a seeming "magical" thing which can be used for good or ill. Bearden envisions that further developments will allow something like the "downloading" of knowledge via scalar interferometry. Everyone could be highly educated, and quickly and easily. 

In the conclusion of the paper "Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions" Bearden makes a plea to the nations of the world regarding the use of psychoenergetic engineering.

"Let us hope this great new area, already off to a bad start, can be bridled and steered in the direction helping and healing people, rather than killing or abusing them. The excesses in its bad use are a potent threat to all nations on earth.

"Yet it can revolutionize medical science, education, communication, and psychology. We foresee the day -- perhaps 30 years hence -- when education will be accomplished by directly loading the software into the mind. Then in three weeks one will "load" a doctorate, say, in physics. In three more weeks on will also load a doctorate in chemistry. Another three weeks, in electrical engineering. Another three weeks, an M.D. And so on. When that happens then truly everyone on earth can be educated. Freedom from ignorance may well be another great freedom that is legally recognized. There will be no impoverished large groups lacking the education to find decent, productive jobs. 

"We urge all nations to use the principles involved: not for human abuse, but for healing, educating, uplifting, and life-expanding of every person on earth. If we do, we shall all have a far brighter future. Then we shall check what has started out to be the Sword of Damocles and turn it into the golden Millennium." Bearden 

(Perhaps after so many frightening topics a slight break is in order here to consider the lighter side of psychoenergetics. For example, what will be the ultimate impact on the entertainment industry?)

The Feelies at Last!

Psychoenergetics will be able to bring about at last, for better or for worse, Aldous Huxley's fanciful idea in his novel "Brave New World," an entertainment format which he called "The Feelies." Those were something you went to, like going to the movies, but you would experience all the actual feelings themselves, as if the depicted events were actually happening to you. Although our "leaders" seem too dim to grasp what is going on in the world of scalar electromagnetics, it should not take some young Hollywood genius too long to understand that The Feelies are now possible, and that the immense megabucks of potential profit more than justify heavy investment in bringing it to market. 

One can imagine that first "Feelie" theater, "The Huxley" perhaps, a large comfortable area surrounded by nine giant screens (not just one screen!), which become 3D if you put on your headset. And The Huxley is fitted with the finest sound, and oh, by the way, a modest sized scalar interferometer with computer. And there are one or more new tracks now recorded on the film next to the sound track. These are the digital patterns of thoughts, feelings, and ideas to be fed into the theater's interferometer. And these thoughts and feelings and ideas will be felt by the audience as if they were their own thoughts and ideas. It is an entirely new art form. Psychevision. 

As important (and no doubt famous) as the actors would be the "feelers," those from whose minds the feelings were lifted in the original programming of the Feelie tracks. Because, for example, Brad Pitt might be a good and handsome actor, but can he really feel it? Like the dubbing of foreign language films, it might be necessary to dub the "emotional track" using a deeper and more profound person's feelings, thoughts and ideas. 

It might even be engineered so that if you sat on one side of the theater you would feel like the hero, and on the other side you would feel exactly like the bad guy! What would that lead to?

We have all cried at a movie some time, most people have, though they might not want to admit it. But this would be deep sobbing and a flood of tears, if the director so desired it. You would feel it at your core. Or, take a big chase scene, you would be terrified. They are breathing down your neck! You would be gripped by panic. 

For that matter, the whole genre of Horror-Feelie would be too much for many people to take. Do I really want to feel that an actual vampire is tearing at my throat with his fangs? 

A Religious Feelie would make you feel the exaltation of a saint at his prayers, or give you the definite feeling that you are Christ suffering on the cross. All the pain could be there too. The stickiness of the blood. The very  feeling itself: "Why hast thou forsaken me?" Who among us could come up that despair for scanning? Had this been developed a bit earlier we might watch a documentary of, say, Mother Theresa, containing her own actual deep sense of compassion, which we would feel arising in us as our own.

Then again, a Psychedelic Feelie could induce an LSD-like state and simply blow the audience's minds. 

Even in its simplest most primitive mode, the hypnogogic trance induction with its increased suggestibility, would completely alter the experience of even ordinary current movie going. 

6. As it Stands - 2002

[Note 2006: Click here for a current status history of the MEG from Tom Bearden]

"Anyway, it's presently a "Mexican stand-off" with the various parties maneuvering with check and countercheck. That is the real "balance of terror" that is held by such a fragile balance."

"You can see the implications if such weapons fall into the hands of the radical terrorists. Ordinary positive energy EMP shooters can be made fairly readily and cheaply from nearly just Radio Shack parts or surplus parts. It just takes some know-how... When and if the Yakuza [Japanese mafia] gets those (and they will, it's just a question of time), you can begin to appreciate some of the turns this present terrorism and our war on it will take." Bearden

The very thought of the building of one of these howitzers by "some lone-nut gunman"  from Radio Shack parts makes one realize how serious it is for humanity to face the crisis it has come to. 

Once again, as at the dawn of the nuclear era, humanity finds itself at the crossroads of Heaven and Hell. As a species, we must stop and consider. And there is at least one real difference between this visit to the crossroads and the last: this time there is a very real possibility of a true "earthly heaven" on the Heaven side. 

The poor nations could come to a good life. Disease could be largely eliminated. Fossil fuel pollution could end. Global warming could be solved, and the weather could be managed in a humane way, bringing water where there is drought, and sunny skies where there is flood. Scalar interferometry would be there to avert any possible hits by asteroids or comets. Mars could be colonized and terraformed. Everyone would be highly educated through psychoenergetic downloading of knowledge. And the wisdom of the wise could be realized directly through scalar connection to their minds and hearts.

These stunning sudden possibilities give me pause to think: if our species has reached this crossroads in such a short span of centuries, then surely other species in this vast universe have passed this way before and long ago. And of those who chose the path to "planetary heaven," what is their life like now? It might be good if some of them were with us now, to guide us through this last struggle over this pesky old good-and-evil problem. It is our last chance to choose the path which benefits the whole species, and not just some elite group or faction

The Disclosure Project

One person working tirelessly to bring to bring these technologies into the open is Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project, which is calling for congressional hearings into the issues of UFOs and the free energy technology that was, perhaps in part, reverse-engineered from them.

"Once abundant and nearly free energy is available in impoverished areas for agriculture, transportation, construction, manufacturing and electrification, there is no limit to what humanity can achieve. It is ridiculous — obscene even — that mind-boggling poverty and famine exists in the world while we sit on classified technologies that could completely reverse this situation. 

"So why not release these technologies? Because the social, economic and geo-political order of the world would be greatly altered. Every deep insider with whom I have met has emphasized that this would be the greatest change in known human history. The matter is so highly classified not because it is so silly, but because its implications are so profound and far reaching. By nature, those who control such projects do not like change. And here we are talking about the biggest economic, technological, social and geo-political change in known human history. Hence, the status quo is maintained, even as our civilization hurtles towards oblivion...

"With the types of weapons currently in the covert arsenal — weapons more fearsome even than thermonuclear devices — there is no possibility of a survivable conflict. Yet in the darkness of secrecy, actions have been taken on behalf of every human that may endanger our future. Only a full, honest disclosure will correct this situation. It is not possible for me to convey in words the urgency of this."

Dr. Stephen Greer http://www.disclosureproject.org/ES-DisclosureImplications-2.htm

Greer and his team have assembled hundreds of witnesses, many of whom are military or ex-military, who are ready to testify to congressional hearings what they know about the covert black projects which have kept free-energy and antigravity propulsion technology secret from the people. 

Greer points out the need to regulate these technologies so they are limited to peaceful uses, but this is of course difficult when the government simply chooses to pretend they do not exist. In the meantime, as the President and the Defense Department continue the charade of war-as-usual, those scalar (longitudinal wave) installations which DO exist continue to fall into ever more sinister hands. And there is no reporter in the press brave enough to ask, "Mr. Secretary of Defense, what steps are you taking to defend our MINDS from attack by the big Russian longitudinal interferometers?"

Longitudinal Interferometers are Proliferating

In a later statement Bearden reveals that in fact the Yakuza [Japanese mafia] has already leased some of the interferometers with a nearly $1 billion "down payment:"

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy, lots of things got available for lease or purchase that would never have been under the old system. That happened in the resulting economic chaos. The Russian Mafia rose to prominence, as did some wheeling and dealing entrepreneurs who played both ends against the middle. 

"In that atmosphere, and in the need for money, the KGB allowed leasing of the earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometers to a consortium of the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo. They did this only after they had tested and deployed their great new quantum potential weapons. That class of weapon is the dominant weapon on earth. Five nations now have it: Brazil, Russia (KGB), China, and two nations friendly to the U.S. The deal to lease many of the earlier LWIs [longitudinal wave interferometers] to the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo was consummated at the end of 1989, with a down payment of $900 million in gold bullion as "up front" money. I don't know what the lease per year was and is, but probably something like a billion dollars a year. So the rogue Japanese acquired longitudinal EM weapons and that technical know-how. In fact, the Yakuza is producing certain kinds of those in its own facilities in Japan now."


Personally, I am a little uncomfortable with the knowledge that the Japanese mafia may now be able to insert things into my mind. I'd like to sleep at night knowing that my dreams are my own, such as they may be, and not some weird fantastic visions cooked up by a criminal organization. This is a world emergency.

And in Bearden's analysis, it all comes back to the issue of energy. It is the energy crisis which is now provoking the current "oil wars," since oil production has hit the "Hubbard Peak" and will decline. And the electrical power grids must be replaced with scalar power as fast as possible, for these grids are now totally vulnerable to any possessor of longitudinal interferometers. They can all be wiped out in minutes. By anyone who possesses or controls a Tesla howitzer.

"Anyway, in my personal view, we should have a national Manhattan Project right now, to develop decentralized electrical power systems taking their energy from the vacuum . . . The MEG is real and so are several other systems invented by private inventors and colleagues. All these efforts should be massively funded and massively and quickly developed. The survival of this nation is going to depend upon it. . . . There are many other facets, but the major point is that our scientific apparatus and the public are still unaware of what a desperate struggle we have entered, since it was thrust upon us. 9-11 was a wake-up call. It was certainly bad enough, and one grieves for those lost American lives. But I fear the worst is yet to come, and it is coming at us like a runaway train hurtling right down the track at us."


"The electromagnetic weapons mentioned by the Secretary of Defense in April 1997 are in terrorist hands also, including the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo. That rogue group leased those earlier weapons on site in Russia, from the KGB, at the end of 1989. The SecDef stated that such weapons were being used to initiate earthquakes, initiate volcanoes into eruption, and control and engineer the weather. Quite true. And presently there is a truly massive set of weather engineering operations going on over North America, from that rogue Japanese group manning the weapons in Russia. Some 10 nations of the world now have the type of longitudinal EM wave interferometer weapons (which are what the SecDef was most probably referring to). There are other even more fearsome weapons, possessed by five nations. So a great deal of the state of the world is not covered in the news at all, and will not be . . .

"We have been in an undeclared war of an eerie kind for some decades. That war seems now to have started to heat up also. The destructive capability of some of these weapons is awesome, and far greater than nuclear."


"In that sense, the first phase of WW III is already completed. Now we are only waiting for Phase II.

"It is against that backdrop that I think one must "analyze" such things as how fast we will be replacing the power grid (it's going to go anyway, and catastrophically, the terrorists will see to that). And everything we have is critically dependent upon energy, from the economy to jobs to mobility, to the millions of trucks that transport our goods every day, etc.

"As far as I am concerned, we are already late in declaring a great national emergency in energy, because of the coming destruction of the present energy infrastructure. The scientific community should lead, follow, or get out of the way. The emergency is not in seeking "alternative but conventional" systems. It is in developing "energy from the vacuum" on an emergency, crash basis.

"Unfortunately, everywhere I look I just see business as usual. Most Americans (and news media) seem to think, hey, Afghanistan is finished except for a bit of cleanup, and it's just about over). 

"It isn't. It has only just begun."



Beyond the Howitzers: Quantum Potential Weapons
Do not use EM propagation through space

As more and more nations acquire the scalar interferometers, Bearden speculates on the next generation of longitudinal weapons called "quantum potential" [QP] weapons

"The quantum potential weapons are presently only held by three nations: Russia (in the hands of the KGB, which is now know by its new name), Brazil, and the "friendly little nation." Red China may be working on them, but is just at the beginning...

"The QP weapons have been highly reserved by the Russians. However, the complete extent of their capabilities is still being figured out...

"The quantum potential weaponry (possessed by only three nations) is supreme, because it uses multiply connected spacetime, and DOES NOT involve propagation of EM energy through space as does the longitudinal EM wave interferometers.


"The operational deployment of full-scale strategic QP weapons on site in Russia occurred at the end of 1989, which is when the formal weapons first went operational.  These weapons are not in the inventory of the regular Russian armed forces, but all research and development, manufacturing, deployment, an  manning and employment is under the ruthless control of the KGB. Shortly thereafter (within weeks), the KGB leased many of their earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometer (LWI) weapons to a rogue Japanese group comprised of the Aum Shinrikyo and Yakuza." 

Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/021401.htm

In another paper, "Time Polarization - Significance and Weaponization," Bearden tells the story of how a KGB longitudinal wave attack was averted by the longitudinal weapons of a "friendly small nation." 

So as it stands, it is precarious. Not until the people demand an end of what author Jim Marrs has dubbed the "Rule by Secrecy," can the people's representatives tackle the big problems of a worldwide ban on Scalar Wars and the shifting over to an essentially oil-free economy. 

Latest Update from Tom Bearden - March 2002

The whole situation is changing so fast that when I asked Tom to look over this article he mentioned the seeming contradiction when some of the above statements are taken together. At different times the information he has is updated so one has to keep a kind of running track. He was kind enough to clear up the confusion here with the situation as it stands as of March, 2002.

"We knew of three nations having the QP weapons for some time. Then we found out last year that five nations had it. So that explains my using the figure "three" first (which represented what I knew at the time). Later I found out about the other two nations. China, e.g., only deployed its QP weapon this past year. So that explains the apparent contradiction between me using "five" in later papers and "three" in earlier ones. It was the best information I had at that time. Might mention that so the reader will understand the apparent discrepancy." Tom Bearden



Emptiness is Full of Energy

"The Tao is an empty vessel; 
it is used, but never filled.
Oh, unfathomable source 
of ten thousand things!

"Oh, hidden deep but ever present!
I do not know from whence it comes.
It is the forefather of the gods."

Lao Tzu -Tao te Ching



Because of the extreme seriousness of the topics brought forward in this article, I asked Tom Bearden to look it over to make sure I had not gotten anything too terribly wrong or mixed up. I did not want to pass on any misunderstanding of my own. I felt a little nervous writing to an eminent scientist, and hoped I had not presumed upon his time.

But Tom was so kind as to answer immediately, and to my  relief I had not gotten anything too terribly wrong. Here is his letter, in which he clears up a misunderstanding, and reports on his current health treatment, and gives a call to the young grad students to turn themselves loose in the whole new field of scalar electromagnetics and free energy.

Subject: RE: Article on Tom Bearden and "Scalar Wars"
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 22:54:01 -0600


Well, I must say I'm astounded at your persistence and hard work in congealing all that together. My compliments on a hard job quite well done.

Couple tiny things: In the area mentioning Kervran and Kaznacheyev: Kervran was French; Kaznacheyev was and is Russian. Little typo of "spredding" the immune system. Should be "spreading".

We knew of three nations having the QP weapons for some time. Then we found out last year that five nations had it. So that explains my using the figure "three" first (which represented what I knew at the time). Later I found out about the other two nations. China, e.g., only deployed its QP weapon this past year. So that explains the apparent contradiction between me using "five" in later papers and "three" in earlier ones. It was the best information I had at that time. Might mention that so the reader will understand the apparent discrepancy.

Otherwise, it's pretty accurate.

Just now I'm letting the weapons take care of themselves; have to, as I will be recovering now for nearly a year from now after the heart attack last year and discovering that I had contracted mycoplasia (the BW modified kind) in Canada in 1968. Finally got a test which confirmed the chronic mycoplasia (which I had for 33 years!). The stuff burrows inside one's red corpuscles, then draws nutrients from the hemoglobin, hardening it and reducing its ability to take on oxygen (by as much as 50% or more). The resulting symptom is loss of endurance (which I had for that 33 years) -- the so-called "chronic fatigue syndrome".

Many of the Gulf War Veterans who are sick also have it, though they apparently have other complicating factors as well. A very high percentage of persons with chronic fatigue syndrome also have mycoplasia. The treatment for the long-standing mycoplasma infection of that nature is to stay on antibiotics for a year. The only time the mycoplasma is vulnerable is when one wears out a red cell in normal usage, and the body makes a new red cell to replace it. The mycoplasma comes out of the dying cell to infect the new replacement cell, so it is exposed and vulnerable at that specific time and that time only. The antibiotics kills it at that time. Hence the necessity to stay on antibiotics for such a long time so it is continuously in your bloodstream (I've already been on antibiotics for over two months, and have at least 10 more months to go). We also take a little medical oxygen every day.

Another symptom of the mycoplasma infection is the association of runaway fibrillation of the heart. To stop that, there are pills one takes, and they stop it. But they also further reduce the volume of blood pumped by the heart, so that this projects one right back into the hypoxia, dizzy, loss of balance, etc. Catch 22 situation; the fibrillation will build and cause heart attack, stroke, etc. if not stopped, and if stopped it puts you back in the hypoxia which can cause many things! With the conventional treatment, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Hence the need for a little extra medical oxygen, so you can take the "heart clamp" pill and stop the fibrillation, but also augment the oxygen enough to continue to survive without a stroke or some such. Interestingly, it's very difficult to even obtain a mycoplasma test, and Medicare fights you tooth and nail over paying for the oxygen. Either they will pay for it or I'll pay for it myself; it is absolutely necessary.

After a heart attack, one is treated in the heart clinic by specialists who are very caring and excellent practitioners, but know nothing of mycoplasma infection, so not consider it even a part of "heart disease", and who are rather puzzled when one has no clogging of the arteries, has the right count of red corpuscles (largely nonfunctional, of course, but there), pumps the right amount of blood, etc. So they identify and treat only the runaway fibrillation, do not prescribe the oxygen -- and essentially place you on a regime as best they know, but one that is guaranteed to kill or maim you or turn you into a totally disabled person or human vegetable via stroke, paralysis, etc. Fortunately my family doctor will prescribe the oxygen anyway, though I may have to pay for it myself. Whatever works!

However, I'm slowly improving little by little, working as much as I'm able to and trying to finish my book: Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, and get it to the publisher for publication later this year. Hopefully the book will turn all the interested young grad students and post-docs loose in the free-energy area. They will not have to spend 30 agonizing years to get to where I am, and where a few others are, but can simply start here and go forward. Since speed to develop energy from the vacuum is of the essence because of the world situation, I'm moving on it as fast as I am physically able to.

Meanwhile, working with the AIAS (Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study), the AIAS (15 authors) has now gotten about 20 scientific papers published in leading journals (Foundations of Physics, Foundations of Physics Letters, Physical Scripta, Optik, etc.) dealing with electromagnetic energy from the vacuum. Several more are either approved for publication or in the review process also. So slowly we are getting it into the mainstream scientific literature. Hopefully it will be in time, but it's cutting it close.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Late update
Massive display of longitudinal interferometers?

UFO Fleet Taped 
Over Bedhampton, England

Is this sighting a case of the testing of all the Russian (KGB) longitudinal interferometers at once? And coordinating their targeting through the woodpecker grid to a common place, as an exercise in making a massive scalar attack upon a given region? Was this a confluence of Russian Tesla howitzer marker-beacons?


Certainly for a massive all-out scalar attack you would want coordinated movements of the target areas of many howitzers at once, for you could then just cut a bloody swath across a wide area, all the howitzer blasts marching across the land in a kind of scalar version of the "scorched-earth policy."  All in a line, blasting, and heat, and mind waves. Or you might want to put the blasts all in the same place for a truly horrendous destruction. And on top of that biowar on citizens whose immune systems have been weakened with the quantum potenial weapons. This is the latest  version of Armageddon.

And should any madmen gain control of these weapons, any rogue group at all, and should they have some aggenda to radically depopulate the world, to simply kill by the billion, the means will be in their hands to do so.

Update: MEG patent granted

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
Patent Granted

This message is from Jean-Louis Naudin, the French scientist who successfully replicated the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) in France. He announces the granting of the patent to the MEG Builder's group at Yahoo.

----- Original Message -----
From: jnaudin509@aol.com
To: jlnlabs@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 2:20 PM
Subject: [jlnlabs] (Info) GOOD NEWS : The Tom Bearden's MEG IS PATENTED

Dear ALL,


The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
from Tom Bearden is now PATENTED
US 6362718 granted on March 26, 2002

US Patent 6,362,718 :
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator ( MEG )

Abstract: An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a  magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. A first input coil and a first output coil extend around portions of the first magnetic path, while a second input coil and a second output coil extend around portions of the second magnetic path. The input coils are alternatively pulsed to provide induced current pulses in the output coils. Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the agnetic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets extending in an alternating fashion between the plates. An output coil xtends around each of these posts. nput coils extending around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current within the output coils.

Inventors: Patrick; Stephen L. (2511 Woodview Dr. SE., Huntsville, AL 35801); Bearden; Thomas E. (2211 Cove Rd., Huntsville, AL 35801); Hayes; James C. (16026 Deaton Dr. SE., Huntsville, AL 35803); Moore; Kenneth D. (1704 Montdale Rd., Huntsville, FL 35801); Kenny; James L. (925 Tascosa Dr., Huntsville, AL 35802) 

Appl. No.: 656313
Filed: September 6, 2000

For some technical info see my web site at : http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/meg.htm

Best Regards
Jean-Louis Naudin
Email: JNaudin509@aol.com
Main Web site : http://jlnlabs.org
Site France : http://jlnlabs.multimania.com

Click here to view patent # 6,362,718

Patent Story on Rense.com:

Important Note 2006! MEG delayed: Click here for a current status history of the MEG from Tom Bearden


MEG Scalar Energy Device 
Patented - Production Starts Next Year

From Bill Morgan

Patent was granted on March 26, 2002 for "The Motionless Magnetic Generator," (MEG) US Patent 6,362,718, which is likely to become the first commercially available free energy device in history in about one year from now. The machine will provide free electricity from the vacuum, for the life of the device, which should be a very long life since it has no moving parts. You can see a picture of scientist Jean-Louis Naudin's MEG replication model at: http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/meg.htm

It has strong magnets, coils, and a controller unit with the electronics. Naudin made the announcement to the MEG-builder's Yahoo group. The announcement has significance since the patent office has always been skeptical of devices which seem to "get-something-for-nothing." But according to the new science of scalar electromagnetics, the MEG does not break the law of conservation of energy. It's just that the energy is conserved in the fourth dimension, time, and not our 3-space world.

The MEG provides electrical energy by tapping the longitudinal electromagnetic (EM) waves which exist in almost infinite abundance in the vacuum of space. This ocean of energy which permeates everything is sometimes called the "zero point" energy, since it remains there even at absolute zero temperature.

Four inventors are listed: Stephen L. Patrick, Thomas E. Bearden, James C. Hayes, Kenneth D. Moore. 

Tom Bearden has explained the operation of the MEG on his website Cheniere.org, and also speaks about the new fearful weapons that can and have been made using the same "longitudinal waves" of the vacuum.

The complicated physics of how the MEG works is explained in the paper "The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator: Extracting Energy from a Permanent Magnet with Energy Replenishment from the Active Vacuum," which can be found at Tom Bearden's website:


The first MEG units to be produced for sale will output 2.5 kilowatts of free electricity. Forever. They should be in production about a year from now. Facilities for manufacturing the device are being set up in an unnamed "friendly nation." 

This free electricity will flow indefinitely, without much, or any maintenance. The units may be hooked together to provide more wattage, so four of them would provide 10 kilowatts. After some production experience units will be made which output 10 kilowatts each. With a couple of those units a house could get off the electrical grid. 

Tom Bearden, one of the inventors has said "I will admit that the chief scientist of an important experimental group in a large company was rather stunned at the type of output we were able to obtain. The MEG may look like just a transformer, but it is not. It is a completely different breed of cat." This cat, it would seem, is out of the bag now.

The ordinary EM waves we are familiar with are called "transverse" waves, to distinguish them from the new "longitudinal" EM waves of the vacuum. Bearden has explained in depth on his website cheniere.org that wherever there is a dipole (battery, generator, magnet) there is an unseen flow of longitudinal EM waves in that local vacuum, the only problem is in tapping that energy and "transducing" it to electricity. Bearden says that the problem with all the electrical circuits we have is that they are two-wire circuits, a loop by which half the energy goes back to destroy the dipole. In the MEG that closed loop is never made. So the dipole is not being destroyed. 

Patents are not granted on devices which do not work, so in a sense this announcement proclaims a new era. The MEG device itself proclaims and proves that energy is abundantly available everywhere, for free. We only have to build the devices to tap it. MEG type devices could be put into a car with an electric engine to make a truly fuel-less automobile. Electricity can be available in very remote places. People will be able to get off our very terrorist-vulnerable power grids. In an era of terrorism a highly dispersed power system would be most desirable rather than our centralized systems. 

What is somewhat astonishing to me is the discovery by Bearden et. al. that time itself is actually compressed energy, and that this free energy is actually coming from the time domain, the ocean of longitudinal EM waves which fill the empty vacuum of spacetime. In fact, time is energy compressed by the same factor that matter is compressed energy: the speed-of-light squared. Thus there is a new companion to Einstein's E=mc2. Can you say "E equals delta-tee-cee-squared?" The "tee" is time and delta-tee is change in time.

A company has been set up to manufacture the MEG called Magnetic Energy Limited. 

The ramifications of free energy are enormous. The oil wars are not necessary. If we threw as much money at this technology as we are spending on the oil wars we would be free of the need for oil in less than a decade. With fuel-less cars air pollution will be greatly lessened. Third world nations can raise their standard of living eventually. And the energy is free. And it never runs out.

I have put together a kind of "Bearden for Beginners" article which explains some of the basic concepts of the current state of scalar technology.


The granting of the MEG patent is the herald of the new era of scalar electromagnetics, and the free energy which flows forever and never runs out.

Bill Morgan



Status History of the MEG
updated Oct. 26, 2006

Important notes on the status of the MEG (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator)

Since the time this "Scalar Wars" article was written the timetable of the MEG has been thrown off considerably. Bearden had originally said the MEG could be marketed within 1-2 years of receiving funding for final research and scale-up costs. I thought certainly it would not take very long, but over 5 years later they still have not gotten the $10 million or so necessary. There are various reasons for this, some of which Tom Bearden has written about.

The place for updates on the MEG status is Tom Bearden's correspondence section at his website Cheniere.org:


Here are a few of his reports which detail the history of the MEG status :

Mar. 6, 2006 http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/030206.htm

May 16, 2005 http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/051605.htm

Jan. 19, 2005 http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/011905.htm

Dec. 5, 2004 http://www.cheniere.org/correspondence/120504.htm



Do the magnets run down after a while?

Further developments
Tom Bearden clears up a question

When the MEG patent was released many questioned the patent language which seemed to imply that permanent magnets of the MEG would "wear out" after awhile. I myself wondered about the same thing so I put the question to Tom, and here is his reply.

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the kind words; much appreciated.

I'm not up to going on radio or TV, and won't be for quite some time. Still suffering from hypoxia, though very slowly improving, and will still be on antibiotics for 10 more months at least (maybe longer).

Obviously an extensive dialog developed between the Patent office and our patent attorneys. As best I can understand it, the Patent office accepts the fact that a permanent magnet produces and emits energy, or has a history of accepting it. They do not appear to be at all cognizant of the broken symmetry of opposite charges, and hence of a dipole. So in their opinion (which seems to be vague), the magnet has to use itself up very gradually, or some such. So some rewrites were essentially required by the Patent office.

All I can say is that a magnet is a very durable thing, so long as you don't heat it up too much or shock it to much. Certainly one will make a good 20 years, and of course there are plenty of magnets that have been around awhile longer.

That said, in our earliest experiments we did "measure" some such effect, or so we thought, until we found that a particular instrument was bad and giving erroneous readings. So with a new instrument, we have not observed since then any such readings.

Out of all that fuzziness came the inclusion of "using up the magnets gradually". So far as we are aware (after correcting those early readings on a defective instrument), we have seen no such measurements or effects since then at all. Nonetheless, just in case there is some very small effect in that respect, at least it's in there.

Actually, as you are aware, capacitors and solid state components are the major concerns for failure, and any system does require maintenance, both periodic and whenever malfunction or failure occurs. The MEG is no different from any other device in that respect, so of course it will have a component failure rate and maintenance required from time to time, just as any other electromagnetic device. But without moving parts, it can be ruggedized and made very durable indeed.

Please give Jeff Rense my regrets, and I do admire his work and his show. He's laying it in there.

The depth of the scientific mindset against COP>1.0 is inexplicable, particularly when physics itself already has COP>1.0 validated experiments (such as Bohren's experiment, which outputs 18 times as much as one inputs by Poynting calculations), and it works every time. Any competent university optics lab can perform the experiment. Also, even the conventional texts admit that a charged capacitor or electret laid on a permanent magnet, so that the E of the cap or electret and the H of the magnet are at right angles, is a "free energy machine". That silly thing will just sit there and pour out Poynting energy S = EXH indefinitely. Years and years and years. If you wait just a single year, that silly thing has changed the energy density of a volume of space a light year in radius, reaching out well beyond the solar system. Now that's a WHALE of a lot of EM energy that beast poured out in that year, and it will still be going strong and pouring it out at a steady rate. The charges and dipoles in original matter in the universe have been pouring out EM energy in that fashion for some 14 billion years, give or take a billion or so. It's also easy to see that, prior to Lorentz's ARBITRARY symmetrical regauging of the Maxwell-Heaviside equations, those equations prescribe both EM systems in equilibrium with their active environment, and EM systems not in equilibrium with it. The latter systems are permitted by the thermodynamics of open disequilibrium systems to perform five magic functions: (1) self-order, (2) self-oscillate or self-rotate, (3) output more energy than the operator inputs (the active environment inputs the rest of it), (4) power itself and its load (the active environment inputs all the energy, like a windmill), and (5) exhibit negentropy. That is a well-established thermodynamics. Lorentz arbitrarily discarded all such open disequilibrium EM systems in order to get simpler equations having analytical solutions and not requiring numerical methods. So he simply scrapped all the really interesting and challenging EM systems in Maxwell's theory. ARBITRARILY!

That our scientific establishment continues to teach only that "half" of the theory, and not point out the rest to the young students, and not fund research into developing such systems that take energy from the vacuum, is simply inexplicable. It's a matter of total dogma, not science at all.

But hopefully it is changing a little bit. At least now we cite chapter and verse when these things were done, and what they are, and the young grad students and post docs can go check the papers and make up their own minds.

That is the real hope of the future: that we get a generation of young fellows, with excellent skills, who now know where all the skeletons got hidden in the closet, and understand that the electrical engineering model arbitrarily assumes an inert vacuum environment (falsified for more than a half century in particle physics) and a local flat spacetime (falsified for nearly a century by general relativity).

Once they know that past history, and go read into what broken symmetry of opposite charges means for a dipole and for all dipolar EM circuits, they will set to and change that more than a century of error. In that case, we shall have numerous solutions to the energy crisis rather quickly, popping up all over.

Good thing. It will certainly displace some great energy barons, but it will also free the populace. One can extract all the EM energy from the vacuum one wishes, anywhere, anytime, with ridiculous ease. One can produce that "electrical wind of energy" at will, by making a simple dipole and then letting it alone. The only energy problem is in how to then intercept some of that energy flow and "catch" it in a circuit, discharge it in a load to power it, and not use half the "caught" energy to kill that dipole that is gushing out the extracted EM energy from the vacuum.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Revised: May 16, 2007

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