Are any of these Earthquakes
Being caused by Scalar Weapons?

by Bill Morgan

I do not know what the statistics are but it seems that there are alot of volcanoes going off lately. An at least two very gigantic earthquakes in the past week or so. Having done a good deal of reading at scalar scientist Tom Bearden's website Cheniere.Org I cannot help but wondering if any of this earthquake and volcano activity is being cause by the new scalar electromagnetic superweapons called "Longitudinal Wave Interferometers," or "Tesla Howizters."

According to Bearden the covert development of these devices, in at least 10 countries, began decades ago, especially in Russia, whose scientists were more able than those in the West to think outside the box of conventional electromagnetic theory, a theory which is incomplete. Scalar electromagnetics restores certain equations which were thrown out along the way to "make things simpler," and announces the amazing fact that what we call the vacuum of space is actually an ocean of energy. The energy is there in incredible abundance once you know how to tap it. Energy which could change the world for good, and also energy which can be made into fantastic weapons. Weapons such as no warrier has ever dreamed of in his wildest imagination.

A longitudinal wave interferometer is easy to build. It's just two special antennae and a computer that connects them. The all-important software, the "know-how," is the only difficult thing. Where the two scalar beams cross each other is called the "interference zone," and in that zone a dazzling array of effects can be produced, so many that it boggles the mind. And these longitudinal waves can go right through the earth! So that you have pure action-at-a-distance.

Two of the things that can by done by manipulation of the wave at the interference zone are making earthquakes at a distant spot, and making volcanos erupt. A previous Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, even confirmed that these kinds of weapons were in existence. In 1997 he stated:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensifour [counter terrorism] efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997

This was 37 years after Soviet Premier Khrushchev had announced the Longitudinal Wave Interferometer to the world saying: "We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon."

In fact so fantastic it can create earthquakes and make sleeping volcanos erupt. Here is an amazing description by Tom Bearden of how a Tesla Howitzer could induce an earthquake.

"Here's how you initiate a very large earthquake with such weapons. Take a convenient fault zone of set of them. Focus the interferometry on the fault zone, in the "diverging" mode, and deposit EM energy there in the rocks on both sides, increasing (slowly) the stress in the rocks by the reverse piezoelectric effect (deposit excess energy, get crystal mechanical movements).

"Do it slowly, and the stress will build up to large pressures well-above a plate slip minimum energy required. At some point, the rocks yield and one or both sides "slip" and move rather sharply, giving a very large earthquake in that zone.

"Do the same thing down in the earth (remember, LWs easily penetrate right through the earth and ocean at will, and so the "interference zone" focus can be inside the earth or beneath the ocean, at will.

"Anyway, focus this thing down to where the active part of the volcano is still slumbering, down where the hole in the plate has been made. Keep increasing the deposition of energy in the magma itself, and eventually the increasing pressure from deep within that volcano, underground, will cause an eruption. Build the energy slow, and the eruption will likely be much larger."


In another mode the howitzer can create "cold explosions" where instead of causing huge energy to be released huge energy is sucked out. A number of these cold explosions have be witnessed, especially by commercial pilots, where they create a gigantic mushroom cloud of mostly water vapor rising miles into the sky.

Yugoslav Earthquake followed by Cold Explosion

Another example is the Iran Quake of 1997. It was 7.4 on the Richter scale and aftershocks of as high as 6.0 were expected but there were no aftershocks. It was also at an anomalous depth.

Bearden says that with 100% certainty certain rogue groups including the "Yakuza" (Japanese mafia) are possessing these devices have be waging a weather war on the United States, and perhaps other places, moving fronts around with their giant movable areas of heat and cold.


In the correspondence section of Cheniere.Org Bearden resonded to a reader's question "Do you have any indicators that the Yakuza (or someone else) is behind the recent spate of quakes and volcanoes, especially the quakes in Alaska?"

"No indications directly as yet. So far, just the fact that it seems to be the most powerful quake ever to hit the U.S. Also, it damaged the pipeline in Alaska (800 miles long pipeline) that carries 20% of all domestic U.S. oil. The pipeline is shut down now, and I haven't a picture yet as to whether the damage is just minor or substantial. Note we previously discussed (several times) just how vulnerable that pipeline is.

"We also know (100% certainty) that the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo have indeed been engineering our weather, etc. since 1990, having leased the scalar interferometers from the Russians (from the KGB, who control and use all such Russian weapons), on site in Russia at the end of 1989...

"So if it is the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo, one can possibly add a couple of recent volcano eruptions as possible candidates to their list.

"So a shadowy picture of possible Yakuza activities and involvement does emerge, but not yet with enough certainty to state it as such." - November 5, 2002.


If you can cause an earthquake you can also set it to, say, bring down a single buildings, of pair of buildings. It may be that the collapse of WTC twin towers was actually the first major scalar attack in world history. Because in a certain mode the waves at the interference zone can cause metal to soften, even to melt. If so, the planes crashing into them were merely a cover story to cloak the fact that the Tesla Howitzer had been used.

The existence and proliferation of these scalar weapons is an immediate world emergency. A mishap with one of these devices could wipe out all life on earth. They could disrupt the scalar wave balance between earth and sun in such a way that would cause massive solar disturbances and storms, completely frying the earth.

When they invented the Bomb, people worked hard to "Ban the Bomb", but this time the "Bomb" is held in such super secrecy that the People have no idea at all of the threats they are under and the complete vulnerability of any particular point on earth. If the Government really wanted to get people whipped up about the war on terrorism they should simply step forward and tell the People about these weapons and what they can do. They cannot do that because it would be an admission that every square inch of the country was vulnerable to these action-at-a-distance weapons, that there is no longer any such thing as National Security, and that we are all just sitting ducks now. That's a hard pill to swallow but swallow it we must.

Perhaps that's the way human history ends, a bunch of criminal gangs and rogue groups fighting it out with such weapons as even the gods would envy.

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