Space Energy Access Inc. Announces
New Free Energy Device
January 31, 2003
by Bill Morgan

Dr. Stephen Greer of The Disclosure Project, appearing on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, made an astounding announcement last night of a new "Zero-Point" free energy device which could eventually transform human life on earth. Greer had just recently returned from meetings with the inventor where he witnessed the device in operation and was clearly excited about the developments. The device works by tapping into the so-called "Zero-point" energy (longitudinal EM waves) of the quantum vacuum of "empty" space. It becomes the second device now being rushed toward full scale production, following the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) of scientist Tom Bearden, et. al. And in fact the projected timeline to full production is about the same as for the MEG, about two years from now. So the year 2005 may well be a breakthrough year for the human race.

Greer described the device as being about 10-20 pounds in weight, and small enough that you could pick it up in one hand. It was transparently made so that all the parts and details could be fully viewed and contained no source of power such as batteries. He said it was taken out of the lab onto the sidewalk and just sat there, powering a number of light bulbs as well as a stereo system.

Greer's organization, Space Access Energy Systems (SEAS) had been running a contest called "The Z Competition" in search of the best free energy invention which could directly output usable 60 cycle 110 volt electricity (see from the zero-point scalar energy of the vacuum. He said they had looked at a number of devices which could tap the scalar energy, but not in a way that produced immediately usable ordinary electricity. However the new device does just that. The as yet unnamed inventor had been working for 7 years on the design, and was described as being a self-taught genius who had been working on electrical devices since the age of 10.

SEAS hopes to have a scaled-up model built within about 2 months (independently replicated and tested) and then production of the devices for sale within 2 years. He explained the early announcement as a matter of security, considering that other inventors of such free energy devices in the past have been threatened, intimidated, and even murdered by the oil and electricity cartels, whose wealth and power will eventually be threatened by the availability of free energy. It is hoped that widespread public knowledge of the current project will be a kind of protection against such foul play.

Other such devices have, in the past, simple been bought up by the Oil/Energy Corporations and then shelved, never to see the light of day. But Greer's said "I don't care how many zeros you put after a 1, we will not let this discovery be suppressed [in that way]." The ways in which this new device, or Bearden's MEG, will transform life on earth are mind-boggling.

For one thing, mankind can stop polluting and destroying the biosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. Cars will burn no gas or anything. Greer envisioned a two-step process for the conversion of cars to a non-polluting status. In the first phase existing cars can use the energy from the device to separate hydrogen from water and burn the non-polluting hydrogen in their existing engines. In the second phase the engines will be replaced with electrical motors and run on the free electricity itself. He mentioned also that the free energy will make possible the full "scrubbing" of other sources of pollution (the "smokestack industries") which is not economically feasible at this point.

The boon of free energy will allow people to live anywhere in the world and have their own light, heat, and electric power. It will especially impact third world nations where the cost of power is a prime impediment to development of industry. And it will make the coming "oil wars" completely anachronistic and unnecessary.

According to Greer and many others, this technology has already been known full well by the secret government "Unacknowledged Special Access Projects" but has been willfully and criminally withheld from the people by the vested interests of the military-industrial complex, in particular the big oil interests and currently the Bush/Cheney Oil Cabal. The withholding of this boon from humanity must certainly be considered one of the greatest crimes of the 20th century. Let us hope that this cover-up is beginning to crack.

The SEAS website includes in its overview the following statement:

"Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electro-gravitic systems. The open literature is replete with well-documented technologies that have surfaced, only to later be illegally seized or suppressed through systematic abuses of the national security state, large corporate and financial interests or other shadowy concerns.

"Technologically, the hurdles to achieve what is called over-unity energy generation by accessing the teeming energy in the space around us are not insurmountable. Numerous inventors have done so for decades. What has been insurmountable are the barriers created through the collusion of vast financial, industrial, oil and rogue governmental interests.

"In short, the strategic barriers to the widespread adoption of these new electromagnetic energy-generating systems far exceed the technological ones. The proof of this is that, after many decades of innovation and promising inventions, none have made it through the maze of regulatory, patenting, rogue national security, financial, scientific and media barriers that confront the inventor or small company."

So we have arrived at a point where TWO successful scalar electromagnetic free energy devices are moving as fast as possible toward wide productions. Can we say yet "the cat's out of the bag?" Perhaps it is out of the bag but not yet fully safe from the ruthless and predatory oil interests. Greer's hope, in making this early announcement, is that enough people will come to understand what is going on that they will absolutely demand that the secret agencies of the secret government turn this technology over to the People and to stop using it only to make terrifying weapons. If people would march on Washington to make this happen it would no longer be necessary to march on Washington to stop the current Bush/Cheney oil wars. If the current Oil-War budget were immediately put toward a Manhattan-style project we could attain energy abundance and energy security within a matter of a few years!


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