Questions for the Secretary of Defense
From Some of The People

Dear Mr. Secretary of Defense,

I have some questions about the National Security of the People of the United States, and about the state of the Defense of the United States, which I feel are most urgent questions, and which, as Secretary of Defense, you should surely be obliged to answer. And these questions also pertain strongly to your group's desire and intention to wage war and conquer Iraq. (And perhaps other nations after that).

My first question is: Why are you not being honest with the American People about the proliferation and threat of the new Scalar Electromagnetic superweapons, the Longitudinal Wave Interferometers now possessed by at least ten nations, and also in the hands of certain "rogue groups?" As I'm sure you know these new and incredible weapons can strike at any place on earth, in an instant, and bring to bear, in the interference zone, where the scalar beams intersect, an amazing variety of powerful and destructive effects.

Since you are surely familiar with the revolutionary new physics concepts involved with these new Super-weapons and understand the devastating damage they could do to any place in the United States (this action-at-a-distance), then as a citizen of this Land of the Free I must ask you: What defense do we have against all that?

I must make the assumption that you know all about these Tesla Howitzers, in the hands of the KGB, and in China's hands now too, because you are The Secretary of Defense and your purpose is to defend against all threats. So you would know all about these very real and terrifying new threats.

But it looks like you are trying to fool The People when you talk of fighting a "conventional war" against Iraq. Because as you know, all "conventional war" is now rendered completely obsolete by the existence and proliferation of these Longitudinal Wave Interferometers. These devices take the phrase "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to mind-boggling new heights. So one has to assume you have been briefed by the super-secret military Unacknowledged black-budget projects that work in this new science of Scalar Electromagnetics. The physics is arcane, but the proof is in the results: they work, and the testing of them has been witnessed all around the world

It would be absurd to think you are uninformed in this area, or that your Security Clearance is not high enough to find out about the Scalar Weapons. I learned all about them from information on the Internet.

My next question is all-important: How do you know the Russian KGB will ALLOW you to win a war against Iraq? Because the KGB Scalar Weapons are the most advanced on earth, it is really THEY who decides who wins any conventional war. If they want to, they can throw any war against Iraq either way, right? Did you make a deal with them to allow the old-fashioned type "regular war?" 

If the KGB should decide the United States is to be defeated in its attack on Iraq, then the United States will be defeated. I mean suppose part of your plan is to fly a lot of planes in there to drop bombs or something. And supposing the KGB just tunes their interferometers and puts up a giant Tesla Dome in the flight path of the planes. All the planes then just fall out of the sky when they hit that Electromagnetic Dome. What are your plans for action in case all THAT happens?

Or supposing you send a lot of soldiers in, lots of big groups of soldiers. I guess that might be part of a plan. And, what if, the KGB tunes the interferometers to the so-called "Mindsnapper" patterns, and just instantly kills all those soldiers over a broad swathe sweeping across the territory? You know, the soldiers' nervous systems are just destroyed in a flash. What if they, or any other possessor of the new Superweapons, do that? What are your plans of action then?

And of course tank warfare is useless if Scalar Weapons are to be brought to bear, by any of the parties or even by outside parties. The bazooka-size scalar beam weapons can destroy a tank in about four different ways at once. The munitions are ignited inside the tank, the fuel explodes, the operators are instantly dead, all the electronics becomes useless. So there is no use to tanks if Scalar Weapons are used. You are going to lose a conventional war if any party uses their Superweapons against you. Have you thought about that? What are your plans if the war "goes scalar?"

As you know, by that point, all communications will be inoperative, due to the use of the Tesla Howitzers in that other mode, where they simply destroy all electronics in The Zone, including all computers. Maybe that would be enough right there and they wouldn't have to kill anybody, just shut down all the machinery of war. I know you think you will use the so-called "EBomb" to do that to them, but you can't do it if some other scalar device hits you first. And it is said that the Russian KGB Scalar Interferometers are the finest in the world.

Another very important question The People would like answered is: What is the current state of development of American Scalar Weapons? Where are our Longitudinal Wave Interferometers? Is the Secretary of Defense of the United States able to put up a defensive electromagnetic "Tesla Dome" over the city of Washington? Will it be a triple-nested dome to protect against even radioactivity itself? Why do you not assure The People the Department of Defense can put up multiple domes over many cities? Or do we not have very many of these Interferometers? Do we have ANY? This is a serious question concerning the safety and defense of The People.

The People are learning fast about the Superweapons and naturally they are frightened, because the weapons can strike at any point on earth (from the comfort of a remote control booth). And The People want to know now "What defense do you have against these new unprecedented threats?" Because we feel like sitting ducks now. We have seen the tremendous power of the Scalar Waves in the collapse of the Twin Towers. We have been attacked now, covertly, by Scalar Weapons, and the People want to know "What is our readiness to fight a Scalar War?"

You see, it seems rather disingenuous when you pretend not to know about the Superweapons, or when you fail to warn the People that they are now fundamentally defenseless, and at the mercy of any possessor of these Interferometers. And of course you know all about them, because anyone can now find out about them, and surely you are taking into full account the possible use of Scalar Weapons in any war you might undertake against Iraq.

Because the existence of these new Superweapons is fast becoming common knowledge it would make you appear more fit for your office if you addressed all these issues and these questions, otherwise some might feel as if you should step down and be replaced by someone who is expert in this new field of Scalar Warfare.

Certainly Secretary of Defense William Cohen was far more open than you have been since he tried to warn the world openly about these scalar electromagnetic weapons. He spoke of "an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... "

So I think if he could face these issues in a statement like that, in 1997, then why can you not be honest with the American People about this? And why do you risk such immense embarrassment by acting and speaking in a manner as if you knew nothing of such things and that such things are not an issue? They are very much an issue in the New Scalar Balance of Power. As more and more people around the world become aware of the actual state of things it might be thought that you are not effective at all in providing for the National Defense and the National Security.

At the very least you should tell the People that the balance of power in World Affairs has shifted drastically, and that the U.S. Military is probably playing catch-up ball in this field, and that, were it not for the Tesla Howitzers of "a small friendly nation," The United States of America would be standing 100% defenseless against any of a myriad of attacks, at any time, at any place.

I am hoping you will very soon face these issues publicly and try to answer the above questions for the People. Otherwise, as this knowledge grows among the People, you will begin to look very, very foolish. You are after all The Secretary of Defense. Tell the People what defense we have against the Scalar Wave Interferometers.

Bill Morgan

P.S. In case you have "forgotten" how the new Superweapons work, you can refresh your memory here.