Musings on Scalar Electromagnetics, Part 1

Readers of my articles on the topic of scalar electromagnetic devices will understand that I am no different from the readers themselves. I am myself an excited reader, devouring everything I can find about these stunning new discoveries in fundemental physics, and about the brand new scientific field of scalar electromagnetics.

Some time back when I was struggling, as a mere layman, to understand Tom Bearden's astonishing range of material (at his website, and being a non-scientist, soaking up what bits I could, I had an epiphany of some kind. For a few seconds I suddenly just saw what the discovery was, what the theory was saying about the nature of the universe, and what the new invented machines and weapons were doing with regard to energy. It is difficult now to put that epiphany into words or into a clear explanation: it was a kind of flash of intuition as the concepts connected like lightning to every other thing I understood about anything. It was not a scientific understanding, as Tom Bearden had, but it is there in my memory as that sense of "Ah ha!" and it continues to help me when I try to grasp these new ideas and concepts. All I can remember of that epiphany was that I saw in a flash that Bearden was describing a proof of the unity of everything. 

The main other thing I remember of my epiphany had to do with one of Bearden's conclusions, something I have always suspected since the halcyon days of the '60s: Everything is Alive! It reminds me of a statement made by Timothy Leary trying to sum up the most common reports of those taking pure LSD-25 (and he had personally witnessed 1000's of trips). He said, summing it up as much as he could in a few words, that there were Two Most Common reports from people tripping for the first time: 

1."It comes in waves!", and 
2. "Everything is alive!"

In studying the new information about scalar electromagnetics one can't help but be struck by the harsh main subdivision at the outset: 

Chapter 1 - The Wonderful Things Scalar Waves Can Do, and 
Chapter 2 - The Terrible Things Scalar Weapons Can Do

But sometime I prefer to close the book for a while and just daydream. I let the mind roam to see what unexpected new implications and applications I can think of for the engineering of these new longitudinal waves of the time domain. So far these daydreams have been like a full romp in a field of flowers, and sunshine, and thoughts of humanity becoming a truly advanced and wise civilization someday, and deeply into the study of all things, and the full experience of being human. And a delving by humanity into the Great Mystery, and into the inner world of the "I" and consciousness, and enlightened awareness. So I sometimes take a break in this way from all the worries about the incredible new electromagnetic superweapons. Come on a typical daydream with me.

(daydream #1)

For example, let's consider the use of longitudinal wave interferometers in the realm of psychoenergetics, the engineering of mind itself by beaming the appropriate modulations to the longitudinal twin scalar beams which will cause the desired interference patterns in the zone where the beams cross. Which is to say patterns of waves of longitudinal EM influence the minds of all in the target zone by causing them to emerge from empty local vacuum of space at the target. The target human feels the longitudinal wave patterns to simply be his own thoughts, whatever they might be. This is incredible. It is seamless because, in Bearden's theory, all thinking and mental effort that we do is ALREADY a scalar electromagnetic activity. In this he has given us an entirely new way to think about what mind is. And since our "weapon" is putting the scalar patterns from the device on to (overlaid) the existing scalar patterns of the target's mind, it is like melding with like. The two mesh, mind and outside thought, because they are of the same stuff. So thoughts can truly be put in our minds from outside now, and at-a-distance! Just this single power of the howitzer takes some time to digest fully and get used to. Our minds are no longer sacrosanct in the new world we are rushing into. To become convinced that this is possible can bring on a kind ontological crisis in some people, and a flurry of questioning "What AM I really?" This is all to the good. Because the new field of psychoenergetics raises many questions about the nature of the self, and self-identity.

And there is a second way to set up this device, which is receiver mode, in which a type of headgear is worn and the longitudinal patterns of the wearer's mind can be read into the computer and dealt with in various ways. Patterns can be read into the computer and massaged or corrected in various ways and then fed back into the wearer's mind. There are many mental biofeedback applications here as well, and incredible new possibilities in treating the mentally ill. And so we can not only broadcast thoughts now now but read in their patterns from a living brain, and in real time.

Given all that, our daydream can go wild with the implications and seriously dream dreams of a future we could not have imagined even a few years ago. Start with a simple telepathy machine. Two friends sit down together, put some nice music on perhaps, don each their personal headgear, which is hooked up to the machine, and have a conversation, not in words or words alone, but in thought-feelings directly read from the thinker's mind and "sent" to the receiver's headgear, and the receiver feels his friend's thought-feeling arising in himself, as his very own thought-feeling. Incredible nuances of meaning could be conveyed. Your friend can feel, say, your enthusiasm and excitement for a thing, and when you describe something he will find himself envisioning it the way you do. Superluminal scalar waves will carry this conversation of thoughts and feeling between anyplace on earth to any other, and even to deep underground. The waves can pass easily through matter.

A whole new ettiquette will have to built in a world containing these new telepathy devices? . How deeply into someone is it polite to listen in to? Is there a defined "personal" level into which we should not snoop? Perhaps the headsets would have controls for various privacy levels. Lovers could commune on the absolutely open pure honesty level, no secrets to hide. The giving of lectures may eventually become totally silent. Who knows how this wild new frontier will develop.

There would need to be laws I guess preventing unwanted unlawful intrusion into one's mind by other persons. Who knows how all this would work! It is unchartered territory. In his sci-fi novels Philip K. Dick had future people called Peepers or "Peeps." They could peep into the others' minds. The scalar interferometers are making many science fiction dreams a reality. For mankind to live with telepathy devices man will have to undergo some kind of transformation, for that is more intimacy than anyone has ever known.

(daydream #2)

Simply downloading knowledge, for example, will be come possible. Bearden paints a picture where suppose I want to be a neurosurgeon or something. My courses come on something like CDs which I put into my scalar wave interferometer, which is integrated into my whole stereo system. Again, via the headset, I play the patterns of that knowledge right into my mind via this connection. Suddenly I "know" so much more! I can even play recordings of fine surgeons doing operations while wearing the mind-reading device. So direct experience can be transmitted as well, directly at the level of the mind itself. So I might spend a few months this way, getting my undergraduate work out of the way, and maybe 6 months to become a doctor, and a few more months to absorb neurosurgery. Time to become a physician: a year or less.

And such a physician will have new tools all around, including the incredible fact that he could "go inside" his patients to experience the symptoms first-hand, leading to a new realm in diagnosis. The doctor would really be able to feel your pain.

And the boon to psychiatry is obvious, solving problems at the level of mind itself with such a two-way telepathy machine, the psychiatrist tuned into the mind-feelings of the patient, without the need for traditional and laborious use of endless words and language.

(daydream #3)

The history of medicine is about to hit a right angle turn. Scalar electromagnetic healing devices will actually restore our living cells back to a previously healthy conditioning by time-reversing the cells themselves using longitudinal wave interference patterns in the vacuum of space. This is the actual curing of disease using an advanced version of the body's own actual healing process, which Bearden states involves scalar electromagnetics and the cell at the quantum level. So all can be made healthy and stay healthy. Time of treatment for exposure to the longitudinal wave patterns: not more than 2 minutes. (For details, see Bearden's many papers at Two minutes! To stay healthy into a healthy old age. Such boons await us when the secrecy ends.

After a treatment of this sort the cells actually continue self-pumping energy in the time domain for some time afterwards, so the "treatment" is continuing even after the exposure to the device, for a little while. For a day or two many toxins and other breakdown products will be flushed from the body, including arterial plaque, so much water should be drunk.

The way such a scalar-healing device would cure cancer, for example, is by time-reversing the cells back to a previous healthy condition, not by killing the cancer cells at all. The tumor disappears as the cells return ("remember") a previous condition. I know this seems impossible to believe, but it is indeed a kind of engineering of the time dimension itself. And if Bearden says it can work then I believe it can work and so my mind is comensurately blown.

(daydream #4)

With the advent and production of industrial strength energy-from-the-vacuum devices it will be possible to provide cheap fresh water by the desalination of sea water. This process has been limited around the globe by the high cost of the electrical power it takes to do it. But the new free-energy will change all that make it economically feasible. This will help the water shortages anywhere that is reasonably near a coastline.

(daydream #5)

The cleansing of effluents and smoke in the "smokestack" industries is another thing often not done because the power required is extensive. With free-energy it will be feasible to clean exhausts economically. Even beyond this, Tom Bearden speaks about the possibilities of scalar engineering being use to do real engineering at the atomic and molecular levels, including making "impossible" molecules and actually transmuting of elements. I do not know if this will include the archtypal quest of turning lead into gold, but there are transmutations to be done that are far more precious than gold, such as the tranmutation of polluting molecules and elements (atoms) into something harmless or even beneficial.

(daydream #6)

Because longitudinal waves have the power to even transmute elements and alter atomic structures of materials it will be possible to render non-radioactive all the mounds of extremely dangerous nuclear waste that is building up around the world.

(daydream #7)

Not a problem. In its endothermic mode of operation the interferometers suck out heat rather that injecting energy. A space based based interferometer could vent excess heat in the atmosphere out into space. The earth could be kept at an ideal temperature. The scalar interferometer in this case would act as a planetary thermostat.

(daydream #8)

Why not? We are yet in kindergarten so far as understanding the states of complete peace and union achieved by certain accomplished yogis and swamis and saints of the far east. From Tibet, to Nepal and down into India there is the ancient tradition of the enlightened sage, the one who breaks free of ordinary human conditioning and attains a state called "awakening," as in the awakening of the Buddha. By various means such as deep meditation or by pure devotion, or by the control and understanding of the mind these historical figures broke through into universal consciousness itself, and beyond that even, into the pure awareness of the absolute. They experienced a quantum leap and a arrived a state that cannot be defined and described. People simply called them the enlightened ones.

I am thinking especially of two modern 20th Century Indian sages, Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala Hill, and the almost mirror image of him, highly updated up to 1982 and speaking in very common ordinary language, Nisargadatta Maharaj, another self-realized man.  They had both solved the conundrum "What is the self?" or "What am I?" or "What is the source of consciousness?" So they call it self-realized because you finally realize what your self actually is. That's all. Finding out, or remembering what you really are.

Now men would naturally come to these two sages, to find out what they had discovered. And this was not so very long ago. Then those men became the disciples and so on, as they tried to follow the sage's instructions and thus attain to peaceful and blissful state of the sage. And of course the disciples practiced for many years and of course very few attained the spontaneous state of over-flowing that marks the self-realized sage. For that is enlightenment, and throughout history it has been very rare. Millions work toward it all over the East, but few attain the freedom called "liberation from suffering" or the Clear Light  or Nirvana.

Now since we have been talking about a telepathy device to be available in the not too distant future we can ask the question "Is an enlightenment machine possible?" To start with, what would happen if a genuinely enlightened sage put on one of our headsets, as was connected by the machine to the very mind of his disciple. Could the disciple then experience through connection to the guru's mind a kind of instant enlightenment? The sages throughout history have always lamented the inability of language to convey the truths that they had found in the higher dimensions. They could only sit there in bliss and say that it was completely undescribable. Could the new means of communication by scalar engineering of the thought waves themselves ultimately lead to mass enlightenment? A planet of enlightened humans? And might there not be at least patterns to put in the howizters which when played put the receivers into a genuine state of pure thought-free restorative meditation, with ease, without the usual restless distraction, a complete rest  for the mind?

And speaking of self-realization, could we not isolate and distill out from the mind the of the sage the realizations themselves, such as the realization "I am not the body," or "I am not the mind?" I do not know if the enlightening experience could be captured in this way and saved and passed down through humanity along will all the other knowledge. But why not? It might be possible to a degree that would startle us.


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