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Posted By: billym
Date: Friday, 7 February 2003, 12:09 a.m.


One day American wakes up and there is no power. The electricity is out EVERYWHERE. In the night, multiple scalar hits on all the hubs of the North American power grid. All major communications are gone, as is the the Internet and nearly all the computers in major cities are ruined.

Then one considers the heaviness of this electronic damgage and realizes that this will take months if not years to restore, and in the meantime North America would be effectively plunged back into the 19th century. And even if restored the whole grid systems will be as vulnerable as it was. Have a daydream and think about going through a year with no electricity and no electronics. It will surprise and shock you.

Even if we knew who did it, what good would it do? We would be back to horse-and-buggy days on that very day after the hit. And all of our proud nuclear missiles would be dudded in their silos, and for nearly all there would be only one thought in mind: how to get food. And water. All in a single quiet night. The effect of that would drive many people mad. The mind has its breaking points.

This is why scientist Tom Bearden urged the government to understand the new principles of Energy from the Vacuum.


He has always said that American needed a new Manhatten-style project to create a decentralized electrical power system by having each house and building have its own power source which taps the abundant and free energy of the vacuum. The government people can't really understand what he is talking about.


This scenario above is the kind of silent one-night war that is possible against us now. Until now the new superweapons have been held in secret, but that could change overnight. It is almost as if most highly exclusive club, the possessors of longitudinal wave interferometers, had had a kind of "gentleman's agreement" to keep testing secret, not to show your hand, keep these things covert.

But if any of the parties now begins overt strikes, all out scalar war could suddenly result. And as the above daydream shows, to bring another nation to its knees you do not need to blow up a lot of things, nobody get killed (right away). Just pull out the plug and kill the electronics. At least it's better than just slaughtering everyone.

Scalar Electromagnetics