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(on the Columbia shuttle)

Posted By: billym
Date: Sunday, 2 February 2003, 4:25 a.m.


I can't help but feel somewhat disoriented somehow as I am watching the news come out on TV and on the Internet. That's because I have been following information on the Internet about the development of Scalar Wave Interferometers (scalar electromagnetic weapons) around the world, in many nations now. I have been increasingly fascinated about the incredibly amazing things they can do. It is like walking into a Star Trek episode, yet with even more powers and miracles than Kirk had.

If you have a streak of Sherlock Holmes in you, and let's say you deduce a certain thing so much to your satisifaction that you are completely convinced your deductions are true. Suddenly you know something which 99.99999% of the human race does NOT know. So you look at the way the newstream is looking at the shuttle's destruction, and it all feels out of kilter somehow, tempting you to doubt your own sanity for some moments.

So when I watched the newsnetworks I was baffled as they reported government officials saying that certainly it was not a terror strike but an accident. And I wondered how they could say it was not a terror strike, right after it happened, when in fact it could very easily have been a terror strike by any of a number of perpetrators. Such a sudden and quick diagnosis either betrays zero knowledge of scalar electromagnetic weapons, or a desire to cover up knowledge of such weapons.

The talking heads were talking about how no missile can get that far up into the sky, but they should be aware that no missiles are necessary to bring down a shuttle, that a Tesla howitzer can strike to anyplace on the land, the sky, or space, and even under the ground. A scalar interferometer has about dozen ways it could bring down a shuttle.

The thing is, our leaders and representatives don't want us to know about these new weapons or their powers, and they have been trying to hide them in secrecy, and all parties who have them have been keeping them secret. But they cannot be kept secret if they start using them. There are rogue groups and gangs that have these things now, not just nations. Sooner or later there are going to be further demonstrations of these incredible devices.

Now the study of the event will begin. Everything must be considered carefully in the latest shuttle disaster. All the clues must be put together by The People's Sleuths. Any and all signs and indicators of a scalar electromagnetic event should be considered. I believe the possibility of it being an electromagnetic attack is high, but only further information will tell if there are enough clues to make it certain.

It amazed me when I saw appearing on the net, fairly soon, suggestions of the possibility of a scalar attack, because that had been the first thought in my mind when I heard the news. Because even if breakup of the shuttle was actually just an accident, it is just as big a story THAT IT COULD HAVE BEEN a scalar attack. People need to wake up to the kinds of new weapons now deployed in this world.

I had already sat down to write about these things when : FLASH! GuluFuture hits the stands, and he said it, and said it better than I might have.

He said:

"A scalar-burst strike on the US space shuttle Columbia has struck a debilitating preemptive blow to Anglo-American plans for a Middle-East takeover.

"Psychological warfare tactics were to the fore in continuing pre-conflict skirmishing over the planned US-UK invasion of the Middle-East. This time the blow was devastating, as the Columbia ran into an electromagnetic 'wall,' in the sky over Texas.

"On Saturday 1st February, 2003 a scalar Tesla Howitzer weapon --aimed at downing the US space shuttle Columbia was phenomenally successful and will leave red faces in the Pentagon."


And all day long I had been hearing and reading reports of people hearing a giant boom, many witnessess had the boom. GuluFuture points that this is already one big clue to a scalar electromagnetic event. The Big Booms.

"The boom effect is caused in a similar way to a thunderstorm. In that case the lightning cleaves apart large masses of air which boom when they rush back to fill the vacuum. The scalar weapon can generate a massive version of the same effect. This is not a "beam" weapon like the one used to down the two WTC towers. It remotely produces local space-time distortion effects by connecting through the complex plane around which all space-time is wrapped. "

Tom Bearden has made his case that the first shuttle disaster, the Challenger destruction, was definitely a hit by a Soviet scalar interferometer. He lists the signs and clues. Could it possibly BE that TWICE now a shuttle has been destroyed by scalar weapons? And are we coming to verge of overt and open use of such weapons? If so our world and lives have suddenly gotten much scarier

Until now there has been mostly testing of these things in secret. Tom Bearden has a list of some of these.

It will be a very huge shock to the world if these weapons and now rolled out, or even demonstrated in a big way. Before America rushes into war it ought to make an accounting of these weapons, which is a truly vast array of power, and which could be wielded against it. President Bush knows about these weapons, as does Rumsfeld. In accordance with their policy of lies, they pretend not to. The people might get upset if they learned there are parties in this world who have devices that can pick ANY airplane anywhere right out of the sky and send it hurtling toward earth. Or that a huge blast could come any time to any place, and that all people in the world are now sitting ducks? And that such a blast could come that would make the earth quake.

If the use of these weapons suddenly became overt, it would at least bring then out of secrecy and into the light of day. Then there might be a chance to figure out what to do about these these weapons with their terrible new powers.

There was a rumor floating around, and I take it to be just that, that China and Russia together planned to give America a big electromagnetic pulse on Feb. 15, I guess to teach it a lesson. And with American leaders gone insane and threatening the whole world the little rumor seemed more like a parable, America the Fool, who didn't not even realize what kind of weapons were in this world. Does America really want to go up against countries or parties which possess the new scalar weapons? This rumor contains those questions. And it has that idea of a possible REAL demonstration of the power of these things, enough to give any nation rushing toward war pause to think. And think twice. And think thrice.