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Broadcasting Thoughts and Disease
A warning from "Paul Revere"
Thoughts on the work of Tom Bearden

"One if by land, two if by sea, and three if by psyche" - The New Paul Revere

As I write this there are protests all over the world, a great stirring in the collective unconscious of whole planet, the first time I can think of when such worldwide action has taken place by literally millions of people. All in a single day they raised a planetary voice as one, to say no to war, to say no to a bullying and overwhelming force about to launched against innocent people in Iraq. It is record day for the voice of the people, of the planet earth, against all the governments where. The collective unconscious, this voice of millions today is saying simply: "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

For our leaders seem to have no conscience. Our leaders are unable to feel the powerful feelings of the human conscience, which the people feel full well, and which they expressed by standing up all over the planet February 15th, 2003. It is something good within the human which stood up, a universal concsience that knows without being told that it is wrong to kill helpless innocent people for any reason whatsoever. The line was drawn over which the crazed and shameless leaders must not go. The people said "Thou Shalt Not Kill." If the leaders are some kind of mutants unable to hear the voice of conscience, maybe we can stand up by the tens of millions and tell them what the collective conscience is saying.

It almost seems as if some force has been unleashed in our world that is unholy, an almost satanic force, which has brought this uprising and upstanding today, this protest rises up  from the collective soul of mankind to meet it, and to stand strong against the forces of war and insanity. For I don't think we have ever before encountered anything like the current Beast, vast in its powers, ruthless in its ways of action, and blithely oblivious to the human suffering they are about to cause. And the weapons this Beast has at its disposal are like nothing we could have dreamed of before, and we must beware, and be wary of them now, as they begin to come into play. I am certain that at least one of the parties involved in the Iraq Crisis has these weapons and is probably just itching to try them out. Long held secretly, are they about to come out in the open? When we finally have to witness the disasters being planned, we must be alert to the clues whether this new scalar electronic Ex Caliber is being brought out of its sheath. Bearden says:

"At least 10 nations (and the Japanese Yakuza) now have such scalar interferometry weapons, and of course others are working on them. Tests of such weapons - by several nations or groups, including the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo - have been conducted into the very sparsely settled Western Australia (as a convenient practice range) for some years now. - Tom Bearden


There are two powers among the powers of this new Ex Caliber weapon, the scalar interferometers, that freak me out the most and give me chills, and those are the broadcasting of disease, and the broadcasting of thoughts. Scalar (longitudinal) wave interferometers can do both. We live in a completely changed world already and we donít know it yet! Hundreds of these devices exist already and having testing in secret for decades. We must assume they are up and ready and able to create mass effects on any selected area of the world they want, including the control of minds in that area, and outbreaks of disease in that area. These are not the things we want in the hands of crimnal gangs or super secret rogue elements of the secret agencies. These must be faced by the whole population, which must immediately take steps to ban these weaponsí use in war.

As we stand up to protest the brutal conquering of a nation for no reason but the theft of oil, I think we should understand what cunning and frightening other new superweapons they have now at hand. Forewarned is forearmed. The discovery of zero-point energy, or scalar energy, or energy from the vacuum has put mankind into a terrifying and dangerous situation. Because along with the boon to mankind of free energy and scalar healing, there come the most terrible weapons the mind has ever thought of, capable of massive physical explosions, and capable of also of the delicate task of fine tuned mind control of mass poplulations.


Today, February 15, 2003, there was world-wide protests against world dominion by thugs and gangsters. But today I want to give a warning that the whole democratic process of that is about to come under a vary great threat from the use of longitudinal wave interferometers, or Tesla howitzers. Because of new developments in the field of scalar electromagnetics it has now become possible to influence the minds of mass numbers of people, and to do so in a way that target populace is not at all aware that it is going on.

I often think of scalar scientist Tom Bearden as a kind of 21st Century Paul Revere who is shouting to the Amercians to wake up, wake up! "It is one if by land and two if by sea," and on this particular ride it is "three if by psyche". Yes, this time the tyrants are coming to attack our very minds with an astonishing new technology of massive mind control, and they are coming to attack our bodies by the broadcast of disease patterns, little spacetime engines, little patterns in spacetime itself, laid over the populace, which manifest as the subjective arising of thoughts and feelings in the minds of the target populace. A primitive example might be a gnawing sense of fear spreading like wildfire across the nation, a sense of pure panic gripping everyone, and everyone looking for anyone who can make them feel better.

And thus Nikola Tesla's "Death Ray" is born and deployed and operational. And it can do an astonishing variety of things besides causing death. 10 parties have the scalar death ray already. What maneuvering among them is going on right now is something we can only imagine. Who are the good guys? And who are the bad guys? And how many of each have what? In overt public view the U.S. would seem to truly be the world's sole remaining superpower, but in the secret worlds of the secret governments there is this other clashing of swords, as if to see okay really, it's 2003, now whose got the biggest weapons? Whose got the most terrible devastating weapons of all? How many Tesla howitzers have YOU got? We can make your whole population love US and turn to US. We can make them hate you.

The war we see unfolding now is not the real war. The real war is a scalar war, and it has been going on in pure stealth between a number of parties, for some time now. It is going on hidden and unseen. It involves the use of new kind of device called a "longitudinal wave interferometer" and it can do many things, for example, it can create and change weather.

According to Tom Bearden the Russians (KGB) have manipulated the weather over North America for several decades now, and could, any time (for example), create giant superstorms over the U.S. should they choose to do so. Bearden says the weather engineering project has been now handed off to the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), to whom the KGB has leased some of their older interferometers for a down payment of $900 in gold bullion. So some 10 nations have the power now to manipulate weather globally. This is not a good situation. Bearden talks about this strange association of the KGB and Yakuza:

"From time to time, the KGB (under its new name) has to permit the Yakuza et al. to do something more dramatic, such as shoot down an aircraft, etc., in order to have the rogue group continue to pay the lease. The Yakuza has also carried the longitudinal EM wave interferometry technology back to Japan clandestinely, and is apparently producing smaller, more portable weapons now in its own highly hidden facilities in Japan, completely separate from anything or intention by the Japanese government.

"There are two factions in the old KGB (the new Federal Security Service): (1) the old die-hard Communist faction, still devoted to the destruction of the United States, and which still controls the energetics weapons, and (2) a younger, more modern and moderate faction, which seeks a rapprochement with the U.S., etc. That moderate faction, under Putin, seeks rapprochement with the West and intends to become our trusted and dependable cheap oil provider also. Under that program, Putin has been preventing a very high acceleration of gas prices at the U.S. pumps by opening all the Russian oil spigots to keep the supply up there. It is important to recognize that the old KGB (Federal Security Service) is not a monolith, but is fractured into those two main camps. It is also important to recognize that the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo hostile activity is not at all a policy or effort of the Japanese government and the Japanese people. The Yakuza, however, are a major enemy of the U.S., even more potent than the Al Qaeda, and they do intend to participate directly in great strategic strikes for the eventual destruction of the U.S., whenever that time comes. They see this as extracting vengeance against the U.S. for its defeat (and shame, in the Bushido concept) in WW II, and for the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. The Yakuza still operates by a modified old Bushido code. "


But beyond being able to create weather patterns around the globe, this new Ex Caliber weapon can put thoughts and feeling directly into the minds of those people in the target zone, where the two scalar beams cross. In the interference zone one gets, from the background of space itself, a longitudinal wave interference pattern, and by study and testing various "modes" of action are seen to emerge. And in one of these modes called "pyschoenergetic" mode, the interferometer is tuned to scale of the mind and the mindís own longitudinal EM ongoing activity.

Unlike using ordinary "transverse" EM (electromagnetism) to affect the mind, the "longitudinal waves" (LW) are the very own kind of waves the mind itself uses! This means that trying to induce mind effects using ordinary EM is like having to use brute force to get any measurable effects at all, while the longitudinal waves go in like a knife through butter (being the waves of the mind as they are). So an intrusion into the mind at that level is not noticed. The message pattern is of the mind  own stuff! These subtle interference patterns in the target zone can cause all kinds of different psychic and mental effects.

Those into whose hands fell this glorious scalar technology, however, were not good men. They were greedy men who could not find the human conscience about what to do with these new powers, nor was their first thought to think of the betterment of mankind. The first thing they thought of was build a weapon! A superweapon! An invincible weapon!

They thought that surely this was Ex Caliber, the weapon which cannot be beat. With this, they thought, we can conquer and rule the world. They must have been dazzled with the incredible array of ways to do that. There are so many ways to conquer the world with longitudinal wave interferometers.

The French scientist Kervran and Russian scientist Kaznacheyev, showed that it was possible to transmit disease over distance using longitudinal EM waves. The pattern created at the crossing of the LW beams contains a "disease engine," an actual "local spacetime curvature engine" which induces the disease in the interference zone. It is like an electromagnetic gun which shoots disease. It induces the LW patterns directly into the spacetime of the humans in the interference zone.

The entire electrical power grid or the country may be used as a kind kind of giant antenna, as one way of getting the waves to the people. The grid acts as a channel. A "spacetime curvature engine"  creates the disease. "Quantum weapons" continue "spreading" the immune system.

Reality is altered. Thoughts arise in the people's minds as if they were there own, so there is no suspicion that anything is amiss. If an intent is broadcast from the local spacetime of the power grid, then the intent will arise in you will intend to do that thing. Everything will seem quite normal. But in this state you may be made to feel anything the rulers want, fear, anxiety, depression, or, on the other hand, happy and contented, pleased to doing whatever they say to do.


Pure and true slavery has been invented. There are hundreds of ways you could set it up. It could be a savage slavery, or it could be a pleasant slavery. The wave patterns of such things as docility and submission have already been decoded from the minds of volunteers, and invented patterns produced by trial and error. These can be laid out neighborhood by neighborhood to induce any desired feeling/thought pattern desired for fine-tuning of what the local people think and feel. If the elite want to enter a controled area, they can take a device with anti-signals to the broadcast patterns.

This is true mind control for any kind of slave society you would like. Complete manipulation of spacetime by interferometry of scalar (longitudinal) wave patterns, which patterns then arise in the minds of all the people in the target area is an unprecedented possibility. Everyone in the target area thinks everything is normal. Everyone thinks everything is just grand! They do what they do because they want to do it (they think). There is need to think of anything unpleasant. (Not as long as the "spacetime curvature engines" are pouring out their patterned energy).

This is the use of the scalar interferometers in broad or narrowband, but there is another quick and easy way to get the longitudinal waves to the people and that is by using the entire electrical power grid of the nation as a kind of antenna, so that the scalar patterns will be broadcast through the grid, right up to your toaster. Everywhere there is the power grid (right on up to your toaster) there there will be these LW thought-feelings broadcast.

So the whole power grid can become a kind of channel for the broadcasting of both disease and thoughts. How sinister. Would people then flee the grid by going to rural undeveloped areas? Excaliber is a two-edged sword. In its biological mode it gives you true world-wide dominion status and an ability to kill off populations where every you want, just like taking an eraser to the board, and in its psychoenergetic mode it allows you to control the minds of your populace in a precision fashion. For example, riots will be no problem in the future due to the broadcasting of sedative effects, longitudinal wave patterns of peacefulness and docility. 

This is a desciption of just one possible use of the interferometers. It is a kind of human "ant world." The workers go about their endless work while the queen controls all with her molecules of smells and is tended to by thousands on her throne. The workers have their orders in thought waves being broadcast all the time. In our 21st century version you could make one area happy and pleased and another area angry. You could make outbreaks of various deseases anywhere you liked. Where there are mobs you can make the people subdued and sedated, where there are peace marches you can cause outbreaks of violence through anger and hatred and fear, if you want to, to disgrace them.

The Cabal must have many possible plans for the new Tesla howitzers laid out on the desks at their military-corporate think-tanks for ruling the New World Order with their scalar wave interferometers, controlling even the mental and emotional states of the whole population. I invite the reader to have a daydream on these things, all the kinds of "societies" you could create and manipulate, once you can insert thought-feelings into the whole mass of the people. Imagine the whole mass of the people who demonstated around the world on February 15. Filled with idealism and consciousness of conscience, willing to brave the cold to have oneís small voice heard. And now imagine the interference zones of a number of big scalar interferometers over the place where there protests are happening. And then sudden everyone gets depressed. Not a little bit, but they suddenly all become very depressed. And their high mood is gone. Silently the waves are sent and the people become disconsolate and discouraged and sad and they want to go home. We can throw in a subtonic of fear and anxiety as well, to spur them home to their comfy houses. They cannot even remember why they had come out for this occasion. I guess you could call this use of the interferometer "The Big Bummer."

The engineering of thought and disease is at hand and is operational. Many tests have been done by the Russians, according to Bearden. Formost is the strange and anomalous case of Captain Button in which the Russians (KGB) entrained the mind of a U.S. pilot, made him fly around a while, and then made him fly his expensive jet into a mountain.

"Over Arizona, Captain Button was thrown into a hypnogogic state, and his perceptions instantly altered and controlled. In his instant "dream-waking" state, everything seemed perfectly normal. His sense of direction was altered a bit more than 90 degrees, so he simply corrected and turned and "flew toward the range", actually flying off course by more than 90 degrees and ignoring radio contacts. He flew right on out of Arizona."

"At one point he circled, probably thinking he was over the range, and he probably dropped his ordnance there. Then he "flew on back toward home," as he thought in his waking dream state, until his fuel ran out and he crashed and died in the explosionódream-thinking until he died that everything was normal. All the while, his sense of the passage of time was altered. To him, in his dream-thinking, dream-acting state, everything was normal and nothing untoward had happened. So the distant KGB transmitters and associated psychoenergetics team controlled him for over an hour

"Indeed, that was the exact purpose of the test: demonstrate control (at a great distance) of a skilled person performing highly skilled tasks."


When we come right down to it, in the psychoenergetics field, we come down to our very sense of identity and beingness. What becomes of my own identity when thoughts and feelings are arising that are not really my own, but which I think are my own? What am I at the heart of it anyway? When I drop my mask and false identities I am just this sense of presence, this "I am," this sense of being we can call beingness. And we are talking about the somewhat alarming new reality of being able to engineer all that, to change it, at many levels, from the subconscious right up the full waking intention to do something. The minds of the people of the world are now at risk of intrusion at the most intimate mental and emotional level. The technology already exists in the scalar interferometers and field is constantly making advancement. From the Russian feat of making Captain Button go off course with his jet aircraft and fly into a mountain, to the full insertion of thought and words into the mind at a distance, the spectrum of mind-control possibilities is dazzling.

Only three years ago or so only two or three nations had these scalar superweapons, now it is up to 10 and no doubt rising. The people are sitting like guinea pigs about to influenced in the most intimate way. Their very sense of identity is fast becoming programmable. And there is nowhere to hide, if you are in the interference zone, you canít away, it will be everywhere. The waves travel through anything but prefer an already existing "normal" EM pathway, hence the 1976 creation of the Russian "Woodpecker Grid," kind of a giant electromagnetic checkerboard grid stretched over the whole planet. Using this grid as a system of channels the effects of the interference zone can be aimed to any pin-pointed place on earth. Thus, if you have the exact longitude and latitude of a subject it is possible to put the interference zone effects in exactly that location, so if stood with a GPS device anywhere, and gave you the numbers, you could focus the psychoengetic effect right on me personally. Thus the mind control can be narrowed down to single man or woman or child. You could make them "hear voices" if you want. You could make them believe they were somebody else, all electromagnetically. You could make them feel good or bad, healthy or sick, docile or filled with rage. There is no guessing at the range ways these new psychic influencing devices could be used by an evil empire, or even a single lone evil-genius, or for that matter, a single lone evil fool.