The Scalar Paradigm Shift
by Bill Morgan

Someone was talking about "paradigm shifts" and I started wondering about the new discoveries of longitudinal-wave electromagnetic energy and asked myself the question "This 'scalar' paradigm shift, what is it?"

For one thing it is a shift in our relationship with nature, as a species, for we come to see that nature is a pure abundance of energy pouring out at any point at all, into the universe! It is like a fountain that goes on forever, by itself. The abundance of the entire universe is available at any point in the universe! The scalar paradigm shifts our thinking from the jungle-born stuggle to survive to the vision that all is provided for "free," in a way. We are living in a universe that can magically pour out from any point inexhaustible energy. That is certainly one element of the scalar paradigm shift. We live now these new a crucial facts. As Buckminster Fuller said, "There is enough for everyone." And he said that not-knowing of the free energy of the vacuum.

Because the new scalar generators do indeed do just that, pour energy from a seemingly infinite source right here into our world, and we can use it, endlessly. It seems to come from "nowhere." It seems at first like a pure and real miracle, and the mind is astonished. It just keeps pouring energy out without our having to do anything. The energy seems to come from nowhere and it is forever free. This will of course revolutionize the world.

Everyone can have this energy and use it. Prototypes like Tom Bearden & Co.'s MEG or Motionless Electromagnetic Generator are already working their way toward the factory and the assembly line. Dr. Stephen Greer recently announced another new working device which provides ordinary 110v AC indefinitely at thousands of watts. The device too will be moving with haste toward production now. Greatest care among these folk must taken to avoid assassination or other modes of "disappearing." The oil companies and the energies cartels have, in the past, sometimes ruthlessly, suppressed this technology because this technology will wipe out their profits forever. So a great many of the world's most powerful corporations want to stop all progress in the scalar field. The cat is out of the bag yes, in a tiny way, but they are intent that the cat will not stray too far. Bearden's announcement of the MEG device, and Stephen Greer's announcement of another working model of a free energy device really, together, served notice on the oil companies and the energy cartels that their domain was done. Given free and open development, including release of technology held in secret by the secret agencies, within a decade we could be free of the need for oil completely, save that from which we wanted to make other things, like chemicals. We now KNOW that this is possible. Fate has deemed to show us a way out of our present mess. Whatever it costs to do this changeover to scalar energy systems it is far less than the costs of the oil wars to come. If the money of the current oil war were put to this all oil wars forever would be solved. We no longer NEED any oil! We will live well and prosper without any oil at all. Now that's a nice new paradigm to have shifted.

What else is involved in the scalar paridigm shift? I guess the next thing that comes to mind is a shift humanity has already gone through once already, and that is the shift in human consciousness due to the appearance in the world of a weapon of an altogether higher order than anything previously known. Just as we went through the "atomic bomb" paradigm shift in the years after 1945, now we face the emergence of the new scalar electromagnetic weapons and their baffling and mind-boggling array of new destructive powers. (The powers of the gods it seems). And so we face going through a shift in our consciousness to a clear awareness of these new destructive powers on earth. And we must ban those powers for destructive use, and use them with the beneficence that their discovery dictates to the humane person. For the good and benefit of all.

Another overall element of the scalar pardigm shift I call "the setting loose of dreams." This is my favorite. All of a sudden, as the human race was wending its old way of muddling along, an incredible sudden number of new kinds of things become possible that were deemed impossible up until now. The things the theory promises seem like miracles to us, we have a hard time accepting the facts at first. Somewhere in this paradigm shift the mind "gets it" and then goes out on wild imaginings the new kinds of things that can be done, if not now, then in the very near future. It is so exciting to think about these possibilities, like the healing of AIDS all around the earth, and the gradual dissappearance of almost all diseases, a world in which man is set free from want and pain and sickness and hunger. Or, in more of a "pop" sense, like "movies" in which you truly feel yourself in the actual action, it is all happening to you. It is to the ones with fertile imaginations that the scalar pardigm shift shall come as a great boost and a lift, for the possibilities of the new technology are so many that one's mind can indeed become "boggled." Anti-gravity and flying cars. Teleportations of objects, maybe people someday. Transmutation of elements, and the real clean-up of nuclear waste. Control of global warming. Beneficent control of weather.

There is also the spiritual aspect of humans which the scalar paradigm will come to affect. The new scalar theory of Tom Bearden, for example, is a "theory of everything," or, put another way, a "grand unified field theory," and one in which energy is taken as the basic unit and everything is expressed in terms of energy. It is as if new physical laws have been discovered, laws of energy, laws which finally involve our next higher dimension, the time domain, and seem to explain why, from a dimension just higher than that, seem to come miracles. The purpose of a grand unified field theory, really, is to present a picture of God, a picture of the One, and of all things deriving out of the One. What IS that Oneness itself? So a new grand unified field theory is like getting a new portrait of God painted by a master. And in it, if one is knowledgeable and studies it, one can see the innermost workings of the unity itself.

So the scalar paradigm is most definitely a boost to the spiritual side of us and gives us fantastic new knowledge about our own nature and about our own place in the whole living scheme of things. I do not see how it could possibly hurt or be resisted by any religion or creed, but to all creeds it speaks of a remarkably beneficent mother nature. All this time now we had been missing her Ocean of Energy, but we have now discovered that shore. You could say our labor now is ended, and our real work can begin. The scalar electromagnetic theory rather stands for all religions as living proof of an eternal single unitary source, and a grand overall unity of all things. It is indeed a picture of God, and the latest one, and a picture of ourselves as all composed of nothing but that same God. One can almost forsee the arising of new sects of this or that which openly worship the scalar forces as emblems of the divine. At the altar might be a healing force field as an arch under which the acolytes file for their "communion" with The Force. And during their "communion" they shall hear voices. And then shall arise in their minds the visions of the Glorius One, and they shall remember the holy experience all week long.

This new theory eventually explains such things as "paranormal" events, even ghosts, accounts for them scientifically, energetically, predicts telepathy, and opens new vistas in the quest to understand what is consciousness itself. (See Tom Bearden's "The Ex Caliber Briefing"). The scalar discoveries revolutionize the way we think about ourselves and our complete "enmeshment" in things, our deepest connection with all things. It shows that those who have said "I have experienced my oneness with all things," were in fact telling it like it is, electromagnetically. I predict that the impact of scalar theory (and operations) on the spritual side of mankind to be incredibly heavy and to the good.

There are just so many things involved with a great paradigm shift, like the scalar paradigm shift that is just now starting, that it can be confusing at first, since the scalar wave revolution involves doing so many new kinds of things that were impossible before.

There are lots of little things and details, like little paranoia things, if you tend to be of the paranoid persuasion. New worries like "Can someone tell what I'm thinking?" or "Is that man reading my mind?" Or fears of being mentally programmed from afar, a paranoia that is even now not out of place. Or "Why did I just do that?" wondering if I just did that of my own intention or was the intention placed into me? In the scalar era these will be appropriate worries to contend with, so privacy does indeed become a huge matter, as does the issue of "free will," which the placing of an intent into a person's mind seems to violate. Do we have an inherent "freedom of mind?" Is not our inner self sacrosanct, and thus off-limits to advertising and propaganda? Am I to set before God's throne a big picture of a Coca Cola? Doesn't some spiritual law forbid the raping of my mental world and the raping of my inner consciousness? So there is this kind of legal detail about how far inside me my rights begin. I guess it has already been determined that the subconscious realm is pretty much wide open territory; creators of TV ads know this full well and use it to great effect. So I guess injecting material into the subconscious is legal, but at what level of depth into the person's mind, heart, and soul do you say it is not legal? For instance, it should be illegal to cram the material down into the person so deep that the person becomes completely obsessed with the material going over it and over it 24 hours a day without being able to stop. You could make them insane with your stupid TV ad! Watch that paradigm shift!

A huge element of the scalar paradigm shift will be our relationship with our bodies, and the gradual disappearance of disease. Our current paradigm has it that we live about 80-90 years and then we are all worn-out and we expire. In the new scalar paradigm the numbers will begin to change drastically. No one knows how high life span will go, but it will go up by decades, not years. If scientist Tom Bearden is correct then the field of medicine will go in the direction of scalar electromagnetic waves and wave patterns to cure and heal all manner of ailments. A completely healthy world is suddenly now possible, and facing that fact and coming to terms with it is part of the scalar paradigm shift. The fact that every single person on the earth could be made healthy, for example, know that, it weighs a little on the soul. Knowing that. Having to know it. To think of that possibility and then to look at the morass we are in is to feel some despair. The MEANS are at hand now. What will "we," as a species, do?

In the new theory there is the idea about the longitudinal waves being actually wave-pairs, with one of the pairs time-reversed, and that the effect of the waves on human cells was to "pump" them in the time domain thus time-reversing the cells to a previous condition. The cells revert to an earlier state. If this is correct then everyone on earth can get healthy and stay healthy for a very long life span in the new scalar era. Short two-minute treatments now and then should keep a person healthy their whole life long.

Cancer will be cured as the cancer cells are time-reversed to a previously healthy state. AIDS will be cured by patients taking several two-minute treatments with the waves. Nearly all ailments will respond to treatment. Bones will grow back together quickly and strong. It might even become possible, well in the future, to do things like regrow a severed hand, or record one's thoughts and memories in full mental detail for your descendents to "feel." Imagine being able to think and feel exactly like your great-great-great grandfather did, on those long gone days when he made his memoirs. His memories of his life felt to you as if they were your own memories of your own life, and indeed now they were. Such a device could change the whole way the world looks at life through the generations, since a kind of "longitudinal family" would be created whereby each descendent will have access to innermost feelings of his forebears, he will know what it was like to be them. So the very distant anscestor may have given memoirs so inspired, so beautiful, so filled with wisom that it held the family together over centuries, and inspired loyalty in the descendents, and fraternity among them. The family history will come to contain all the thought-feelings of all the anscestors, their travails as they experienced them, their triumphs, and the love they had for their own.

All these possibilities are allowed in the new scalar paradgm. There will be huge effects on the world as we know it. I guess you could call them "sub-shifts". For example, if true medical healing becomes possible, most of the pharmaceutical companies will be wiped out. Their chemicals will not be needed so much anymore since people actually get healed of their ailments. Man will be free of the toxic load of chemicals ingested from the pharamceutical companies. For the scalar discoveries are a discovery of the body's own healing mechaninism itself, and engineering that on that same level. In the scalar era there will be far less need for doctors, nurses, or health care as we now know it. Giving the two-minute treatments is cheap. Of course there will also open up many new jobs such as Scalar Medical Technician, Scalar Diagnosis, Doctor Longitudinal Waves, and so on.

I began the scalar paradigm shift about 1 1/2 years ago, when I first started studying the work of Tom Bearden on his website at, so I can sympathize with any one going through the shift. It hit me like roaring freight train. Some days I actually felt dizzy as I realized that my whole entire picture of the universe was wrong, it was missing by half, there was the whole domain of time, that great wonders were possible, that life was electromagnetic, that everything is alive, and that everything is connected to everything else. Other days brought euphoria almost, and my mode of meditation changed radically, and has remained the same since.

So do not be surprised if encountering the new discoveries in the field of scalar waves causes a good deal of shifting things around in your mind. That's what a pardigm shift IS. It comes to the point of "Everything I thought about the world was wrong," and then there is the new paradigm information and eventually, "Everything I think about from now on is corrected by the new information."

A paradigm shift is something that spreads throughout the whole world slowly, usually over generations. This new one looks to be way faster than most. To a person who is "scalar-paradigm-shifted" the world and geopolitical goings-on looks totally different than they look to one who is not yet shifted. He knows the real balance of power in the geo-political world hangs on who has the best, most developed scalar electromagnetic weapons. He knows the world as a charade acting out a polite pre-scalar scenario in which these weapons (still secret) do not figure.

But the weapons are there, held in secret by 10 nations, awaiting their turn to be loosed upon the world. There almost seems a gentlemen's agreement policy among the possessors of these weapons, a kind of "don't ask, don't tell" policy, up until now. But that could change overnight the first time one of these weapons is used overtly, after which there may follow all out scalar warfare. It could happen at any time now. And getting used to that now everpresent danger is just another part of going through the scalar pardigm shift.

Good luck to all scalar-shifters!

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