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Posted By: billym
Date: Monday, 3 February 2003, 12:59 a.m.

The debris from the shuttle disaster needs to examined to FIND OUT if the cause was a scalar electromagnetic attack or not.

The same tests should have been performed on debris from the World Trade Center. Instead the debris was all whisked away and melted with suspicious haste.

Today scalar scientist Tom Bearden named the kind of tests that should be done immediately.

"I do hope they also do some radioactivity tests and others (test for longitudinal EM wave radiation, which can be done with a Geiger tube), etc. If longitudinal EM wave emissions from the fragments are found, that is a 100% certain signature. If anomalous isotopes of Aluminum are found, that also is a 100% certain signature. If not, then one has to sort out (or try to) all the other phenomena etc."

This radiation test is needed due to an odd thing about longitudinal waves and matter. After the exposure to these scalar waves they become "charged" in a way, and the waves continue emitting from the vacuum for quite some time after the "hit." One way Bearden describes this is "pumping in the time domain."

That is also one of the clues concerning the massive superhot pools of molten steel in the basement of the WTC for weeks after the collapse. That could be explained by the continued pumping of energy from the vacuum due to the power of the scalar strike. This effect dwindles in a few weeks, and is not considered healthful at that time.

So there should be calls to test the metals of Columbia. Even though a negative result would NOT mean that it was NOT a scalar hit, a positive result would mean that it definitely WAS.

To have a chance to do this test for a "smoking gun" and then not do the tests, would be highly suspicious and indicative of a cover-up. Have the scalar wars started?