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Posted By: billym
Date: Monday, 10 February 2003, 1:04 a.m.


Here are some more excerpts from Dr. Stephen Greer's recent announcement of a working free-energy device which taps hundreds of watts of energy from the vacuum of space (zero point) and converts it to 110 AC current.

Interviewed on George Noory's Coast to Coast radio program, Greer thrilled listeners with the tale of having just gone to see the inventor and observe the device for himself. He said you could pick it up in one hand.

Dr. Greer said "This is the most astounding material object I've ever seen in my life. And that's saying something." He likened it to a "Holy Grail type of device." Greer had formed a group called Space Energy Access Systems with the purpose was identifying and testing new technologies to tap the inexhaustible energy of the time domain. As scalar scientist Tom Bearden has said, "Time is compressed energy", by the factor of lightspeed squared, and the "Holy Grail" is a device to convert the energy of time-waves down into the ordinary transverse EM 3-space waves. Such a device pours out electricity for free, forever. Although this seems to break 2nd-law conservation of energy, Bearden says that it does not break this law because this energy is conserved in the higher dimension, the 4th dimension of time.

Greer announced that such a device has been found.

The inventor's name is being withheld for his own security and protection. In the thuggish world in which we now live there are quite a number of very powerful corporations which would use any means necessary to suppress this free-energy device. In fact we are on the verge of mass slaughter in order to get more oil.

Dr. Greer said security was the reason why he wanted to make the announcement immediately, and to a very wide audience.

"The reason I am speaking about this at this very early stage of its discovery is that the millions of people listening tonight are our protection. Those of you who are listening to this should tell everyone they know that this is coming down the path. It is our intention to protect this system, get it tested, get it perfected, get it out to the public and terminate the need for gas and oil and coal and start an entirely new sustainable civilization on this planet, that is long overdue. It could have happened probably fifty years ago or more. But it's now time for us to do it as a people.

"If the testing and development of this holds up, it will be the single most important scientific breakthrough in the history - the recorded history - of the human race, and that is not an overstatement."

Greer has experience with gaining some security via wide public announcement in his other endeavor, "The Disclosure Project," which has been working make the government to disclose top-secret knowledge on UFOS and free energy systems. The secrets are held in the layrinthine compartmentalized secret agencies and rogue military-industrial black projects. He got hundreds of ex-military officers to annouce they were ready to testify, if given immunity by congress, about these secret things. Propulsion systems, anti-gravity, reverse engineered spacecraft, and free energy. Above all, free energy. This rogue group has withheld from mankind all the abundance of Creation.

Greer wants everyone in on it from the start, so that if he turns up dead, or "suicided," or "disappeared" to look at the obvious culprits.


"Let me describe what I saw, if you have a moment.

"It's not very big at all. I picked it up - you can pick it up with one hand. Took it out actually on a sidewalk. This device gathered, very passively, less than one watt of power from the environment - I won't say how it was done, I'm not allowed to at this point - and the machine started up. It generated hundreds of watts of power in usable form. We hooked this up ourselves, so there was no mystery about it. We even selected the things to hook up to this thing. It ran a 300-watt light bulb, a 100-watt light bulb, a stereo and an oscillating fan with an electric motor, all at the same time with literally no artificial manmade input of power. So, this is of course an extraordinary scientific breakthrough. The inventor certainly deserves to get the next Nobel prize, or the one that would be awarded after this is fully tested by the scientific community, if indeed what we see holds up.

"There were no hidden power sources. And this is something obviously which could put in every home, in every car and every industry and would enable the world to leave the era of want and war and enter an era of abundance and peace for as long as we want to create it. … We have heard of these things coming and going in the time of Tesla, in the time of Floyd Sweet, in the time of T. Henry Moray, and others, but to actually stand in the presence of a man who could build such a circuit and see it run was amazing. If I had to go to my grave tomorrow, at least I would know that such a thing is possible, which shines an enormous ray of hope into the world of humanity as we apparently march off to the next oil war."


SEAS will now rebuild the machine from scratch, "a more robust model," which should only take a few months.

"It will then be tested at least three independent government and university labs which we have already pre-selected for their honesty and cooperation, and when all those ducks are lined up and we are certain of what we have, it will then be massively disclosed to the world in what has to be regarded as one of the most important scientific announcements in our time.

"Well, this is why I'm talking to you. …I wanted to be very very clear that this information got out as soon as possible because I have to tell you that this is the sort of thing that people have unfortunately in the past been absorbed into operations where these technologies have been suppressed. People have been murdered, people have been imprisoned, people have had these things bought out only to sit on the black shelf at a major corporation.


"That is not a conspiracy theory. We can prove this in a court of law that this has happened over and over again. And the reason that we are moving quickly to let the world know that this exists is that the ultimate shield against that happening is two things: Number one - my absolute assurance that I will take a bullet before I will let this be suppressed, and number two - that there is no amount of money, that you cannot put enough zeros after a one, to buy us out and keep this thing from getting out to the public.

"In addition to that, the public needs to understand if anything is to happen to this project that is a suppressive effort, that they should absolutely, if they have to, march in the streets to see that it is released again. There is no time for this nonsense, where these sorts of inventions have been suppressed and where humanity has been left basically in a state of downward spiral of poverty and pollution and what have you. We simply have to reverse that trend."

Asked how soon such devices could be rolling off the line Greer felt it could as soon as 2004, but admitted it might take a couple years longer. But whenever it happens all of humanity enters a new era, one with literally mind-boggling possibilities.

Greer expained the new-physics principles which allows such an inexhaustible abundance of free energy:

"Well, as I understand it, if you look at the space around us - not outer space, just the space in the room where you're sitting -that space and the structure of space and the fundamental level at which matter and energy exists is fluxing out of some very potent field of energy. That's in some type of homeostasis. And what these technologies do is that they perturb the homeostasis enough to tap into that baseline energy or that energy that's in the quantum vacuum, some would call it, that's around us. Matter and energy are fluxing in and out of this field and can tap into it. It's almost like pulling energy out of a reservoir of energy that's there all the time but isn't in a form that can actually be used. What these systems do is tap into that energy and in the case of the device that we saw, actually converts it into usable, controlled energy on demand, …

"There's such an enormous body of information on this. There's a new book that Dr. Tom Bearden has put out that's almost encyclopedic."


"But our goal is to be able to do this at least in a generation one stable, usable system, certainly within a year to year and a half. I would like to think sooner, but knowing how things happen in the world, I think it could very well be that long or a bit longer. I would caution we don't want to take too much longer. We are going to be very aggressively capitalizing this, putting the funds into this, so that this can be done and we can collapse timeframes.

"Frankly, Tom Bearden and I were discussing this just before we were meeting the staff of the Senate Environment committee. He said that if these new technologies don't begin to roll off of the conveyor belt like sausages by around the first quarter of 2004 - given the fact that the biosphere is being so strained, given the geopolitical tensions, we may simply just be out of time. So, I think it's a stroke before midnight and we really need to make this project succeed."

This new device is now the second such venture moving quickly toward production within 2 or 3 years. While our foolish and stupid and greedy leaders stand poised to murder tens of thousands of innocent people in a great oil piracy here stands a device to make oil obsolete. Being oilmen, they don't want to even hear of such a thing. Being stupid, their announced policy on energy is to get more oil out of the earth and burn it. They advocate continued destruction of the atmosphere. Being greedy, they will stop at nothing.

What if the 100 billion dollars they are planning on spending for their war, that money was plunged into a full all-out effort to develop free energy for benefit of humanity? Decentralize our power system, for security. Non-polluting power, and a boon to the third world nations. The atmosphere would gradually be cleansed, and everyone could breath fresh air. Scalar healing systems, time-reversing the cells, would keep everyone healthy for very low cost.

I am hoping to see some new signs popping up at the coming mass-demonstrations which say "Release Free Energy Secrets," or "WE WANT THE MEG," or "DISCLOSE SCALAR WEAPONS!" In a way such a protest would be on a more fundemental level of things than a protest against a war, since disclosure of free energy would end all future oil wars forever! Oil might become a dollar a barrel. Gasoline would no longer be needed. Nothing to fight over.

Greer imagines all electrical devices would someday contain their own power souce.

"This type of power system eventually could be in every appliance so that every appliance wouldn't even need to be plugged in. Eventually you could have construction so homes wouldn't even have wiring. Every lamp and every appliance could have its own power source. This thing is efficient and miniaturizable, if there is such a word - so that you could do this and you would be able to have everything that is made have its own power source and it would completely change the way architecture and construction takes place… but our goal is to be able to do this at least in a generation one stable, usable system, certainly within a year to year and a half. "

With the advent of free energy the oil companies will topple, and release their terrifying and ruthless grip on our government and our human destiny. Because I believe these new discoveries can make possible an earthly paradise we have only begun to imagine. The oil corporations and energy cartels are not going to take this lightly. But the whole world is now rising up against their war, for the theft of oil, and the world will rise up against their suppression of the truth about free energy.