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Date: Thursday, 29 January 2004, 11:23 p.m.

In Response To: MONK KEY TALES (Phoenix)

Engineering the Collective Unconscious

I agree that the 100th Monkey concept holds a potential for great joy and transcendence to a higher state of consciousness for all. Our species has been through such "quantum leaps" many times in the dim past, no doubt. The point at which our ancestors starting burying the dead with artifacts and placing grave markers and so on was one such species change. The enthusiasm expressed by "A Citizen Without Portfolio" in the above post is a wonderful statement of hope and gladness for the future evolution of the human race. It is indeed intoxicating to realize that we are all connected at some deep and fundemental level: we are all "the human." I am not the particular, made up of differences, I am first of all the universal, and only after that do differences appear.

But the fact that this is a very real phenomenon, with a real physics at its base, also opens the door to dangers of tampering, in particular with the new science of psychoenergetics, accomplished through the engineering of the longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum of space. Scalar scientist Tom Bearden has tried to alert us to this danger: that the collective unconsious is becoming engineerable, and that the Russian scientists of the KGB are far more advanced in this new field than we realized.

This is true mind control, and beyond that, species mind control. Whereas a natural development might lead to an advance for the species as a whole, insidious engineering of the collective unconscious could lead to changing our species into something resembling an "ant world," making us drones (slaves) to the whims of the scalar engineers. In other words, the 100th Monkey concept becomes a two-edged sword when the developing reality of psychoenergetics is introduced. So we are going to have to be wary of this possibility, a possibility that has never existed before.

Let's look at a few mentions of the collective unconscious by Tom Bearden http://www.cheniere.org. In the first one he responds in a letter to a question regarding The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University in which it seemed as if the "mass-mental" effects of the 911 attacks had a very real physical effect.

This project has 3 random number generators working all day long in various parts of the world. [LINK] The charts of the numbers are analyzed. These should always be random, but the idea is to see if there are any deviations corresponding to world events. Such a deviation was noted in the days surrounding the 911 WTC attacks, something which heavily impacted the whole consciousness of the human race. The man writing to Bearden says:


"In a metaphoric sense, we are looking for evidence of a developing global consciousness that might react to events with deep meaning. The whole world reeled in disbelief and horror as the news of the terrorist attack and the unspeakable tragedy unfolded. The EGG network registered an unmistakable and profound response."

"We do not know how the correlations that arise between electronic random event generators and human concerns come to be, and yet, the results of our analyses over the past three years repeatedly indicate such correlations. We cannot explain the presence of stark patterns in data that should be random, nor do we have any way of divining their ultimate meaning, yet there appears to be an important message here. When we ask why the disaster in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania should appear to be responsible for a strong signal in our world-wide network of instruments designed to generate random noise, there is no obvious answer."

"We do not know if there is such a thing as a global consciousness, but if there is, it was moved by the events of September 11, 2001. It appears that the coherence and intensity of our common reaction created a sustained pulse of order in the random flow of numbers from our instruments. These patterns where there should be none look like reflections of our concentrated focus, as the riveting events drew us from our individual concerns and melded us into an extraordinary coherence. Maybe we became, briefly, a global consciousness. . . . "


There is more info on this data here.

So this person writes to Tom Bearden and asks him about this phenomenon and if it is real, if the collective mind could affect these number generators showing an "order" or ordering where there should be no order at all, just pure randomness. Here is Bearden's reply. Don't be daunted by some of the scientific language, keep reading and the message will come through.


Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 10:11:21 -0600


Mind operations are totally electromagnetic, but just employing time-polarized EM waves and time-polarized (scalar) photons. Electrical engineering does not use these at all, but they appear in quantum field theory. The common old scalar potential (voltage), e.g., is a combination of time-polarized EM waves (energy oscillating in the time domain) and longitudinal EM waves in 3-space. Neither wave of itself is individually observable A strong argument for the combination of the scalar and longitudinal photon being observable as the instantaneous scalar potential is given by Mandl and Shaw, Quantum Field Theory, Wiley, 1984, Chap. 5.

In 2000 I used this fact to finally solve the long-vexing problem of the source charge and its associated EM fields and potentials over all space. The charge continuously received EM energy from the time domain, transduces it into 3-space, and in normal language then pours it out continuously in all directions in 3-space. It appears that the "time-energy to space-energy" transduction is the function of the negative charge, while "space-energy transduction to time-energy" is the function of the positive charge. If so, then there is a most interesting dual energy circulation loop between space and time, via the negative electrons of the atom to the internal positive charges. Then if we add the mind-body loops, mind and body actually participate in everything going on in local spacetime, and also with all spacetime subject to that special dynamics.

It follows then that, if there are COHERENT mind (time-polarized EM energy) changes in lots of minds, that coherence will coherently sum over time and will appear as ordered signals in the presence of noise or randomness --- in short, as chaos. That is because the electrons in detectors detecting the disorder (the randomness) will also be transducing and detecting that coherent presence of sufficient "time-polarized mind electromagnetics" to provide a clear distinction of the overall signal.

This is the old "coming events cast their shadows before" conundrum. There is a real physics involved.

Once one connects mind operations to time-polarized EM waves and photons, then there is a somewhat straightforward dual mechanism that (1) connects mind operations to the body, and (2) connects body changes to the mind. Both mechanisms are directly engineerable.

This is actually a science already secretly developed to quite an extent by the KGB in Russia, and it is the third branch of energetics, known as psychoenergetics. For some decades the KGB has used the open Russian academic community to deceive the West into thinking that psychoenergetics is just Western parapsychology. It isn't, but instead it is a branch of very advanced science all to itself.

Indeed, the hostile use of this science has been tested over and in the United States. These are the incidents of (1) Captain Button in his A-10 weird flight and crash while under total mind control from a distant KGB weapons complex, (2) about two months later, Captain Svoboda from the same Wing, rising from ordnance delivery at night on a range target, suddenly had her sense of up and down reversed. Perceiving she was diving, she instantly "corrected" and dove headlong into crash and death. (3) Captain Hess, out for a morning jog, suddenly veered off, sat down, and began repeatedly stabbing himself right in the torso, several times through the heart, and kept stabbing until he fell over and died. These were successful weapon demonstrations. There are probably others.

With the electromagnetics of the mind-body operations, suddenly there is very real physics substance to Jung's collective human unconscious mind and to Gaia, the "collective mind of all the Earth species". The coherence (such as by Jung's universal forms) fully justifies considering these "levels of mind" as living entities. And everything communicates in "unconscious" (massively parallel processing) fashion. Particularly when Kron's n-dimensional networks surrounding any "electrical circuit or action" is considered. Everything in the universe acts on each mind via that mechanism together with the body-mind coupling loop, and every mind acts on everything in the universe via that mechanism together with the mind-body coupling loop. Changing a field or potential in the mind-domain (in the fourth Minkowski axis) eventually affects every charge in the universe a little bit.

If enough minds have the same thoughts and "format" and intent, then there exists a coherence in the "many-minds to the detecting charges" of the universe -- at least in that volume of space with a radius equal to the speed of light multiplied by the time since they all gained that coherence.

Further, there are virtual state potentials just as there are observable state potentials. So changes in the virtual state potentials that are coherent, will coherently add. When that summation is sufficient to "break the quantum threshold" between virtual and observable, broken symmetry and "detection" occurs.

This period when the coherent signal in the virtual state is growing by coherent summation and continual iteration, I once called "kindling time". It is really a "time-charging" time.

So when there are substantial groups of folks with common intent, particularly vehement and highly conditioned intent, after a period of time those random detectors used by Princeton will indeed begin showing a "kindled extra component". We briefly sketched out the physics for it (the psychoenergetics).

The subject goes much deeper, but that is sufficient to explain the gist of the causal mechanism generating the Princeton results.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

The three events he mentions in paragraph 7 Tom believes were tests of Russian (KGB) scalar weapons tests used in psycho-energetics mode, which is to say longitudinal EM mind control, taking over a particular mind from afar using engineered scalar waves. See: Captain Button and Captain Svoboda.

In the above letter Bearden is pointing out that the collective unconscious is indeed a very physical thing to which this new physics applies. And just as a "mass mental event" like 911, if it passes a certain threshold, can have physical effects, so certain physical effects (e.g. engineered scalar wave) can have effects on the collective mind. Thus the collective unconscious can be engineered, changed, manipulated. This could even be beneficial in benign enlightened hands, but could obviously be devastating and horrible in evil-minded hands.

Let's look at a few more of Bearden's comments about "engineering" the collective unconscious. In another letter he has this to say:


"Indeed, to extend it a bit, all levels of mind can, in theory at least, be engineered as the technology develops. Already in the 1960s Lisitsyn revealed that the Soviets were being successful in the mind-engineering (psychoenergetics) area, being able to insert images, emotions, thoughts, etc. in a mind at a distance, including into the unconscious mind, and even able to control whether it would rise to consciousness or stay in the unconscious.

"The same science, as it develops, is in theory capable of directly engineering the collective unconscious. The party theoreticians still dominating the KGB (which changes name from time to time but the leopard does not change its spots) envision engineering the entire human collective unconscious mind, to change it so that we become something like an "ant" species, except for the "leader ants" who will be outside the "collective" and be masters of the world. It's eerily similar to what has been developed in the Star Trek series as the Borg concept. Except the Borg concept has been immersed in a normal EM type environment in the script, which won't work. With a higher symmetry EM script, it will indeed work.

"I once pointed out that this is a strange and eerie race -- to directly engineer the collective human unconscious and change the entire human species -- which our side doesn't even know exists, or that there is a race on at all.

"In my view, I can find no other counter except to also race to directly engineering the human collective unconscious, but only to just put in a few checks and balances that got left out of humans so as to allow more "software" (adaptive learning) than firmware (genetically engineered responses). E.g., when male deer struggle for territory, females, whatever, one eventually wins and the other, weakened to its limit, turns to flee. The other does not chase him down and kill him, though he is quite capable of doing so. It has nothing to do with morality; a genetic switch throws in the victor, to change his warlike behavior, so he stomps around, showing the females what a fine lad he is and how lucky they are, and gradually all the anger just dissolves.

"We need a "switch" so that if one person raises an axe to bury it in a fellow human's head, suddenly all the anger and motive etc. dies right there, and the axe is lowered. Understand, they can still disagree, but not murder one another.

"With a very fine line of such "trigger" responses back into everyone, one could in theory do something very similar to "building in the 10 commandments" in everyone. The only problem is, that is in a way "belling the cat". And the question is, who can be trusted to properly bell the cat?

"It isn't the KGB, and they are winning the race. Meanwhile, our own fellows don't know such a race even exists, and darn well don't want to even hear about such a preposterous thing.

"But yes, species engineering --- directly and electromagnetically -- is indeed possible, and is in crash research on this planet as we speak, but sadly the research is for entirely the wrong reasons. Nobody in his right mind wishes to be an ant-like human robot. But that appears to be what we are most likely headed for....

"If we are unlucky and the "bad guys" win the race, we will then have an interlude as an ant-like totally organized and controlled species, and then when the exempt Masters of the World that are not ants split and fight among themselves, they will use ant-humanity in their internecine warfare to destroy the biosphere, the planet, and humanity itself.

"This will all happen, one way or another, within the next 100 years, and possibly within the next 50.

"We shall need all the good luck that nature will give us, or that divine providence will grant us, depending on one's viewpoint."

Tom Bearden

At this point it is mainly important just to really let it sink in that this manipulation of collective mind is going to be a very real physical possibility in the near future, and that those working on developing this may not have the best intentions.

(As an aside, there is an interesting conundrum that arises with the attempt to manipulate the collective unconscious: how do the manipulators prevent themselves from being affected by the changes they are inducing in the collective mind?! They themselves will be affected! A way will have to be found to solve this dilemma).

In an article in a journal called "Explore" Bearden further elucidates this concept of manipulating the collective unconscious:

The Final Race for Direct Mind Control of the Entire Human Species

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapons scientists?because of their direct measurements and detections (and use) of t-polarized waves and LWs for decades?also understand that Jung's collective unconscious mind (of the entire human species) also has its own time-like operations and correlates, which one measures also when using t-polarization measurements and sorting it all out. The collective unconscious mind operations are buried several levels deeper inside the recursive Whittaker structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials.

"The KGB scientists also know that something very like Gaia? a collective unconscious mind for all species on earth?also exists, and they are striving to be able to sort out and measure that one as well. The Gaia operations are buried even deeper in the recursive structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials. If one reads some later books by Kaznacheyev,10 e.g , this human species unconscious mind aspect and the biosphere unconscious mind aspect emerges loud and clear, if one interpolates between the lines, so to speak. Actually, from day one, the Russian mind control scientists have had their eventual goal set upon this "deeper area of mind and possible mind control" of the entire human species.

"I am convinced that the KGB psychoenergetics scientists understand this deeper area. If they can learn to directly engineer the collective human species unconscious, they can then convert the human species easily into a sort of "ant" society, modeled along ideal Communism lines, except of course with an excluded "hierarchy at the top" running everything. The "ant society"?communist style?is still a variation of feudalism (all systems tend to feudalism or some form thereof).

"The KGB psychoenergetics weapon scientists are seriously pressing on toward that very goal. In my opinion they are not very far from it right now. It is simply a matter of developing sufficiently complex equipment to be able to directly engineer the time-domain substructuring at sufficiently deep levels. It is a doable, although it is very, very complex and very, very difficult. On the other hand, they have been at it for decades. Even in the 50s the Russians already had the old LIDA device,ll capable of inducing a catatonic trance-like state in a mammal?either a human or a cat,12 for example. Some versions of Russian mind control devices were used on Russian soldiers in the Afghan War to condition them for performance of merciless acts.13"

Now I don't mean to throw a wet blanket on the joyous enthusiasm in the above post regarding the 100th Monkey idea, but it is absolutely essential that we realize that the reality behind the 100th Monkey also means that the species awareness will be able to be manipulated in the future. Very much good could be done with that knowledge including hastening the 100th Monkey phenomena itself -- but WHO is to decide which manipulations should be made? The 100th Monkey Wave could be INDUCED, in other words. It would not be necessary to go all the way to the 100th Monkey, one could engineer the longitudinal waves of mind to make it happen overnight, at any time! What then?

It is an interesting thought experiment to try to imagine the kinds of things one might WANT to induce. What changes would YOU make to the collective unconscious? Inborn respect for all living things? A deep feeling in every single person that murder was wrong? An aversion to war? (One has to be very careful doesn't one? Are some wars necessary to stop evil?) These engineered changes would be things that everyone simply felt, intuitively, from within. Who on earth is so wise and enlightened as to make these decisions? One would like, perhaps, to instil a higher consciousness itself into the collective unconscious, the divine sense of the sacred, an appreciation of the whole, perhaps even direct awareness of God. But who would have the wisdom to do that in a pure way, without introducing secondary effects and errors? This is an uncharted land, and the dangers are many in the manipulation of the species mind.

I'd be happy to hear from readers with suggestions about what GOOD things might be done with this technology in the future, or whether it should be done at all. Certainly it is quite easy to think about the terrible things that could and may be done, such as enslavement into a kind of "hive" society. But could this be used in a beneficial way? As Bearden points out it is kind of a race in any case, because the "bad guys" have already started working on it, and if something is not done to counter the evil intentions we may indeed wind up in an "ant world."