Safe Places, Earth Changes, and Gordon Scallion
by Bill Morgan

Tales abound of an impending apocalypse of one kind or another, a worldwide disaster, a looming catastrophe. One group sees an inbound rogue planet, Planet-X, whose perterbation will cause the earth to quake massively, and in the destruction, the collapse of civilization. Others have hailed signs and markers which failed later on, like the Hale-Bopp stories and the truly mad Heaven's Gate cult who killed themselves for a supposed ride on that comet.

Out of the lot of that there is one that stands out to me as at least truly sincere and honestly spoken, although his prophesies about coming earth changes also failed to hit the mark as far as timeline goes, and that is Gordon Scallion. For nearly a decade now Scallion has described the psychic visions he has had about the globe we live on and tremendous, really mind-boggling changes it is about to go through.

Scallion's life experiences bear in common with another inexplicable and sincere American prophet, Edgar Cayce. For both of them the sudden appearance of an amazing gift and ability after being struck with loss of speach. For Scallion it was several days in the hospital, during which he had his first psychic vision. He saw future events passing before him on what he described as TV sets, inner TV sets. And he saw a shining woman who explained the coming of this new ability. After he regained the power of speach the visions continued.

Again like Edgar Cayce, he went through a period where he was able to psychically diagnose disease and prescribe treatment, even at-a-distance. He was a reluctant prophet from the beginning. In the first case a desparate man had brought his young son who was dying inexplicably. The doctors had given up. Scallion was very reluctant to try this at first, not wanting to assume such a power, if it existed, or the heavy responsibility that came with it. Yet as the man protested and pleaded I guess the psychic vision was suddenly there and he could understand what was wrong with the boy and what would make him well again. How could he withhold such a thing?

This led to a long period of Cayce-like psychic diagnoses and treatments. I think it was several years. And then the visons changed again. It it was not the physical body of a man or woman he saw before him, but the body of earth. And he saw that the earth was sick. He saw that a kind of bubble or bulge had occurred at the earth's core, some mass had moved and it was leading toward a wobble. And he saw that the wobble was going to lead soon to massive rearrangements of the crust on top: the reshaping of the continents, as has certainly happened many times in the ancient ancient times. So he now saw on his inner TV sets, bit by bit, the exact shape of the continents as they would be when all the trembling was done.

The visions would consume him when they came as it was a kind of a trance, in the same way Cayce would "go to sleep" before his visions would commence. And it was probabilities that he was seeing, on several "TV sets" until the probability had become a certainty and the there was only one "TV set" left.

He has always said that determining the timeline of these visions was very difficult. He would see scenes of something coming soon, but he had no way of knowing what year it was. For example he would see visions of future newscasts, and have to try to tell by clues like clothing and cars what year it might be. So I can see that the Scallion's prophecies could be accurate except for the timeline.

He says we can expect a rapid increase of earthquakes in the 8.0 richter region, moving on to even 9.0 earthquakes and greater. Eventually the crust slides altogether over the surface of the inner earth, and huge areas of land are submerged under water, with other large areas of new earth rising from the sea. In the process the poles are shifted, though I am still not sure what that means. (Remember that wobble at the core?)

Scallion's map is fascinating and fun to study even if it never comes true. It is truly a vision of a world we do not know, a world that might be. Did we think that just because we humans are established here now, that all instance of future geological upheaval had been called off? We look at the jagged faces of huge mountains and are told by geologists that they were pushed up from the seabed. How did that happen?

I got his big map and hung it on my wall for awhile. I found it to be somewhat mind-altering to stand and study it for a while. If nothing else it gives you the spooky feeling that everything could suddenly become totally different, that the earth has not always been as it is now.

The map shows the continents as they will be, with the old shape (current shape) outlined in white. Needless to say, this is just about the ultimate disaster vision one might have. Say goodbye to all major cities within 80 miles of a coastline. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, all will be underwater. Much of northern Europe is gone. All of California is gone except for some islands. In the search for "safe places" I guess this map is as good as another. Although it is hard to call "safe" a place that has suffered massive destruction from the quakes, a collapse of society, if not civilization, shortage of food, water, medical care. I guess the survivors would be "camping out" for quite a while. Probably water is the most important factor if "safe place" is on your mind.

If things do transpire according to Gordon Scallion's delayed timeline all bets on anything are off. It would be the end of one era and the beginning of another. We could expect the really big quakes to start any time soon, and in fact Alaska had an 8.0 quake a couple weeks ago. Has the sequence of events he outlined for the late nineties be happening now?

Of one thing I am certain. Gordon Scallion is not a scam artist, not a fool, not a fraud, but a man who to whom a kind of profound gift was given, the giving of which pulled him from the world of a businessman, and on to the spiritual path. We do not expect 20-20 vision of everyman's physical eyes, and I suspect the same is true of inner vision. Certainly the Future Map is a horrifying thing to contemplate for the average person, and is not likely to gain too many followers for that reason. But I guess if the big quakes started happening, and I were suddenly looking for a "Safe Place," I'd take Scallion's map any day.

You can study a low resolution version of the map here, at Scallion's Matrix Institute:




I don't blame you for not wanting to go with this one. This one makes all conspiracies like NWO and KGB and this faction and that faction totally moot. That will be the end of all that. Life will be about sheer survival as it once was long ago in our anscestry, and is in fact now in most of the world. If the earth-changes ever comes true that is pretty much the end of all conspiracies because it will be total devastation and destruction of all that is built up.

One can laugh off the idea of such total geological change ever happening, but I am sorry to say there is a new and very sinister factor arriving on the scene, one that could make the likelihood of severe earth changes a great deal more possible, and a pessimist might say almost inevitable. This factor is the proliferation of scalar electromagnetic superweapons of such power that they could split the earth in two. That was the statement of Nikola Tesla who first realized the possibility and the method, and his vision has come true with the invention of the longitudinal wave interferometer, or the Tesla Howitzer.

Indeed, with this kind of power now in the hands of men, the chance of a mishap of scalar weapons triggering a sequence of events such as Scallion describes is orders of magnitude more likely than a "natural" occurrence of same. Because the weapons which Tesla said were possible, and which are now existing, could indeed split the earth in two. Worse, they could upset the delicate scalar energy balance of earth and sun and cause solar storms that would wipe out all life on earth.

Sometimes we are reluctant to face such huge forces, which could in days dash all our favorite conspiracies to a bunch of stuff and nonsense, concepts and thoughts. All the vanity of man is exposed before such forces as a fool's bravado, preposterous intentions and assumptions.

Don't worry if Scallion scares you. He scared me too, until I accepted the possibility, and made my peace with it. It is the ultimate scare. If you can face that, the shenanigans of men begin to be seen in a wiser perspective.