Scalar Heaven or Hell:

by Bill Morgan

Worlds beyond the daily affairs in human consciousness on earth, there are worlds we cannot dream of. There is in this "I Am" that I am, a tribe, I am a Tribe within me, the voices of many, our criss-crossed thoughts intermingling: this tribe, I feel, is the "collective unconscious," an entity of the time dimension, and it is within us, and two dimensions beyond our 3-D world. Infolded into the time domain two times, which is to say a world beyond our ordinary consciousness.

Mind is of the time domain, it is "time-like," it is a scalar electromagnetic manifestation. If the mind is in fact a scalar phenomenon, then it might be able to feel a contact from other scalar phenomena, and be influenced by them. If Tom Bearden's scalar electromagnetic theory is correct, then mind-influencing and mind-reading devices are possible. And in fact they are already built and operable.

If scalar scientist Tom Bearden is correct, then the whole world is facing a dire new crisis. Then we have entered the terrifying new reality of mass mind control. If in fact they have already mastered the remote control of a man's mind, causing, via scalar interferometry, thoughts to arise in the mind of that man, which he considers to be his own thought, then all mankind including our collective unconscious faces terrible possibilities from this new and secret science being used in an evil way.

Because the mind is scalar, in its contact with the Time Domain, only scalar electromagnetic interferometry works at the level of the mind itself. And it must work beautifully! Like the other powers of scalar electromagnetism it is a phenomenon that could be used to immense good, if used by good people. But as always in man's history it seems the "bad guys" get a hold of everything first. When used in psychoenergetics mode the interference patterns in the interference zone of the longitudinal waves are the very stuff of mind itself, and so they can be very precise and strong. Their powers range from hypnogogic trance to the "entrained mind," to feeling a strong intent, to an obsession to do an act, to confusion, to a deep induced sleep, or a dreamlike state, or all the way up to psychotic and deranged, or even a triggering of the very pleasure center of the brain itself. Bliss or psychic hell at the flip of a switch.

I believe Bearden has stumbled upon an entirely new way to understand what everything is, not only the world of matter but also the energy of the void, the ocean of the time domain filled with these immaterial "longitudinal waves." And it is the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. It is exploding with an incredible new array of possibilities of things never dreamed of, and it must be surrendered now, from the secret organizations which possess this technology, for the betterment of all the People of the earth. Not to release this knowledge is a tremendous crime against humanity.

It must be always be remembered that the psychoenergetics weapons can bring a true new wave of beneficent possibilities. The science of electromagnetic healing of the human mind is a science yet to born. Patterns can found to help the mind heal, perhaps analogously to the time-reversal in the physical cells in the parallel field of bioenergetics. Perhaps the mind can also undergo a kind of time-reversal, to a previous and more healthy state of mind. It should be easily possible to have settings that, when activated, all minds within the interference zone would feel keenly awake, refreshed, empty of sadness, at one's very best. Think of that!

And there could be patterns to produce various healthy "psychedelic states," so that people would not want use drugs. The scalar wave "toys" could be very well eliminate most drug use around the world. Portable interferometers would give current drug users a "hit" of the desired state of consciousness, and thus obviate the need for drugs. You could have a pair of interferometer antennae strapped to your hands and thus alter the scalar patterns, in your mind, by the movement of your hands. All of this would simply feel like "your" mind. Dancing with such a device would be very interesting.

Another possibly pleasant, possibly frightening application might be this: A Scalar Mind-Dome Dance Floor. Multiple interferometers completely surround the floor (Mind Channels). Everyone wears a light battery operated headset. The headset contains its own interferometer to read the scalar patterns of the dancer's mind and broadcast it to the computers of the main big interferometers. Here they are sent (or not sent) out over the dancers on the big round dance floor. In the headset receiver there are channels (the main interferometers) which can be turned on and off on the headset.. So one can dance and feel oneself to be another, to have the others' thoughts arising in my self. But I will  think that the others' thoughts are my own!! (And lovers will turn all the others off!) And with all the channels on, no man on earth has yet experienced what that will be like. All the others are in my mind?! I am all the others?!

Indeed the new field Psychoenergetic Entertainment is yet to be born. It exists already in the minds of visionaries, but certain negative scalar mind-influencing devices already exist and are operating secretly. (Instead of building psychic weapons first, I wish they had invented Psychoenergetic Entertainment instead. 

Another application would a kind of mind-meld Holodeck, as in Star Trek. One could go on adventures with friends. Computer games where you actually enter the rooms in a trance-like space and you can hear the thoughts of your friends as you explore the inner mental patterns.

I am suggesting these applications just off the top of the head as examples of slightly positive and beneficial possibilities of benign use of new discovery of the engineerability of the time domain. One needs to remember these positive possibilities to offset the "TERROR OF THE SITUATION," the other frightening things that are now possible, and in fact being done.

Bearden recounts The Strange Case of Captain Button in his A-10 "Warthog" aircraft on April 2, 1997:

"Over Arizona, Captain Button was thrown into a hypnogogic state, and his perceptions instantly altered and controlled. In his instant "dream-waking" state, everything seemed perfectly normal. His sense of direction was altered a bit more than 90 degrees, so he simply corrected and turned and "flew toward the range", actually flying off course by more than 90 degrees and ignoring radio contacts. He flew right on out of Arizona."

"At one point he circled, probably thinking he was over the range, and he probably dropped his ordnance there. Then he "flew on back toward home," as he thought in his waking dream state, until his fuel ran out and he crashed and died in the explosion—dream-thinking until he died that everything was normal. All the while, his sense of the passage of time was altered. To him, in his dream-thinking, dream-acting state, everything was normal and nothing untoward had happened. So the distant KGB transmitters and associated psychoenergetics team controlled him for over an hour.


If indeed the strange case of Captain Buttons was a Soviet test of a longitudinal interferometer in psychoenergetics mode, then the possibility exists now to, say, make everyone in New York City suddenly fall down asleep; or remain awake, but in a deep hypnotic trance! If this were timed with instructions, suddenly broadcasting on all media, the result could be phenomenal. Suddenly everyone in the city starts going to a specified place! Suppose it was Sheep's Meadow in Central Park? Very fast there would be a crowd there filling the whole place! Intent would be felt in everyone's mind to board one of the waiting buses... and so on. As far as anything else goes, you would feel fine. You would feel that everything was going on correctly and that nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Now consider that there is an uprising of some kind. The masters of scalar weapons can take care of that very nicely. If it is a local affair, the twin antennae trucks arrive and arrange their positions to place the interference zone over the rioting crowd. Or it is done by remote interferometers targeting its exact latitude and longitude of that place. Known (empirical) patterns for, say, "Everything's Nice and Peaceful", and "I Want to Go Home" are placed onto the interference zone triggering those thought patterns to arise (resonate) in all the minds in the target zone.

Psychoenergetics ushers in a new age in which the total control of mass populations is now made possible using longitudinal waves, the waves the mind itself uses in its natural operations. These new pyschoenergetic weapons can bring humans a heaven, or they can bring a mental hell.

The most obvious evil-genius first-level scheme might be to have everyone in the many giant target areas feel that everything is okay. A cautious first step. Nobody is worried about anything except the regular stuff they are to do. Thus do we broadcast apathy. To get the populace used to things we are going to do we simply broadcast the idea of that thing a bit in advance of the changes that are coming. That way nobody minds what we are doing. It was all foreseen and seems normal.

[The longitudinal patterns are obtained by empirical readings from various volunteers, who enter and experience the feeling, are recorded. Patterns from many people are read and then mathematically combined.]

After doing all that you might want to set several interferometers set very wide and broadcasting an overall light feeling of fear. Also a continuous light hypnotic state of suggestibility. (Now you can say: The people are sleeping?) You are well on your way to creating a kind of human ant-world. All the workers are hard working and enjoy doing that. (Remember, to keep peace, everyone enjoys what they are doing).

[The controllers are in special elite Free Zones where the waves are not broadcast].

Supposing Russia just won a scalar war against the United States and was proceeding to take over by doing the aforementioned things. They had begun early one morning, and within 15 minutes all the centralized electrical power-hubs were put well out of business and North America was without power all at once, and for months to come. Then they had rendered all our missiles inoperable in their silos. If any missile was missed or was fired it was detected by the Russians' Woodpecker Grid and put out of commission with the same scalar interferometers. Over all military bases they had induced hypnogogic trance and all the personnel were sitting quietly, doing nothing. America is instantly rendered to its knees and is powerless. Energetics combined with psychoenergetics is an unbeatable weapon.

Length of this World War: a few hours, a day at the most. Depending on whether takeover was desired, or mere destruction.

And after the war the psychoenergetics really begins, to render the defeated Americans into being docile, submitting, obedient, suggestible, fearful, and with all that, happy in a dopey kind of way.

The broadcasting of memes directly electromagnetically to a whole populace at once is a fearsome power to have. You could make the whole nation come and bow at your feet if you wanted to. There are very many disastrous things that could be done, and may be done in the near future. The possibilities so boggle the mind that one hesitates to continue the train of thought.

Beyond these basic examples there is an even more terrifying realm which involves the direct engineering of the world-wide juman collective unconscious itself. Tampering with what we are as a species directly, and influencing what we inherit. The very sense of presence of the species itself could be altered in many ways, "from the inside out" so to speak. The thought of having the power to do this makes me tremble. I tremble for us all. 

Will we just simply wake up changed one day? One day like any other day but everything is changed in our minds? Without knowing it, overnight, we have been programmed to be living robots, uncomplaining servants of The Empire. What is the defense of my mind against an attack like that? It would appear I would be unable to ward off the silent slippage in the mind into robotic control. The things made possible by the advent of psychoenergetics are far beyond what Huxley or Orwell were able to imagine in their morose tomes.

Perhaps that is key to the real "Jedi Training." To have such self awareness and control of one's mind as to be beyond the reach of these new "Psycho-howitzers." Like the Zen Buddhist monk already be functioning one dimension beyond our own. (And thus their moves may sometimes appear incomprehensible, as in Castaneda's figure of Don Juan). The  coming true High Jedi Knight will have been trained using powerful interferometers, and will have raised his resistance to induced thought to a great degree. Such people could move in and out of the interference zones without succumbing.

On the black market you will be able to buy a headset or helmet which will nullify the broadcasts of the interferometers. These will probably be declared totally illegal, and the people in the interference zone, of course, will be thinking: "Yes, they should be illegal. We ALL need to just settle down." 

So the Jedi may sometimes use helmets, or sometimes the power of their own mental training.

Give up about ever hearing anything about all of this in the Corporate Media or in the Mainstream Press. Those are the very companies trying to keep all this secret. They don't want it known that it is now possible to alter the mental state from a remote location using scalar waves. Perhaps they feel that at the current time the human race could not bear knowing that. The use of it will be upon us before we have even realized it and become convinced of the possibility.

There is a further disastrous device which has been invented and deployed in Russia and perhaps other places. It is called the Quantum Potential Weapon. Bearden says little about it, or is not allowed to say. He says he is still trying to figure it out. He says it can be used to "broadcast" even physical disease over a wide populace without the need of the infectious organism itself. I have no idea what it is or how it works. It is probably even more mind-boggling than the longitudinal interferometers.

And that is how we are entering this Brave New World in 2003. At the scalar level it looks quite different from the silly version of reality projected by mainstream media. It is a murky world of maneuvering among the various possessors of these new instruments. Let us hope that the worst of the possibilities will be avoided somehow, because it might not just alter what is around us, our life, but what are, as people, itself.