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I first met Baba on Jan. 5th 1974. From the very first moment I felt he was a man of another order altogether. His eyes had a shine, a light in the eyes. He was completely spontaneous. Sometimes he would be like a child, seeking reassurance and making fun. Othertimes he could become serious with spiritual truths. There was no telling which way a day would go. It seemed anything at all could happened.

For two nights after I saw him for the first time I had extraordinary dreams concerning him. These were those kind of dreams you just wake up from suddenly, with all the details remembered. From these dreams I knew I should stay as long as possible with Baba.

I loved him overwhelmingly. He was the answer to my heart's prayers. Here I am on the steps of Sri Ramakrishna's room.

At Sri Ramakrishna's room in Dakshineshwar

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Daze in the Son
A young man's search for the Avatar

This is a book in progress of my adventures with Baba. Always under construction.

A Journey in Friendship
Here are some stories about my meetings with a remarkable woman, Vimala Thakar. I must say, for sure, she was one of the deepest influences in my life, along with Baba. I thought about her and the words she had spoken to me endlessly throughout my journey.

Poem for Baba
Tonmoyananda sings!

Baba's letters to me

Selected Poems

Chanting 1973

Essays 2000-2005
Some essays I have written

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