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Some Talks by Baba
What is the Guru?
Baba tells some stories to show the true meaning of the word "guru."
What is Peace?
True peace is not obtainable in the outer world, it is within.
(Includes a RealAudio excerpt with subtitles)
What is Holi?
Baba speaks about the meaning of the Hindu spring festival called "Holi."
(Includes a RealAudio excerpt with subtitles)
The Toilet Sweeper
A powerful Queen learns a lesson in devotion from her humble servant.
Jai Guru
A spontaneous conversation in America about spiritual life.
Guru to Gita
Baba gives advice to a disciple named "Gita."
Baba and Pradeep
Baba speaks with a young disciple named "Pradeep."
Baba gives a short talk on Sri Ramakrishna's birthday.
Baba in his own words
Baba talks about some of the events in his life.
Ashram Speech
Baba gives a talk at his Ramanathpur ashram
Farewell to America
Baba gathers the disciples in America as he prepares to return to India
New Translations
These are some unedited raw translations from tapes
Tape Synopses
Synopses of some tapes recorded in 1976
Some Quotes of Baba
Some quotes from the translation of Baba's tapes
Maxims of Baba
Some Maxims of the Guru