Rumor Mill Writer
Billym's Little Web Article Writer's Program

This little freeware program was written for writer's who write for the web and who post to forums on the web. It helps format text for those purposes and allows you put HTML formatting tags on your text.  New Help page here

Download this program here (Installer)

or download as ZIP file here


This help file introduces the program and its functions.

1. The windows and panels - Navigation
2. Text Operations - Cleaning up your text
3. HTML Operations - Adding formatting tags
4. File Finder - Navigating your disk
5. The Built-in Browser
6. Doing a Web Search
7. Setting your Color Scheme - The Colors panel
8. Cull Words and Hot Words - A strange little feature
9. The Memos - Ten files at your fingertips
A couple of tips: The program also has the ability to use RTF (rich text formatting) in which you can format the piece of writing on the screen. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FORMATTING (HTML) OF YOUR POST. For posting on the forum it is best to ignore that aspect altogether and ONLY work in plain text. In retrospect I should have left it out probably.

There is a button for RichText or Plain Text... always use plain text. Important: when you save you piece it asks you "rich text or plain text" - always choose plain text to save your file.