You too, can make fascinating Acrostic puzzles!
Acrostic 3.0
The finest Acrostic puzzle maker on the planet!

Download Acrostic 3 here!

All your important puzzle data is always visible!
Watch your vowel count, vowel percent, letters remaining, letter distribution

Brute force search for the final three words in the puzzle!!

Acrostic 3 is an acrostic constructor's dream. There are many new features:

  • Heuristic search to find fit for final 3 words

  • Alpha, Rank and Number sort for character pool

  • Quick Hot-Keys for main program operations

  • Customizable Printing of puzzles

  • Choose your own fonts, fontsizes, style!

  • Conditions engine: Easily set conditions on dictionary searches!

  • Print puzzle grid, clues, or both

  • Can make very large full page puzzles!

  • Prints instructions on puzzle if you choose

  • All files used by program are OPEN text format, easily emailed, or can be used by other programmers

  • Comes with Dictionary!

  • Makes "legal" puzzles

  • Letter distribution tool for "balancing" word mapping

  • Makes Bitmap of puzzle grid!


  • Comes with these tools for a complete Puzzle Making Suite:

    Word List Manager
    Build your own topical word lists
    Text File Manager
    Keep track of text files
    Solver Program
    Send puzzles & solver to a friend!
    Puzzle File Report program
    Keep track of all the puzzles you make!



Puzzle Grid maker lets you format your puzzle, set the fonts, print puzzle

and NEW Solver 3!
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