Billym's Forum Posting Utilities

Here are three little programs I wrote to facilitate writing articles for the Internet and posting such articles to forums. They work especially well for forums using WebBBS such as two I post to: Rumor Mill News and Surfing the Apocalypse. I use them all the time.

These programs are for Windows PCs only.

Links and descriptions

1. Paragraph Program

This was my first effort. It started out because I kept wanting to include stuff from emails in my posts, but often emails use fixed line lengths and when pasted they do not wordwrap properly in the forums and come out almost unreadable. The button called "Format Paragraphs with Blank Lines" took care of that.

Then I went on to add other features. Since WebBBS forums (and others) accept HTML tags I made a way to add these tags to the text of articles, allowing the easy formatting of forum posts. And then I added other features. The following link takes you to a page where you can read about and download this program.

Download Paragraph Program here

2. Rumor Mill Writer

This was my second effort. It is a complete rewrite of the Paragraph program adding many features including 10 extra memo writers for keeping text you want to quote from (cut and paste). It also has a built in mini web browser

Download Rumor Mill Writer here

3. GoogleScan

This is my latest effort. My aim was to use the Google API to make scanning through Google search results much faster than Google's own search page, and to make a way to assemble collections of desired links in new HTML pages.

You enter your search terms and the program gathers many pages worth of Google results at once and lets you scan through the headers and descriptions very fast, navigating to the pages in the built in browser if you choose. At any time you can add a page to a "Master list" of pages which can then be converted to a web page of links to all the pages you have chosen. This is a work in progress but greatly speeds up Internet research.

The pages of links you make can then be loaded into any browser, letting you return to you chosen pages quickly and easily. Added features are the ability to make an "MHT" file of any page and email it as an attachment to someone. An "MHT" file is a single webpage file which contains all the pictures on the page and has an ".mht" extension.

Download GoogleScan here