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July 24, 1976

When Baba arrived in Premamayi’s house, he found the group is full of people in bhakti bhava. He said it is only possible by blessings of God, which is very precious. He said, "I have come to this place with the help of Sanatkumar on our way. Seeing Premamayi’s love, he is very happy. His disciples Premananda, Gynanananda, and Bhavananda full of bhakhi bhava to God.

Baba said, "Premamoyi’s house is very nice. Everybody is thinking of Sridhar. They are doing Harinam Sankirtan very nicely."

He said, "I have come on this happy day. Everybody is rejoicing. Nobody has forgot his own mind, and is experiencing madhurya bhava. Yogananda is singing beautifully. Jnanananda is clapping his hands to encourage them. Premananda is dancing beautifully."

Baba said, "Now I have come to America. People have happiness in their hearts. They do not understand each other’s language; they do not know each other, but say ‘Hari’ very beautiful. Their minds say God is in every heart. Goodness in Premamoyi is evident when I entered in the house. When I heard her name, I felt like a song in my heart.

Premananda is playing a guitar. Yogananda is clapping his hands:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare, Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Rama, Rama, Hare Hare.

The song flew love in every heart. This feeling is very beautiful. One disciple asked, "Please tell us about Sanatana Dharma."

Baba wanted to say in his own way. Dhyana in every way is called sandhya. When a sadhu sitting and concentrating on dhyana it is called sandhya.Yogananda and Premananda are feeling emotional love of bhakti and jnana.

Baba said, "America is free now for 200 years. What is the meaning of 200 years? Two is Jivatma and Paramatma. And Pancha Tattva body is khitti, oup, tet, marut, bom. Mind is kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya. American is free now with these sadhanas, well controlled.

Both hands come together, two hands, two zeros. Two hundred sadhanas and when the mind is in Adya Chakra is called zero or sunya." Om … concentrate on Aksara Brahma."

"I have come to America in auspicious graha. Kulu kundalini, the power you cultivate through meditation, comes from the inner part of your body.

Then he said: "The meaning of America is this: Ami ("I") means Brahma (creator). According to the Vedas, 'Ritam means Tasmat Ritam Satyam Brahman.' Ritam means which does not die and is present here ages after ages, which is called sanatana, when one is mingled with sunya (empty) mind."

There is flow of joy in every house. America has freedom all these years which gives enjoyment everywhere. Yogis will get their dibyachkhyma.

Today is a very auspicious day. There are heavenly voices crying out to keep alive Sanatana Dharma. Crowds of disciples are gathering in Premamoyi’s house to be part of this auspicious occasion.

Premamoyi is Mahamoyee and Jaganmoyee. She worked unbelievably hard which is difficult to describe in words, nor can describe her innumerable qualities. I don’t know how she arranged all this to make this such a tremendous success. Prematativa is a very secret affair. Those who know it become great persons. No obstacle can prevent her doing what she wants to do. She works very hard to achieve it.

It is very difficult to comprehend it. I think these people have been Hindu in their previous life and have come in this life to rouse Sanatana Dharma. People in India are blind in their religious views. They have closed the door of Hindu religion so that nobody can enter inside it.

When Premamoyi went to Jagganath Temple she said to Baba, "You go inside the temple when I shall see you when you get back. I will feel as if I have seen it myself!" When Baba came back, she said, "Baba, have you seen Trimurti!" So saying, she made pranam to me, and she was fully satisfied.

Now she brought her best friend and introduced her to me. Baba said seeing her "Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti. You are a good girl. May God bless you and bless all." Then Baba looked at another Bhakta and said, "You are sitting quietly; you have a good heart full of love. So, I am naming you Uttamkumar. You are a very good friend, and thank you for coming."

He said, "I am glad my heart is in right place. We are trying to have a spiritual life as we already have a material life."

Baba said, "Do you meditate now or before?"

He said, "He meditates sometimes."

Baba said, "You think all the time you meditate and then you will develop dibya Cakhyna."

Then he asked him what he knows about Hindu religion.

India has many religions, one of them is Hindu. Uttam says that he does not know much about Hinduism and knows a little about Christianity.

Baba said, "He has a good mind, controlled instincts and is a good worker. He likes good speeches, mind is steady, no impurities there.

"What if he does not chant Hares Krishna all the time?" Uttamkumar introduced his friend Urich to Baba. Baba liked him also.

Baba told a story that a great man, Guru Nanak, went to a Masjid and relaxed there sitting with stretched legs. The Manlari of Masjid came and said, "He should not stretch legs in front of Allah!" But, he said, "Allah is everywhere, so where shall I put my legs? And then went away. But here you sit relaxed, and don’t feel God will be angry. Do not worry about this."

Then he asked about Uttamkumar’s profession and was told that he works in science lab. Baba said, "Science is a special knowledge, so his name is proper name. Yesterday when he arrived at the airport, he said, "I feel quite at home at airport, and feeling at home here also." Then disciple said, "Welcome home, Swagatam."

One disciple from Jamaica, West Indies, was in the group. Baba said,

"Power is in God and fire power is in the match stick which you cannot see. When you rule match stick, you start the fire." He then said, "He has this power in him."

Then Baba learned that he is a printer, so he said, "This is also special knowledge by which scientific facts are known. So Urich is special, too."

Sister Athena brought her neighbor and introduced her to Baba. Baba concentrated on Om, and then said, "By God’s grace she is doing all these work."

Then Baba talked about the disciple who went to see him in India in his ashram. With no road there and with a lot of difficulty, he reached there and showed respect to Baba. Seeing a person bringing a bowl of water to cleanse his feet, he gave him a towel to dry his feet. Baba said that the towel is still with him in his ashram. He wrote him many letters full of bhakti bhava. So, he gave his name Bhavananda. Though he works hard, he always thinks about love of God.

Then Baba said everybody here works very hard for their jobs. Then he asked about anybody seen any other yogi from India, as they frequently come in America now. The disciples did not meet any of them. Then Baba concentrated on Om and after that blessed all of them. Then he asked about his interpreter and was glad to know that someone has agreed to do it if Madhusudan, the regular interpreter, will be away sightseeing.

Bhagavad Gita states that living entities have neither birth nor death according to the authoritative shastras. In Sanskrit, dharma refers to that which is constantly existing with a particular object. As fire has heat and light, like that essential part of living being has to be discovered which is constant. This constant companion is his eternal quality—his eternal religion.

Sri Sanatana Goswami asked Sri Chaitanya Mahapravu about swarupa of every living being. Lord said, "Swarupa is the constitutional portion rendering service to supreme power.

There is always service going on friend to friend, mother to son, husband to wife and visa versa. Rendering of service in Sanatana Dharma refers to activity which cannot be changed, eternally integrated with living being.

According to Sripad Ramanujacharya, without beginning to end is not sectarian (relating to a sect) as cannot be limited to any boundary. Sanatana Dharma is the business of all people of the world—all the living entities of the universe (as seen in the light of modern science). So, religion does not mean faith only which can be changed."

76 TC 4   (continued from TC 3)
July 25, 1976

Premananda said, "Sadhu teasing everybody, teasing the world. Sadhu is playing with everybody."

Baba said, "Praise to Brahmamayi. So many people coming."

One disciple showed Baba the books on kali stotra and debi stotra. Muktananda Baba has written them.

"They take a lot of money," Baba said, "Don't worry about them. There are institutions like Haribol, Gawlia, Baisnava, Nabadwip, Mayapur, ISKON are very rich and expensive temples. Who will ask for maya money? They will lose true money.

Mother went in Guru Purnima, worshipped guru. People went on big road and brought people from there to make crowd. Mother gave money to children to play football, gave them forcibly. I did not not ask the amount.

When Brahmoyee came to me from Chandernagore to Howrah by a road by the side of the river Ganges, twenty years back. There were no good roads in those days. Sukdev Saha works in cement business. He helped to build the road there.

Kanai Goswami near Bhadreswar donated 4 acres of land for Temple Chandan, bought another 4 acres for that purpose. But that land is still there. Children playing on that vacant land.

Premananda said, "Is the ashram built well?"

Baba said, "House is well built now. New image of Radhakrishna has been placed there. There is no bathroom yet. If you all go, you will find a plain field there. Premanayi and Brahmamayi are not interested in expense account. They gave eight thousand rupees to Jiten Kundu. But there they spent sixteen thousand rupees to build my room, Radhakrishna temple room, and a room in front for the people.Temple is small, not big."

Premananda said, "You have done enough already, Mandir, your room and sankirtan room."

Baba said, "I like my pond and open field. I bathe in open space. They purchased soil three thousand rupees, brick three thousand rupees and labor cost six thousand rupees. We have made a circular Radhakrishna temple as designed. For dhyana and prayer, and for Guru Purnima worship." Srinivas wanted to know how Brahmamayi is doing. He wants to know about her welfare as soon as we can write letter to Srinibas. He is very much worried about us.

Baba said, "I feel so much joy today as if I will have samadhi now very soon. I feel high as one feels after drinking brandy."

76 TC 4 (continued from TC 3)
July 25, 1976

… Then Baba said, "Mother Teresa knows how to nurse sick people. She is working hard near Kalighat in Calcutta. She is cleaning urine and feces of sick people with her handkerchief and then lifting them, taking them to her hospital."

"Seeing this Brahmamayi started crying. Nobody wants to live in this world seeing their condition and their hard life. "

Premananda said, "If you start this, then Brahmamayi will start to describe about what you did for others."

Baba said, "Everybody can have spiritual feeling. It does not belong to castes or birth. Whoever wants to know the truth about spiritual knowledge becomes great and becomes God.

"Swami Vivekananda came here in America and let people know about Vedanta. Hindu people in India never think about this, here Americans worry about it. My interpreter is Madhusudan. So I inquire about him all the time. Now I cannot see him.

"I have meditated a long time for kundalini power, very big power this has. Then you can go through three granthis [knots]. You have to awake kundalini power very slowly.

"This power is covered inside spinal cord of our body which possesses great power. This power goes up very slowly, vibrating whole body. For this, you need asana and yoga sadhana.

"First, you have to sit quietly in your asana and keep your mind still. Then slowly you awake this power, once it awakens everything becomes easy.

"A lng time ago sadhus used to go to Himalayas to meditate for this power. Now-a-days there are many ashramas where you can get some quietness. There are many people who even do not know where this power lies.

Foreigners like you to India three to four months a year and stay there where there are no roads, no places to stay. Still Premananda, Nityananda, Jnanananda stay there, with all the hardship.

Some people get kundalini power within a short time, like some people can come to America in a day if they have money. To some other people it is impossible if they have no money, but still they accomplish to come here, because now they know the way to do it.

When you do yoga sadhana, keep two zeros together. Then you will get kundalini power. By the grace of guru, you will get the kundalini power. Without this grace, you will not get it. Only by the grace of guru you will know about kundalini power. One disciple asked Baba, "If you do pranayama, will you get it?" Baba said, "If you do pranayama, you have to leave many things." Then the disciple said, "My father and mother do pranayama at home." Baba said, "Let them do it. You still need time to strengthen your mind, then you can try it. Now it is not time for you to do it." Then he started reciting Sanskrit sloka:

Hari Darasan Ki Gati Tong
Gagan Sadrisham Tallva Masyadhi Lakhyam

Ekam Nityam Bimala Machalam, Sarbadhi Sakhyi
Bhabatitam Trigunrahitam Sadguru Twam 6 Lutam Namami

Ajnana Timirandhyastiya Jnanjana Salakaya
Chakhyu Nirmilatam Jena Tasmei Sri Gurabe Nama

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Gurudeba Maheswara
Guru Sakhyat Param Brahma Tasmie Sri Gurabe Nama

Om Hari, Om Hair, Hari Om.

One disciple asked, "Madhusudan was asking how to awaken kulakundalini. But, he went away never stayed." Here police van go making Om sound. So we call Om car is going ladies went away as their car came to take them. They reminded him about Puja. He thought about two female workers that came that day and inquired about their work schedule so that they will know it and work according to that."

76 TC 4 continued from TC 3
July 25, 1976

"You do not need big things to show that you have enough money to do it. What is God?

To ask about awakening of kundalini power is the question of a madman. I get bhava samadhi often and this leads to maha samadhi.

Premamoyi and Brahmamayi do not talk much, neither write letters often, sit quietly in satsanga groups in one corner. If Premananda, Jnanananda and Bhavananda sit in this group and listen, then they will learn a lot of things.

When you will know the feeling giddiness and your eyes pop up, then you will feel it yourself. This is not show for others to see. If you want to show this to people, you may turn yourself to stone.

"You have to hide your money, jewelry and other things so that people will not find the secret, like that your (soul) Jivatma is Param Brahman. You have to keep the secret very carefully. If you constantly talk about it, you will lose it."

His disciples started calling Baba for worship. But he is still thinking of dhyana, said, "Dhyana means shanti. Who does dhyana, he becomes quiet. He has everything. If he feels drowsy, he will have bhava samadhi. But he cannot be able to express what he saw.

Nityananda Mayan Jnanan Mama Caher Sarbesha Nidra.
Byaktana Param Brahman Rahitan Dhyana Ko Laban Bibhu.
Twam Samsara, Hantu Rajaran Bande Sriguru Nityam Muktim.

To those you can trust, you feel happy with them, you can spend your whole life with them. Om, Joy, Om. You trust in Bishnu completely. Firstly, you have to find way to sadhana and chanting of bhajaus. Then from sky will come plane to take you in road of faith to planets in the sky."

76 TC 5
July 26, 1976

We have to go by plane, a Prem plane, a road built by faith. The passengers in the plane are guru and his disciple. Just as the plane comes to America from Calcutta and goes to Calcutta from America. Plane also goes to different countries like England, Germany, and Hawaii. Hawaii plane will not go to Calcutta.

When plane is flying, you cannot see the path. But the plane is going on a path and will take you where you want to go. Prem will mingle in the planet and your love makes the travel. Your mind is traveling.

Friends become one and then everybody becomes one. Bhulok, Swallow, Janalok, Tapalok, Satyalok becomes tatsa bitur barenyam. You do not have to spend lavishly. You can get God in three places: in your mind, sitting and meditating in the corner of room and in the forest. Great faith in Him will take you to right path.

Baba said, "Once I kept a diary and wrote many things. World is unreal. Guru is real. Guru takes you to God and you become one with Him.

Experience of God found in three ways:

1) by sraddha,
2) by singing bhajan,
3) by meditation which stabilizes all.

"Some go to forest to meditate. Sadhana shown by guru helps in meditation. Faith is the most important thing. If you immerse yourself in dhyana, divine light speads like moonlight, rays emanate."

"To suppress others, you have to chant Hari Om, Hari Om. By chanting this, you will have samadhi. If you want Brahmananda, you need others. If you need Janananda, you need Nityananda. If you want Premananda, you need Bhavananda."

"If you start knowing a beautiful girl, you want to meet her often and you want to be near her all the time, knowing that she will return your love. Spiritual life is like this, then you will get Him. If you love your guru like this, you will get God."

"In worldly life, wife asks her husband to take her to movies, husband goes to movies with her to make her happy. "

"Thakur Ramakrishna once said to Girish Ghosh, 'Girish, I will be your wife! I will pour your drink in the glass for you to drink, and then will you love me?'

"And then he dressed like a woman putting the sari over his head and said, 'How do I look?' "

"You have to love like this! You start love and faith to God. Then you will definitely get Him."

"Brahmamayi read a lot of books on Vedas, Vedanta, Upanishad and Samhita. She studied and discussed about them. Then she saw that everything takes you to God who is the only right thing. You start getting some knowledge through her experience."

"Those who know all this do not talk much. Those who do not know much talk a lot! "

Those who take gifts to Ramakrishna, he used to talk to them in an opposite way. Nati and Binodini are daughters of prostitutes, very good looking. They acted in theater with Girish which is not suppose to be a good career for women on those days. They used to read Sri Chaitanya charitamerita and recite them. When theater acting came to an end, Girish Ghosh said to them, "God Almightly has come to your door! Go to Him and ask his blessings!"

Binodini said, "I am unclean, how can I go to Him?" Still, she went. Thakur touched her and gave the mantra in her ear:

Hari Guru, Hari Guru, Hari Guru

Binodini was crying incessantly saying, "Thakur, you have saved me from a sinful life." Due to His grace, Nati and Binodini became Mahapremika.

76 TC 6 New Moon Puja
July 27, 1976

Hindu, Moslem, Christian all worship for the same destination—God. Saying that, Baba started for the Puja.

Om Jayanti Mangala Kali, Bhadrakali Kapalini
Durga, Siba, Ksamadhatri, Swaha, Svadha Namashik
Sarbamangalya Mangalye Sibe Sarbartha Sadhike
Saraneye Trambake Gauri Narayani Namastute.
Sristi Sthiti Binasinye Sarbabhute Sanatani
Gunasraye Gunamoyee Narayanee Namastute.
Saranagata Dinarta Paritrana Parayane 
Sarbasarte Hare Debi Narayani Namashite.
Hari Om Tat Sat, Om. . . . . .Ma.

After the worship and prayer, he started singing shyama sangeet:

De Ma Amaye Pagal Kare.
Kaj Nai Ma Amar Jnana Bichare.
Brahma Pagal, Sib Pagal, Ami Ekti Majar Pagal.
Pagal. . . . . . .Ami Ekti Pagal Chela
Viswa Pagal, Brahma Pagal, Ar Pagal Maheswar
Peyechhe Tomar Charan Jugal, Pagal Melar Khela.

Another song:

Sakali Tomari Ichha, Ichhamoyee Tara Tumi
Tomar Karma Tumi Kara Ma, Loke Bale Kari Ami
Panke Baddha Kara Kari, Panquke Langhao Giri
Kare Deha Brahmapada, Kare Karo Adhoqami
Ami Jantra, Tumi Jantri, Ami Ratha, Tumi Rathe
Ami Ghar, Tumi Gharani, Jemen Chalao Temni Chali.

Baba then said, "Sristi sthiti sanqharakarini---you do your own Puja ma."

Baba started singing another song:

Bal Ma Oma, Bal Ma Oma Ki Diye Pujiba Balo, Tomar Bishala Protima Tumi Bagbadini, Mantraswarupini, Veda-Vedanga Dharini Mago Tumi O-Kar, U-Kar, M-Kar, Bagbadini

Mago Tomar Nayan Kamal, Wudayakamal Kamal Bahu Shyama.
Chaturbargo Phal Pai Ma Tomai Puje.
Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksa.

Achhe Mor Samleal Ma Ai Nayauer Jal
Tai Badhiyechhe Indriya Sakal
Ki Di Ye Pujiba Shyama Bishala Protima

Charan Puja Kari Shyama
Karala Deadanam, Ghora
Muktakeshi, Chahu Bhuja

Kalika, Dakhina, Dibya, Mundathala Bibhusita..
Jagat Janani Ma Adyasakti Ma, Paramaprakriti
Anandamoyee Ma, Ananda Dao Ma Mone
Hridaye Das Ma Bhakti, Bahotte Dai Me Sakti

Mastake Dao Ma Mukti,
Caitanya Moyee Ma Caitanya Dao.
Jnaner Pradeep Dao Ma Jele
Mayar Bandhan De Ma Khule

Sthan dao ma charentale, ma esechhi ma.

I have come all the way from India to America. They have arranged the puja with plenty of flowers, fruits, sweets. Big marigolds and red flowers which I kept near Ma as she loves them. Ma Jayanti Mangalakali bhadrakali kapalini durga, diba ksama dhatri swaha, swadha namashik. Now others started coming to offer flowers to ma. Baba started another shyana sangeet:

Ma Ki Amar Kalo, Ma Ji Amar Jagat Janani
Ma Ki Amar Kalo Re Shyama Ma Ki Amar Kalo
Jagat Jude Sabai Mile Ma
Tomar Oi Charaner Das Dasi
Muktakeshi, Alokeshi, Oi Charane Ai Re Sabe

Ma Ki Amar Kalo
Ja Debi Sarbabhuteshu Matrirupena Samsthita
Namastasyee Namastasyee Namastasyee Nama Nama
Ja Debi Sarbabhuteshu Buddhirupena Samsthita
Namastasyee Namstasyee Namastasyee Nama Nama


76 TR #3 Tape I

Nati & Binodini come to Dakhineshar everyday from quite a long distance. If you have this much attraction to God like this, then only you will succeed. Today Baba is not feeling very well. So said to Premananda to do Puja the way done in his ashram.

Then Baba said, "When I feel unwell in Ramanathpur others worry a lot because there is no doctor there. The doctor is in Chanditala which is quite far. Road is not good, so it takes a long time for the doctor to come on this muddy road.

Baba again said, "I have seen everything in this world. I do not want to see anything more. I have promised to take care of marriage expense of one girl and if I do not do so, I may offend her. I don’t know.

I am thinking of Baitarani River, which is very big river with big waves. Big boats go through the river carrying men, cattle and carts, from shore to shore. This big river is synonymous to life where you need boat and people to pass your life safely."

One disciple came with apple cider to give to Baba, which she said is good for the heart.

Then Baba started telling a story about when Ramakrishna was telling Naren to go to the divine mother requesting from her gifts so that his family will not have so much hardship and poverty as they are experiencing now, after the sudden death of his father. "Ramakrishna urged him to go to Mother Bhavatarina, Mother Nistarini. Naren went to mother praying to give him Bhakti, Dibya Jnana, Dibya Prem, but could not ask for material thing. Then Thakur said, "You did not ask Ma anything for the family!

"You have a great work to do! You have to go to America for the uplift of your country. Mother asked you to go anyway. Here in America there are so many people of different cult: Saurava, Sakta, Vaisnava, Christian."

"Life of Jesus Christ can never be described in words. I do not have much book learning and have not practiced writing, so I may not be able to express very well.

"Jesus Christ said stretching his two arms towards God, even when people tortured and nailed Him, his five fingers of his stretched arm represented nation, Mahavidya, beauty, yuth, experience.

'They do not know what they are doing forgive them.' How great was his heart!

"Placing his heart between his two eyebrows again said, ‘God, bring about their change of heart!’"

"When Swami Vivekananda came to America, he had made this country pure. Other Mahayogis have come here. It shows that the great man will arrive here in the near future. My disciples brought me here. God is above word. It is impossible to describe Him. Word is sound and so is Brahman. Om shanti, Om shanti, Om shanti. When I read Kathamala, first volume, there is word 1500:"

1 means one God
5 means panchatattva
0 manipur one leg} you have to mingle
0 another leg is heart}this two in sunya.

"Rechak, Purak—these are two zeros.

Who has made thiese steady; he is anirbachaniya (beyond words).

Mon (mind) rakho bindu pare.
Pap punya jabe dure.

Nada means sound, and bindu is everything.

Kalatitam, yoga karmasya kausalam.

"Ignorant people have many faults. God wanted me to tell all this, so I did. This great country has everything, more words may not be needed.

First, I got Brahmamayi. Premamoyi followed her, then Jnanamoyee came. Then came Karmamoyee and Yogamoyee. According to mirabai, the great Vaisnava yogi.

Baba sings:

Bina Premse Nehi Mile Nandalala
Pathhar Pujnese Hari Mile To Bahut Rahi Pahad
Ghar Chun Nese Hari Mile To Bahut Rahi Makan
Nari Dekhnese Hari Mile To Bahut Aja Khoja
Dudh Pinese Hari Mile To Bahut Batsabala
Badal Dekhnese Hari Mile To Bahut Hai Andhia
Kahata Mira Bina Premse Nehi Mile Nandalala.

Baba said, "I got Brahmamayi long time ago. But when I got Premamoyi, I felt like: paripurnam purna midam punyatma punyabhavam.

My heart was dry before, now it is full. So with full heart, I need jnana. So then came Jananmoyee. She came from a small house near Chanditala, Hooghly District, from a small house where they lived plainly with hardships.

She came to the ashram in a riksa dragging it herself through muddy road. Then Karmamoyee followed her. Prana apana, dana, adana everything is same.

Then I thought I need five more disciples. Bhavananda is immersed in bhakti bhava. Then came Premananda with love and intense attraction to God, which is indescribable. We have annakota in the ashram every year. We serve five thousand to ten thousand people during the period."

From tape reel 76TR#3 Tape I

Baba speaks:

"I do not know how it was managed, but God took charge of everything and directed everybody to do what needed to do. Everything became perfect. I do not know from where all rice, dal and vegetable came.

Now, I do not know how the ashram is taken care of. My Antar Jami knows all. Yogananda does hatha yoga, sirsasah and padmasan. We went to a disciple’s house. Nityananda came there running to us, throwing his backpack and shoes came to me showing respect prostrating in front of me saying Haribol, Haribol. Now I have ten disciples.

Makal fruit looks very beautiful, but you cannot eat it. Like Delhi ka Ladder you will be frustrated to eat it, and also be frustrated if you cannot eat it. Even if say me, me, but still I do not know the jewel inside me.

I am the smallest being, I cannot forget Sat Cit Ananda Brahman or Saktimoyee ma and Parampita. I see whole world as mother and my Parampita.

Bhagavada Gita says, "Isuaram sarbabtani Jantrarudani mayaya."

"I am not the nose, ear or eyes. I am Brahman. 'I am rich, respectable, a good speaker.' These are all maya!

I cannot see people in human shape. Thakur Ramakrishna was not able to see everybody as a human being.

Once a person came to Thakur. He saw him as Param Jyotirup being. Thakur prostrated before him to show his respect for his greatness.

Once Thakur was taking his meal, Girish Ghosh came to him, said, "Thakur, be my son, and saying this he dragged him from his meal." He started saying that he has not finished his meal which was very tasteful. But when he was dragged, he cannot eat again for the whole day. Another day Thakur said to Girish, "That boy looks beautiful." Girish said, "He is not a boy, but a girl!" Thakur then called her and when she came near he gave her mantra "Guru Hari, Hari Guru."

Binodini then said, "Thakur has saved me from a sinful life," and went into samadhi. Then Girish said to him, "Go to Dakhineshar. She is a very good actress. Do not make her mad." Saying this, Girish got up and started singing. After that Thakur went back to Dakhineshar by horse cart, without his meal.

Everybody said, "Girish is mad, did not allow you to take your meal." Girish came back running to Dakhineshar. Thakur said, "Come here everyday. I have kept wine for you. He never got drink there." Thakur then said to him, "Do a little bit of dhyana, dharana." Girish said, "I have so much work. I have to select the book, arrange for the theater setting, and program. I don’t have time for other things. I cannot do other things."

Thakur said, "Give me Power of Attorney, I will do everything for you." He was a great man. So Thakur was so much attached to him."

Now one disciple started singing bhajan:

Saranagata Tiratha Dhita Nane
Gurudeva Dayakara Dinajane
Gurudeva Dayakara Nijagune
Gurudeva Dayakara Dinajane

Ripudalana Madhusudana Nayaka He
Sukhashanti Barabhaya Dayaka He
Hridi Kaudara Tapa. . . . . . ..

Another disciple started singing bhajan in a sweet voice:

Mana Chakara Rakho Ji
Mana Chakara Rakho Ji
Brindabanki Kunjagalime Teri Lila Pati
Saonria Ke Hari Guna Gao. . . . . . . ..

76 TR #3 Side 2 Tape 2

There is a great celebration. So much flower, fruit and sweets are there.

Great persons like Jesus Christ, Ramakrishna, Buddha, Caitanya, Guru Nanak were called for this occasion for them to come and share meal with us. We cannot see them with our eyes.

If we could see them, we would not able to go around places all over the world like this. We can only see our uncles and aunts on father’s and mother’s side of the families. Go along the straight road. Sattva, Raja, Tama path.

"We are thinking which way to go to America. We are standing comfortably thinking which way to go to get dharma, artha, kama moksa. If we take these four roads, we will know all, and then we won’t need all this celebration."

"Mother Brahmamayi went to Amarnath, great Hindu sacred place. The roads are almost impassable, covered with snow most of the year. It is very difficult to go there. So she does not talk much about her experience."

The disciples started singing bhajans. Baba said,

"God is sat cit Ananda." There is one God. Sri Ramakrishna, Swamii Vivekananda, Sibananda Brahmananda are great people. Now this place is Shanti Niketan. How to run this place? One should not bother.

There is no necessity to speak when shanti prevails.

America is Gandhava (demi-god) country. Gandharvas are God’s entertainers. One should live quietly in shanti rajya, bhava rajya. God is one word. Father and Mother are two words. I am very happy coming here.

There are many sadhus and sannyasis from India have come here. They gave many speeches. May your establishment here shine always more and more.

Jai Ramakrishna, Jai Ramakrishna, Joy Ramakrishna.

Thakur is playing very well, like Sukdev Goswami. God is the God of whole world. Happy people give away broadmindedly. Professor holds a big degree and gives knowledge to whole world.

One disciple asked Baba, "Why do people perform yajna?"

Baba said, "Arya rishis performed yagna for the good of whole world. Yajna, hom when you do it you throw wood, ghee on fire, wind from there goes to the sky to the Gods. They are pleased and will sanction boon and prosperity to us.

Huntng is discovered from yajna. When we light a lamp, darkness goes away. We offer fruit, flower, ghee to Gods and say :

Om Brahmane Swaha, Om Basudebaya Swaha,
Om Sibaya Swaha, Sarbabhukheya Hutasana.."

Haban is the mouth of all Gods. [haban is the hom fire] Whomever you call they come. When you start a fire, the world was discovered from there. There is Mahabiraja Hom in Dakhineshar to burn Abidya maya.

Six ripus [thieves] : kama, krodha, lova, moha, mada, matsarya, the smell goes up. Yajna is performed by Mahayogis. These great men come to Swami Sibananda ashram and perform yajna. You purify your body and mind by yajna, then you can go to God. "Yajna karma samudbhava,"

You cannot be an able bodied person without yajna. All sadhakas do not perform yajna. They do not want to show their fame which will make them proud. Sannyasi starts life with dhuni, burning wood. They call it Niskalanka sannyasa. Then they do yajna for the welfare of all, to purify their mind and for the welfare of all people. Yajna is of four types:

Sama veda yajna – drabya yajna
Yajur veda yajna – Japa yajna
Rig veda yajna– yoga yajna
Atharva veda yajna – artillery yajna

The disciples sang bhajan, devotional songs:

Baba recited stotra after bhajan:

Bhugaga Sayanam Padmanavam Suresam
Biswadharam Gagan Dadrisam
Laksikantam Kamalanayanam Meghabarran Subhangam
Bande Vishru Bhabhayaharam
Sarbolokam Sanatanam. Om Tat Sat.

Another disciple sang bhajan:

Tathasmarami Haridasam Tattvatattvam
Sat Cit Skham Paramaham Swagatim Turiam
Swapna Jagarana Sushuptra Jagarana Mabyeti Nityam
Tabana Nischala Maham N Cha Bhuta Sanghan.

One disciple named Binapani brought a book for Baba, Nityakriyapadhyati. Baba recited a few stotras.

Om nanabhavam, nanamatam, nanaparidhanan and great unity in them. To see a great country like India progressing whole world is surprised. We the millions of people in India may be poor but will not remain so; we will have good days in future.

Vaidic Shanti Stotra

Sahano Bhavato, Sahano Bhava, Sahano Yajna, Karabehe TejaswiNa Bidhi Twam, Tamastu Bidhitam, Mahatwam Bahi
Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti.
Om Sahano Mitram, Sahano Barunam

Sano Bhava, Sano Indra, Brihaspah
Sano Vishnu, Radra Twam, Nama Brahmane
Twameba Protyakhyam, Bidhi Swamiyee
Madi Swamiyee, Bhubantu Bhaktaye, Bhukantu Bhakteye

Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti.

Ramakrishna Pronam:

Om Sthapakayaya Cha. Sarbadharma Swarupine
Abatara Sishtaya, Ramakrishnaya Namaha
Nomo Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya Namaha
Nomo Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya Namaha
Nomo Sri Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya Namaha

Twanmeba Mata, Pita Twameba
Twameba Vidya Drabinam Twameba
Twameba Sarba Mama Deba Deba.

Brahma stotra:

Namaste sate sarbalokasrayaya
Namaste sate sarbalokasrayaya.

76 TR #3 Side 2 Tape [?]

Then Baba said, "America is a Gandharva country. Swami Vivekananda came here in his younger age. He used to call mother to every woman and speak with them all as if addressing mother. They were all pleased and happily took care of him all the time. He used to see work above all things.

Thakur used to say, ‘You should treat guru as your wife serves her husband and should be in relation of husband and wife. True wife is Kundahini. Husband and wife take care of themselves. Love between them should be true love, which may not be possible all the time, so what? The feeling of love is important.’"

One disciple was sitting like Mother Nibedita. Baba remembered a disciple in India whom he used to call mother, used to make pranam to her. She was full of love for Thakur Ramakrishna and used to go often to Dakhineshar. She did not care about her own health. Baba saved her once from starvation death with the help of other disciples.

Then Baba looked over at two other young female disciples saying, "I have named them Nati, Binodini. If they keep steady with their mantra, they will go in right path. "

"Many swamijis of Ramakrishna mission have come to America to preach Vedanta. Swami Aksarananda came to Ramanathpur from Uttarkashi once a year. He has many disciples. His house is in Garalgachha. I have met many swamijis of the mission. They won’t give me Dikhye because I did not have school education or college degree."

Baba said, "There is onkar light in Satsanga. One disciple said that he will bring one for him. But Baba said, "Things will increase maya."

Then the disciples brought him tea and snacks as tea time was approaching. Arrangements were made for tea things with plenty of snacks. Whoever wants it will get it like Annapurna’s storehouse.

Baba narrated a story," Rishi Sanatkumar told a Brahmin to go by the road on Jumna River so he will find a piece of steel covered by a stone slab. If you touch that steel on any object, it will be transformed to gold. As soon as Brahmin got it, the King heard about this and called him in his court.

The King saw that truly the steel has the property to transform any other metal object to gold, even lead, utensils, etc.

Then the King said, ‘I have enough gold. I do not need this! I want to know how you acquired it.’ The Brahmin said, ‘This quality can never be given to anybody. You have to meditate for it.’" Hari Narayana Hari Om.

One foreigner asked Baba, "You have so many Gods, how do you keep your mind steady? People are not getting enough food — why do you offer so much to God.?"

He said, "God does not eat it, people eat it You have to choose your Istadeveta and then you can keep your mind steady."