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The material on these pages are just summaries made while trying to catalog the various tapes of Baba at the foundation. They are not full translations by any means.

When the discussion was in Hindi I could get very little of it. When Baba spoke in Bengali I could catch more. In passages where I have put Baba's words in quotes it is more or less an actual translation of what he said.

It is part of the work of the Prahlad Foundation to continue on with these translations. These pages will give an idea of some of the work ahead.

It is Baba’s first recorded talk in America. Madhu chants and everyone joins in.

Baba speaks about the guru in Hindi. He says that in maya there is sorrow. What is true knowledge? Maya = the "me". Speaks about the "shakar" and the "nirakar." Everything comes through guru’s grace. Talks more about guru with sanskrit interspersed. (Guru stotras). Says "Today I have come to this great land..." Talks about yoga, gyan (knowledge), but he say that love is what we really want.

Baba talks about the Atma. If you cleanse your mind, then you will get that feeling. What good are lectures? More about atma.

[Talks with Madhu. Makes Premananda talk]

Premananda: (Rambles on)

Baba talks about America and the meaning of the Hindu dharma.

[End Side One, 76TC1-A]

[Begin Side Two, 76TC1-B]

Baba continues talking in Hindi about Satchidananada, the Mother, Anandamayi Ma.

"The mother is the giver of prem, and bhakti." He recites the names of various great ones (spiritual teachers) who have come to America in the last fifty years. "Swami Vivekananda came and brought the hindu sanatan dharma. The hindu sanantan dharma means all, including all. Now all these big pandits have come. Double MA. America has become a holy land." But he says that where there is money, god is not. Prem, what is prem? [total love] "Without prem there is nothing. I am unlearned...etc. ‘I’, ‘I’, this is pride. We should say ‘Thou, thou, thou.’"

[Madhu translates]

[Baba goes into the kitchen to talk to Premamayi.]

BABA: The sanatan dharma is One!

Baba talks to Madhu. He tells him a new message to translate. Tells him something about a dream he had. More about America. Tells something about how he came, his visa, etc. and passport. He laughs and gets very happy. More about Vivekananda and Ramakrishna.

BABA: (to Premananda in Bengali) "Why did I come here? Before the Great One comes, God has sent me to clean it (to make it holy). Then he will come... I have heard that America is the greatest land. Let it grow up and he will come."

Baba talks to Madhu. He tells about his devotees from the Jaya Shree Factory. They sent him a letter saying "Don’t go to America. There you will have to drink wine, eat meat, have lust." But he told them "There are many great doctors there. I will see them about my heart." This they had to accept and said, "Okay, you can go for that reason."

Baba makes a Bengali-English pun about "Dak-tar".

Baba talks to Bhavananda. He talks about Girish Ghosh, who used to drink a lot. He says "I have given the ‘Bhavananda’ to that Girish Ghose. Before, he was Girish Ghosh."

[ Discussion about drinking alcohol]

Baba wants to know if Philip will give him wine the way Girish Ghosh forced it on Ramakrishna one day, saying, "Drink! Drink!"

[End of tape]

//END [76TC1-B]

Madhu and Baba and Philip are still joking about drinking.

Baba says "I am not talking about the kind of wine you get in the market!"

Baba asks Philip: "Do you make it at home?" (wine) Philip tells about his meditation closet at home.

Baba tells Sanat in Bengali that he wants to have some "Prem-brandy, bhakti." Philip replies. Baba turns to Premananda and says "How much have you had? Will you drink while I am here?" [Premananda turns red]

Baba tells a small story via Madhu in Hindi. It is about a thief who was to have his head cut off the next day. He got initiated that very night, and he had so much faith that he could hold the glowing hot iron, and thus get off the hook. Baba sums it up as: "Guru is God."

Baba tells another story about a guy whose guru said he would be liberated if he took a bath in the Ganges. Since he did not feel liberated after obeying his guru’s orders, he insisted that that particular river could NOT be the ganges. He went off to see Narayan, Lord of the Ganges, to see what the problem was. Narayan then appeared before him and gave him liberation because of his great faith.

Baba says to Premananda,"I told you that story didn’t I?"

Premananda says "Yes, it is at the printer’s."

Baba says one must have faith. "One biswas!" (Faith). He says "Premananda tested me very much. One day Premananda tested me, saying "Then that vision which I got, that was not real? So you are NOT Ramakrishna?" Baba tells about the incident when Premananda played with Baba on the bed and put his foot on Baba’s chest. All the other devotees were horrified. He says this was a test. (To Premananda) "Thank you!"

Baba: "Then later Premananda was worried and he said, ‘Have I done something wrong?’ I told him ‘No, there was no sin in that.’"

Baba says that he prayed to the Mother that Premananda would learn Bengali. ("Ma, Premananda banglai tik kore dao"). Baba says Premananda has some defects remaining. The mind is somewhat restless (anxious). "This is part of the path. Without some sorrow and trouble you will not get peace. How many sorrows (troubles) I had in my life. How many hardships!"

[There is more discussion with Philip and the others. Someone is going to Arunachala Ashram for 7 pm worship.]

"Thakur .." (arrival of Subodh)

[Long silence as Subodh pranams]

[Sound of someone weeping]

END [76TC2-B]

(Roberta, Mary Jo, Gyanananda, Yogananda, Premananda, Gyanamayi, Premamayi, Madhu. Baba sings. Enter Uric Jones and Vincent Woon of NYC)

Baba is singing in Hindi, making up his own words as he goes along. He talks about the time when he first met Athena. Starts singing again. In the song he is using the names of his devotees.

[talk, Sanat, Madhu, Baba]

Baba talking in Hindi. Seems to get really high.

"Nothing pie, single mind one two ess!"

"1500 ("two zero")

"Du sho, two hundred"

Baba talks about the meaning of "two hundred" years. (It is the American bicentennial).

"If you bring your mind to the ajna chakra you have 200. Why? 200 = sadhana. Says this 200 year anniversary is "mangal" (auspicious), "Right! Very much!"


Baba says something about the kundalini. He goes into a very inspired mood. Comes back to the topic of America. Baba says the word several times as: "Ami-Rika."

"Ami - Rika" = Brahman.

"Ami hote chai na, tumi hao Bhagavan." ("I don’t want to be, YOU be, God").

Says he who has no fear, he is God.

"This is a very great day!" Baba talks about Premamayi. "How much work she does! I see that all these who have come were Hindu in a former life. They have come running to wake up this place (America)."

Baba: "Hindu!" He tells how Athena didn’t mind not being allowed to enter the Jagganath Temple. (because non-hindus not allowed). She said that if she was with Baba then she was with God.

[Athena’s neighbors come. Baba receives them. Pranam]

Baba goes into bhav samadhi. He says of the neighbor "This person is a great lover of God." Baba asks his name. He gives the man the name "Uttam". Goes back to the "two hundred" topic.

[Athena brings another neighbor. Pranam]

Baba asks the man, newly named "Uttam" if he meditates. "Do you know anything about Hinduism? Reply: no.

Baba: "He is very pure. That’s why I gave the name ‘Uttam.’"

Baba asks the English name. "U-R-I-C". (Sanat spells it)

Baba keeps asking how to pronounce the name. Talks about Uric.

"Are you feeling uneasy (sitting on the floor) ?"

Baba talks in Hindi and tells a small story about Guru Nanak. The story is about a guy in a temple who has his feet facing the deity. People get upset about this breaking of custom so he makes the people turn him around this way and that in the mosque telling to place him in a position so that his feet are not facing the deity. But he can find no direction to point his feet where God is not.

Baba calls "Hey, Uttam!" (Gives him prasad)

Baba: "Nothing by single by one!"

Some talking about westerners being uncomfortable sitting on the floor, etc. People sit down Baba calls to Uttam. He wants to question Uttam.

"What work do you do?" (It is printing work. Someone says "scientific")

Baba: "Uttam Kumar" (3 times) "Bigyan" ("science") (i.e. printing work = science)

Baba tells Uttam about his matches analogy. "The sadhak is the match and the striking area on the matchbook is God, and when the two come together...! Fire!"

Baba: I have given him the name Uttamananda.

More talk with Uttam.

End Side One [76TC3-A]
Side Two, [76TC3-B]

(Midway on tape Brahmamayi arrives and Baba gets very happy. Gives Hindi speech. Nityananda has come, Gyanamayi, four neighbors, women. Sanat, Premananda, Bonodini. Madhu is taking notes.

Baba is sitting on his heels during the "speech" part, eyes closed throughout, using hands. He is talking about Sai Baba. He says "No!", "Money!"

There is talk about Sai Baba’s hair style. American hair vs. Indian hair.

Baba goes to the other room. He wants to eat some fruit. It is 10:30 am. Baba talks, Athena talking to Sanat in background.

Baba talks to Uttam again. Says "Who is helping Uttamananda?" He tells a little story in Bengali. More questioning of Uttam. Baba tells Uttam that his eldest son will do a lot of "22".work, good work. "How old is he?" Baba says something about how Uttam has a little restlessness over something.

(To Madhu:) "See it there on his brow?" (‘kopal’, skull)

[more discussion about Uttam’s family, married?]

Baba: "This is what I got seeing his face."

Madhu translates to Uttam "You have a good fortune."

Baba says "I am happy to meet him. See what a high feeling he has!"

Athena comes in. Baba asks her how long she has known these neighbors. Five years, she says. "That’s why I am peaceful here, because of this person. He has a very tender heart."

Baba to Athena: "Today is my birthday! My grandmother has come!" (Nellie Hart has arrived). Baba wants the "diary" book. He says "I am very happy today!"

Baba starts talking about Mrs. Hart telling stories about Nellie in Calcutta, about Mr. Srinivasan, etc. [Baba forgets a name, then remembers] "Theresa. Ma Theresa!" Nellie used to do "seva" (service) (Mother Theresa of Calcutta). He tell about how with Mother Theresa in Calcutta.

[Baba talks] He tells something about Pranab, about his (Baba’s) life story, about his 10 American disciples, and how without first meeting Brahmamayi it could not have happened. Baba lists his ten original American disciples, one by one. Says at the root of it all is Brahmamayi.

Says "Whole world.." etc. etc. is Brahma.

"One five zero zero." He gives explanation in Hindi.

"ONE! Two no! All this everything is one. Very much! Thank you, Maya! Very much! Ekam Brahman!"

Baba gets very happy, beating his arms against his body. He says: "Happy day!"

END of Tape [76TC3-b]

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