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Some Quotations of Baba

Baba on love...

thmbKtcu.jpg (13034 bytes)"Love is the main thing. You can do japa, chant mantras,or do worship, but if you do not have love then all these things are worthless. I ask Satchidananda Guru to give you peace.

I pray to my Guru that in the same way that I have received blessing from him, so all of you shall have the power of Guru in you, and that all the darkness of ignorance will be removed, and that your hearts will become pure, and that you will see that inner being."

Baba on the guru...

"By true Satsang the mind is purified and the intelligence is clear about the inner being. If intelligence is clear, then Divyagyan or God's true self is revealed. By Divyaguan we can have darshan of God, who is within us all. But remember that even though I keep saying that I am the one who is saying all this, it is an illusion.

If you want to have some coconut, first you have to remove the husk, then break through the hard shell to find the coconut. This illusion of self has been with us for a long time, so it is hard to break. But we all have to try very hard to do this. When the ego is removed, then in its place we will have devotion. Devotion means complete love. This devotion is what we are looking for.

Guru is the one who removes the darkness of ignorance and the dirt of illusion that we have accumulated over the years. But following the path of a Guru is very hard. It takes absolute faith. If one believes with absolute faith that a piece of wood is the Guru then it will certainly become the Guru. One cannot buy this faith with money or get it by reading books. Pride in the self is what brings people down."

"This guru of my life, this heart, this body is the temple of guru. So what is left then, who am I? If always I remember guru, think about guru, and completely have faith in guru's words, then certainly we will see God. Seeing guru and seeing God is the same."

"This word of ours, "guru", it means from deep darkness by giving light, the one who lightens the darkness inside me, he is "guru." Again the meaning of the word guru is: after falling in a dark well, to save one from that deep dark well, the one who saves is guru. Removing the darkness of ignorance, by lighting the lamp of knowledge, one who gives peace to our life, he is guru."


Baba on the ancient hom fire ceremony
Baba did this fire ceremony every day at noon every day without fail

"I do not want peace for myself. For the sake of my own peace I can do japa. I will have my own benefit. What will come from doing Hom?

The fragrance will rise up, high in the sky. It will mix with the atmosphere.And mixing, there will be water, and that water will become rain. From that all beings will become holy, consecrated. There will be good food. Good food will be grown."

thmb1510.jpg "The Hom fire has no discrimination. There is no discrimination for a fire. Give it poison, it will burn it. Give it dry wood, it will burn it.

Hom is the Jathara Agni, the fire in the belly. Here in the stomach the true Hom is burning.

The Hom fire makes a breeze, a beautiful fragrance goes up. It's like when you burn incense before the gods.

Maybe you cannot do the Hom fire so you light incense, that is also Hom. You light a lamp or candle, that is also Hom."

thmb1537.jpg "It is for the sake of the whole world's welfare some Hom must be done. Since I have come to America, so for the sake of America's peace I say to God "Om! Swaha!" and offer these things. In our India, Hom is important."

Lighting a candle is also Hom. Arati is also Hom. Understand? If I don't do Hom I won't be fit to receive God. One must do Jogya.

But not all rishis do it. I am not reproaching them, They don't want to waste time collecting wood and other things. Instead of that they eat and sleep and take the Lord's name. That's enough."

"The fire of Hom still hasn't gone out. Its fragrance has risen. Open, open the gateway of Hom. Its fragrance still is rising.

The fire of Hom is burning still. The fire of knowledge is burning still. The fire of Hom never burns out. In its fragrance there is great Life.

Everyone in the world is sitting to do Hom. To get the great Nirvana."

Baba's Daily Prayer

Om Satchidananda Brahma
Om Satchidananda Brahma
Om Satchidananda Brahma

Om Satchidananda Brahmamayi Ma
Om Satchidananda Brahmamayi Ma
Om Satchidananda Brahmamayi Ma

Anandamayi Ma amar,
Ananda dei Ma,
Hridoye diyo Ma bhakti
Bahute diyo Ma shakti
Mukto keshi dei Ma mukti.

Chaitanyamayi Ma amar,
Chaitanya dei Ma,
Gyaner pradeep dei Ma jele
Mayer bandon dei Ma kule

Stan dei Ma tomar
Ranga charon tole.
Om Shanti

Mother of bliss, give me bliss,
Give bhakti to my heart, Mother,
Give strength unto my body, Mother,
Granter of liberation,
Oh Ma, give perfect freedom.

Oh light-filled Mother of mine,
Give me illumination, Mother,
Light the lamp of wisdom in me.
Oh Mother strike loose the chains of illusion!

Grant me a place, Mother,
at your colorful feet.
Om Peace

(Baba said this little prayer of his own composition several times daily, morning noon and night.)