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0466 Thumbnail Baba's Farewell
Baba takes leave of friends and disciples,
Brooklyn, NY, September 4, 1976

Baba had been in America for about a month. It was the first of three visits he made, staying in the Brooklyn home of Athena Kouzan, whom he called "Premamayi." It had been a month filled with joy for the people who had come to see him and be drawn into the bliss of his god-intoxicated state. On this last day Baba asked those present to say a few words]

BABA: From this satsang will come the appearance of satya guna. Then our meditation and concentration will be right. If we do not have satsang, our meditation, our concentration will not be right. Why? Because our mind is very restless. For the stilling of our mind. If we do kirtan for the stilling of our mind then our mind becomes still.

(Sanat translates)

BABA: Love is a country, one country. All countries mixed together, one country. There is one country. One mankind. God is one. By the root of love, by means of love we will get the feeling of God. If there is no love, the feeling of God will not be be there.

(Baba seems to be asking Sanat if he had translated about the "nirshatto bhalobasha")

(Sanat says, "I will tell.." )

BABA: Nirshatto love ?

(Sanat: "I am telling...I will tell.")

BABA: Nirshatto love is this: vishuddo prem.

(someone is taking their leave)

BABA: .. This is Kali house! Premamayi house, Rani Rasmani house, one America, one America, Gandharva deshe. Maybe my body is going, that is my feeling.

Continues in Hindi through Madhu: Baba says the love that we are getting from Baba (from shoba, gathering with Baba) will grow in us, and if we continue practice of satsang we shall feel it, we should not feel sad. He tells that he has been very happy here in America.

BABA: That’s enough. Shesh ho no. And now our "God money" .. those who have not signed...

(Madhu tells about diary book. "Now he is asking for God money, which is the addresses he takes of the people. If anybody didn’t sign it, and want to sign their name, please do that. Because that is the kind of money he is taking with him.")

BABA: (inaudible) Mother’s son has come. Is the pen on the bed ding (?) Hey, Arjun, take it, you take it. All those who haven’t sign, those can sign. God Professor, what do you say?

ATHENA: Baba..

GOD-PROFESSOR: What did he say?

SANAT: (to God Professor) Alright, you say something.

BABA: (Athena has brought something) Acha, thank you. Thank you. Today my mother, I will here Premamayi’s speech. (Baba beats his arms. Laughter).

ATHENA: Thank you for coming to America to bless us all..

BABA: Shanti.. ananda.

ATHENA: ..To bring your shanti and ananda and share it with all of us.

BABA: (Laughs) No, no, no, no, no, no! One mother Premamayi, one thief! (imitates a thief.. all laugh). One "word" no. (Words will not do) "Word" murkho. (Speech is ignorant). Everyone everywhere says "Ma", "Mother." This mother Brahmamayi, Premamayi. One Brahma. Brahma, kutasta chaitanya, Brahma." If we don’t have love there is no God. If we have love, there is God) Whole Brahmamayi, "one two zero," yes, "two zero." One Ma, Premamayi, "one, two, three, four," this "five" have come. Next to mother I am just a little child. Ma, I have stolen, the binding hands of mother have brought from one India to America. "Nothing!" I don’t know. What do I know? "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten."

[Athena thanks family of landlady. Applause. "And lastly I want to thank all of you for coming, and all of you who have helped, which you all have done. And thanks for letting me push you around when I wanted to."]


A VOICE: And Athena, we all thank you. (Applause, cheers).

BABA: Are the speeches over?

SANAT: No, it is not done yet.

ATHENA: (To Sanat) And thank you... (more applause, for Sanat) If it wasn’t for you he wouldn’t be here.

SANAT: I am very much honored that I am here, and I thank you all, that I could be here with you, and I have become friendly, very much friendly, brotherly to you all. And that is all the grace of my Guru, and it all happened with me because I am only know to him for three, four months.. and mother Premamayi, and Bill, and Jogananda, this Michael.. Nityananda, Jogananda, Gyana nanda.. they are all known to Baba much more than I am known to Baba. So I am very much grateful of being here with Baba, and it’s all due to sister Athena, and she brought us here. I am very much thankful in your country, become very much friendly to you, and have love from you, and I have nothing to say more.. (laugh ter) And this brother, he helped always in everything, guided me.. And I am very much thankful, one thing, that mother Prema mayi, though, arranged our coming, I should thank, personally, to Professor Bill Wilson, who is my sponser here. He did everything for me, and he sent my sponser documents, and that’s why I could come here. Unless there is a sponser document, sponser paper, no Indian can enter the U.S. territory. So, I am very much thankful and grateful to you, you did a lot for me.

BABA: Thank you.

SANAT: I will tell Bill to speak a little, tell Gyana to speak a bit, tell everyone to speak just a little bit.

BABA: I, I will tell.. Who will speak?

SANAT: You will say, I will translate.

BABA: I, at this religious meeting today, am asking God Professor to say a little bit.

SANAT: (To Bill Wilson) He is asking you speak something on his behalf. God Professor, he calls Bill Wilson as "God

Professor", as he is my sponser, and he did it all. Please speak...

BILL WILSON: I really don’t know what to say. I didn’t do any thing really but sign my name to get you here. There’s no.. I think no..

SANAT: No, Baba is asking you something else.


BABA: "One word," say one word.

SANAT: Please speak at least one word.

BABA: I won’t understand. And if I can’t understand, I will get the feeling from the sound of your words. Sound is Brahma .. sound is Brahma.

(Bill M. translates this to Bill W.)

BILL WILSON: Baba ki jay!

BABA: Acha! God ki jay! "Very much!" Acha.. second "number".. I am asking Prakashananda to speak something.

SANAT: (To Prakashananda) He asks you to speak.

BABA: I am asking Prakashananda to speak.

KEN NIMMER (Prakashananda): Ask Baba, when he leaves here tomorrow with his body, to stay alive in all of our hearts.

To stay here in our hearts.

BABA: Thank you! And now.. my mother, Brahmamayi will say one word. If she does not speak it won’t do.

(Sanat calls Nellie)

BABA: Say just one word.

NELLIE: (From other room) Baba?

BABA: Ma, you say something.

MADHU: You have to speak at least one word.

SANAT: Speak at least one word here.


BABA: One "word" Ma.

SANAT: Please come inside. She is the first disciple, first American disciple of Baba.

BABA: "One word", just say one little word, something.

NELLIE: One word, Baba? Jaya guru!

BABA: Jaya guru! (laughs) Okay, now I request Premananda, at this religious gathering, he will say something.

SANAT: Don’t be shy.

BABA: Speak. You must say something. Not to speak on this day won’t do.

BILL: I think one thing I would say is this feels like an ending, and I thought it was going to feel like an ending, but with everybody’s faces seeing every day it starts to look more and more like the beginning of something, instead of the ending of something. Somehow Baba has come and one miracle that I’ve seen for a month and a half is him going around with all of us, and wiping out the little things that stand between us and pasting us together with the glue of his love. to me this is the greatest miracle I have seen going on, and I think that is going to keep going even though he goes away. Everybody has made all new friends and friends that are, like I said, stuck together with Baba. He’s come, and he’s left us a great treasure, and it’s our.. we’ll keep that treasure alive, and keep it.. in safekeeping.

BABA: Done.

SANAT: Thank you.

BABA: Acha. (Introduces Madhu in Hindi, "Tulsidasji", says Madhu has sung many songs for us.)

MADHU: It is very difficult to say, because you all feel it, and I don’t have to say anything, really. You feel his love, and even though he is not here, it will grow in us, that’s what I think. (Says something in Hindi to Baba).

BABA: Acha! Thank you. Next, in our America, gandarva land, a great yugavatar has appeared, he has learned a great deal of yoga, in America has appeared our Yogananda, let him speak.

SANAT: Please speak something, Glenn.

GLENN: Well, I guess I just got to learn to say a lot less, to begin with, but one thing I would say ..

SOMEONE: Starting now? (laughter)

GLENN: But one thing I would say, if I’ve gotta speak, is that ..

SOMEONE: So gimme the punchline. (Giggles).

GLENN: .. I’m happy that he came here and even after all the correction that I require I still feel a great deal of love from him.

SANAT: (Translates) He says he is very happy that you came here.

BABA: Acha! Thank you.. and now, Gyanananda.. Gyananada was doing hatha yoga, he was showing me at the Asram, I am requesting Gyanananda to say few words.

SANAT: Tom Wright will speak something.

TOM: Um..

BABA: (inaudible..) oh na one, two ess!

TOM: I don’t know, evertime I try to figure Baba out with my mind, I just got more confused. All I want to do is just love him, and to feel his love. And for me that’s all there is.

BABA: Okay, very good. My crazy Nitai, who who deliberated three days before taking initiation, let Nityananda also speak.

MIKE: Hari bol! Hari bol!

BABA: Acha! So next... I gave the name Gopal Krishna when I heard his flute, he also can say something.

SANAT: Gopal Krishna...

MARK: I love it. (laughter)

MARK: I want to thank Baba for taking my pain away, and for teaching me to be able to love God.

BABA: Acha. From three thousand miles, Ramprasad has come. Let him also say a little bit.

JEFF: As some of you know I came a long distance to be here, and I wasn’t really sure why or where I was coming, but it’s like there was a wind that came out to California, and brought me here, and the wind was love, the wind was Baba.

BABA: Thank you. Thank you. Acha, Arjun, or whoever has a wish, whatever other devotees, who love me, who have a wish to speak something, let them speak.

SANAT: Those who love Baba, and wish to speak something, please speak. Including Arjun.

ARJUNA: Donno bad. (Thank you).

BABA: Our Tygaraj is sitting there.. not him.. uh that’s not Tyagarag.. him..(pause) what name did I give him? I forgot..

(pause) He that is sitting there..

MADHU: Utam Kumar?

SANAT: Uttamananda.

BABA: Uttam. Uttamananda. Utamananda...

SANAT: Mister Richard.

ATHENA: Richard. (Baba thinks they are telling him to call him "Mister")

BABA: "Mister" Uttamananda, if he wants to, let him speak.

SANAT: If you wish to speak something, please speak.

RICHARD: All I can say is, I want to thank Baba for.. he has been and he is the living light of God, and the living Christ. For that I am grateful, for my eyes have seen it. Thank you, and that’s all.

BABA: Ba! Thank you! And I was very happy with his "high" question. Okay, now Swami, I have given him the name Jogiraj Swami, Gita’s friend.

SANAT: Mister Irving.

BABA: "One word."

SANAT: Please come inside. Please come in.

BABA: He can speak a little something "word" to everyone..

IRVING: I thank you for you love, Baba..

BABA: Acha.

IRVING: ..and I in turn, and everyone here, of course, sends you ours, and thanks you for pointing us upward, always upward, toward God.

BABA: Thank you. Jogiraj.

SANAT: Jogiraj.

JOGIRAJ: Baba, I’ll give you that speech without words, that unites us through vibration.

SANAT: Bolche, je anahata dhuni, she annohata dhuni ami (shune diye, shune ditchi?)

BABA: Thank you, Jogiraj (ei- ? bare? bane?) dhuni.

SANAT: (Whispers to Baba) Noti Binodini?

BABA: Huh?

SANAT: Won’t Binodini say something?

BABA: No, Binodini... girls won’t speak, wait, where did he go?


BABA: (Loudly) Premtatwa, yesterday, who gave.. our Pradeep.. Pradeep’s friend?

SANAT: Oh. He has left. ( (word)..says his name ?)

BABA: No, no, I just saw him.

SOMEONE: He left.

BABA: Premtatwa? .. he is here. He was standing right there,

SANAT: Oh.. he WAS here.

(He comes. It is Rick Mariot, Bill’s friend)

BABA: One "word". Premtattwa.. I have given you the name Premtattwa. (Essence of love) Yesterday, the reason for the name is your prem. Tattwa, absorbed, prem. Absorbed in love. Not the bliss of love, absorption in love. "Whole world." Let him speak something.

SANAT: Please speak something, he gave you some name.

RICK MARIOT: I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have met him, and the realness of his religion, the seriousness of it.

BABA: The whole world is one. The whole world’s mankind is one. The whole world’s religion is one. The whole world’s God is one. One prem, one ocean, or sea. (To Sanat) What do they call "samudra?"

SANAT: Ocean.

BABA: "Whole.. One! .. God. One Jesus Christ, one Buddha... Sharanam gachami, shangam sharanam gachami.. Hindu

Chaitanyadev.. Hari bol, Hari bol! Paramaradhya Thakur Ramakrishna.. all religions, Muslim.. "Whole" moon.. (Sings, as from a mosque) Allah... Allah...Allah... Onahata dhuni. Om, the eternal sound. Do not find fault with any religion. Religion is one.

God is one. All is one. Maybe I will now say a poison word.. that it isn’t right coming from my mouth... this Vaishnava religion that has come from our India...

(A few people come in to meet Baba)

BABA: Acha. Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti, Ma, Ma, "Mother"..Ma, Om shanti. Let him give prasad to everyone. It must be done, Baba... Premanada?

SANAT: Premanada, start giving.


BABA: (To woman) God is one. One God.

(A woman comes in)

BABA: Because, listen.. I have "phoned" you for three days. (imitates talking on the phone: "Oh? You are nearby? Oh the is

good. Hello? Hello? .." No phone .. "Hello? Hello?"

SANAT: (Explaing to woman) He made a cosmic telephone to you... That is cosmic telephone.

BABA: So.. I have "phoned" when going to the Hospital, I "telephoned" .. "Hello? Hello?"

SANAT: (Translates) He has been to the hospital to see your grandmother.

BABA: (Laughs)

SANAT: From there he said he remembered you.

BABA: To go tomorrow.. to go tomorrow, I will be able to go. All the time, do you know what? This one says you will not get a seat. Why? He works at the airport. I sitting like tied up.. (pantomimes) ...I don’t know anything. I don’t know "Word", I don’t know anything. For that reason I was "telephoning" you. I am giving my blessing. You be greater... (blesses him) Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti. (Inaudible you. "Very much, very much." (pause) And if you go to India, bringing news (?) from mother, come one time to see us.

SANAT: (Translates) If you go to India, take (meal?) from Mother, and go there once definitely.

BABA: Give Baba prasad.

SANAT: Bill, give him prasad.

SANAT: (Some one comes) This is Ellen’s friend.

BABA: Acha. Om Shanti, Om Shanti... One "very much" God. God, one, right. Ma... Acha Ma. Ma, one right God.. very much. Thank you, maya. give prasad to Baba.

(Athena’s landlady’s daughter comes forward) LADY: Baba, this is my sister-in-law.

SANAT: (Translates) Acha, sister-in-law, mane .....

LADY: Brother’s wife.

SANAT:’s wife.. This is her brother’s wife.

BABA: Acha!

LADY: Tell him that it was our pleasure to have him, and that he will be in our minds.

SANAT: (Translates) Bolche.. ashirbad korun.. (inaudible)

BABA: (kisses her hand)

ATHENA: Baba, one more.. choto..

(Someone else comes forward ?)

(Room conversations)

ATHENA: Sanat? This is the rest of my landlady’s grandchildren.

SANAT: (Explains)

BABA: Acha! ... Thank you, very much. Om Shanti, om shanti.

ATHENA: This is the wife of the man who makes the tickets.

(Noise, people talking at once).


BABA: ... I have received a great happiness, inexpressible happiness. So I, at this time of leaving, pray to that God that may all of your hearts, minds, life become holy.


Gavi shagatrang, naga jatta hari,
Kumara tato, shashikanda muli,
Longki shasham pun gita, padam, payaja nadi.
Parameshwar eva.

Mahamaya shakti, Mother.. She is the one and only Mother of the Universe, the creator of the Universe, may she bless you all.

Om Shanti. May she make your hearts great, may she give peace to all your lives.

This is my final word, there is nothing else to say. I.. (inaudible) Nothing else to say. Maybe my "whole body" is going, my happy soul, in a peaceful manner, peace fully. As the sun is revealed in everyone’s heart, as the moon is revealed, so in the same way I am within everyone’s heart. Because I am not going. I am maya. I am not. So, the body is going, that mind, soul, peacefully. This is my final word.

The devotess.. all the devotees I have made.. (To Pradeep) you translate this time.

PRADEEP: He says he prays to.. (pause)

BABA: Oh.. I have gotten peace. That which I never received in India, I got here.

PRADEEP: (Translates) What I didn’t get in India I received here.

BABA: Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti.

(Sounds of people moving about)

BABA: Oh! Come Baba, .you have come. God Professor.. God... Ramprasad, you came here. One day, singing that mother’s song.. Ma, come, Gita Ma, come. Ma Gita.. Noti come, Binodini come. Call everyone, otherwise later they will say "Baba did not call me." Yes? Won’t you say? Baba..

BILL: Everybody come and take this, otherwise you’ll say "Oh Baba".. you’ll come later and say you didn’t give it to me.

BABA: Blessed. Today say a word... Pradeep? God-Professor.. Kali is not revealed. Today that Mother’s yantra that you have brought was installed. That Mahashakti. Mahamaya yantro. I think that this was not yet in America.

PRADEEP: That Kali jantra that you brought, he says "I don’t think it has ever appeared before. This is the first time it has appeared here."

PRADEEP: (Translates) He says I have never received this kind of love before.

BABA: (Weeping) Great bliss now.

PRADEEP: He is feeling very happy.

BABA: Acha. Tulsidas?


BABA: You will try to have have satsanga. As much as you can.

BABA: Oh! Mathur Babu! Mathur Babu came before to Rani Rasmani’s house. This Mathur Babu brought flowers for Kali Puja. I went to this Mathur Babu’s "garden", I thought in my mind this Mathur is that Mathur Babu..

PRADEEP: (To Mathur) He said he was happy in your garden. And you were the one who brought flowers for his devotional services.

BABA: Sharbang Brahma, mayang Brahma, Sharbang Brahma, mayang Brahma. One Brahma, one soul, it is one. "No two. No two."

PRADEEP: One Brahma, one soul.

BABA: (inaudible) ... Okay, let’s go.