2. The Text Operations

This panel lets you perform various handy text operations.

1. Font selection. Use the font selection tools at the top to set the font for your selected text in any of the editors. Note: this is for the editors only, HTML is not affected.

2. Format Paragraphs. This removes unwanted line breaks from text (esp. text copied from email) and makes it all word wrapped for posting to the Internet.

3. Rich Text switches between richtext format and plain text.

4. Remove lines/ Remove spaces. These clean your text of extra blank lines and extra spaces between words.

5. Save, Print, Load perform those functions

6. Undo removes the last major change

7. Add Quotes put proper quotation marks on your selected text for when you are quoting from an article or other source.
8. Clip Left simply slices off the left side of a file at a point you specify. This is for getting rid of "margins" consisting of spaces.
9. Cull Words is explained in its own section
10. The HTML button brings up the HTML panel
11. The Test! button makes a file of your main document and then opens it in the built-in browser, or if you have disabled the built-in browser, it opens it in a new browser window. This is for testing your HTML tags to ensure they are working.
12. The Web button toggles the left side view between the editors and the built-in browser.
13. The Search button allows you to quickly perform a search of Google. You can search the whole web or any specific site.