File Finder Panel

The File Finder lets you navigate your disks to find files.

A Recent Folders list remembers folders where you have saved files, for easily jumping to that folder. By right-clicking in the folders box you can add a folder to the list.

The Lock checkbox locks the File Finder so it does not change when you jump between memos. If unchecked, each time you switch memos the File Finder will jump to that folder to remind you where that file is.

The Show Fileset button opens the file set panel. File sets are just lists of 10 memo file names which let you load up to 10 files into the memo editors at once. This is very handy when working on several articles with their own source files.

If you click the "Files" button again (or use the arrows, upper right) you will see the Recent Files list. This is every file you have loaded or saved. Double click on a file and it will open in the current editor.  


Load a file by double clicking on its name.