1. The Main Panels

You navigate the various panels with the panels buttons at the lower right side of the program.

The Memos button toggles between the Main editor file (your composition) and the Memos files. It simply switches back and forth.

The Web button is just another toggle. It switches between the Editors (main and memos) and the built-in web browser window. This in handy for cutting and pasting from the web.

The Operations button take you to where things get done. The operations panel, the file panel, and the color panel all have two states: wide and normal. Click the Operations button twice to see additional options.

The Files button shows you the file finder, and, if you click again, the recent files list. The latter shows all the files you have loaded and/or saved.

The Colors button takes you to the colors panel where you can set all the colors for the program and even make your own color "themes" to suit your taste. The program comes with several themes premade which you can load according to your mood.

The Exit button simply closes the program.