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NEW October 2009
Shukhdev Sings Some Chants

NEW February 2008
Binodini Sings Some Bhajans

New: Devotees Chanting, Tape #1
mp3 file - 70 MB

New: Chanting, Tape #2 (at Athena's)
mp3 file - 39 MB

New: Bhajans sung by Rabi
various mp3 files

Chanting - India
Some examples of rural Bengali songs & chanting

Tonmoyananda's song, 1997
Premananda's song of Baba set to music by his brother Tonmoyananda

Oh Mother! - Song from 1973
A song of the Divine Mother sung at a gathering

Baba's first recorded speech ever
January 5, 1974 Baba is recorded on tape for the first time


NEW: Devotional Songs by Thakur Ma (MP3)
Pranab's sister, Keya Bhattacharya, sings Bengali devotional songs


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