Rabi Sings Some Bhajans

Rabindranath Bhattacharya, affectionately known as "Rabi" by the diciples, has been instrumental in keeping Baba's Ramanathpur Ashram alive and functioning in the years since Baba's passing. He has a wonderful voice and often can be persuaded, to the delight of all, to sing some of the bhajans Baba used to love.

Here are a few of them, recorded by Athena.

1. Tumi Nirmala Koro - "Make Me Blessed, Make Me Pure"

[mp3 version - 10 megs] - [wma version - 5 megs]

This song was loved by Sri Ramakrishna.

Yogananda wrote an English version based on a translation by Premananda called "Make Me Blessed, Make Me Pure."


Download All Songs in one file - 50 megabytes