Some free sample puzzles 
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Odd and Unusual Puzzles

Some Printable Puzzles! Can you solve them?
(Note: The Bitmaps of the puzzles were made by Acrostic3 program!)

Printable Puzzle 1

Printable Puzzle 2

Printable Puzzle 3

Printable Puzzle 4

Printable Puzzle 5

Some free Puzzles in Acrostic3 format!

To load the following Puzzles into Acrostic 3.0 simply select the text and paste it into a text editor or word processor and save it AS A TEXT FILE. (Make sure the Quote line is one line and not wordwrapped). Then load it into Acrostic 3.0 in the usual manner. (These puzzles are for Acrostic 3 only and will not load into Acrostic 2).

Puzzle #3

Puzzle #4

Puzzle #5

Puzzle #6

Puzzle #7

Here are some puzzles "printed" from Acrostic3 to PDF format:

"Who's Unpatriotic?"

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