Acrostic Solver 3 Program

This is a VERY rudimentary solover program. It works only for puzzles up to 26 clues long and is a bit clunky, but it works. It was really just my first test experiment writing a solver and is due for a total rewrite. If you have suggestions about how a solver should work, please email me. You can  Download here now.. free puzzles included!

Acrostic Solver 3 lets you share your puzzles by letting others solve them. It is now in beta-testing and being completed. It is a zip file and comes with 5 free puzzles made by yours truly, for your amusement and enjoyment. If you would like to be a beta-tester for Acrostic 3.0 so you can make your own puzzles, click here.

Note: This program is not done yet! The maximum on Answers is 26!

Click Here to Download Acrostic 3 Solver (Installs itself)

I wanted Solver to be as simple as possible, and free to all. I am working to make it the perfect companion to Acrostic 3.0 puzzle maker, something you could send in an email with some puzzles for a friend or fellow puzzle fan. Still under development.