Download Acrostic 3 Puzzle Maker!


You can download Acrostic 3 by clicking on the link below. 
You can't beat the price!


Acrostic 3 Price: One email report to me and One Puzzle!

That's right. That's the basic cost of Acrostic 3 is one email report sent to me about your experience with the program. What you like/don't like. A report can and should contain any suggestions you would like to make (for the creation of Acrostic 4) about features you would like to see added, how it could be improved. I love hearing from all you users and that is worth as much as money to me!

Also, if you can, please send me the first puzzle you make. I like to see the fruits of my program! 

(Shareware donations also accepted)

Click Here to Download Acrostic 3

Utilities Programs

This is an Install program. All it does is copy files to a directory of your choosing. The default directory is C:\Program Files\Acrostic3, but you can install it anywhere. 

There is also another download containing some utilities I wrote, including a listmanager and a puzzle manager. These are not very developed at this point, kind of rudimentary, but they can be very useful. If you install these to the same directory as Acrostic 3 they become available on the "Tools" menu.

Click Here to Download Utilities

Word List Manager
Build your own topical word lists

Text File Manager
Keep track of text files

Puzzle File Report program
Keep track of all the puzzles you make!