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THMBRK02.jpg (2264 bytes) Sri Ramakrishna  
"Sri Ramakrishna, who was born in 1836 and passed away in 1886, represents the very core of the spiritual realizations of the seers and sages of India. His whole life was literally an uninterrupted contemplation of God. He reached a depth of God-consciousness that transcends all time and place and has a universal appeal." - Swami Adiswarananda
ramana01.jpg (2140 bytes) Ramana Maharshi 
The silent sage of Tiruvanamali living at the feet of the Holy Mountain called "Arunachala," spontaneously enlightened at the age of 17, taught a simple path of self-inquiry and of always pondering the ultimate question: "Who am I?"
Kmurti.jpg (6705 bytes) J. Krishnamurti 
Krishnamurti was "discovered" by a group called the Theosophical Society at the early age of 13. He was declared to be the World Teacher that the group had been awaiting. He was the long awaited one to thousands of followers. In 1929 he renounced all this and stood on his own and dissolved the "Order of the Star". He opened up a new path: a  "pathless path". 
vim1.jpg (2312 bytes)

Vimala Thakar 
Vimala Thakar writes of her experiences and friendship with J. Krishnamurti in her remarkable book, "On an Eternal Voyage." She has traveled the world meeting with small groups of people teaching and sharing her awakening. She now lives at her home in Mt. Abu, India, and often spends some time each year in Dalhousie. 

nisarg.jpg (5011 bytes) Nisargadatta 
Nisargadatta Maharaj has often been compared to Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti, but his teachings are unique in their bold and modern exposition of the most ancient Indian Upanishadic knowledge. 
gurdjief.jpg (5182 bytes) Gurdjieff 
Often called "The Unknowable Mr. Gurdjieff," George Gurdjieff taught a unique path called "The Fourth Way." It was a path of wisdom and practical spirituality brought from the east and combined with the science of the west. 
aurobind.jpg (5758 bytes) Sri Aurobindo 
Originally a freedom fighter in West Bengal, Aurobindo discoved his "Integral Yoga" in prison. On release he left politics behind and went to Pondicherry in South India where he started an ashram. Working with a French woman known as "The Mother," the ashram became one of the truly great ashrams in all of India. He was a hugely prolific writer. One of his works, "Savitri," is the longest poem in the English language.
thmbamma.jpg (6122 bytes) Ammachi 
This contemporary Indian saint was much beloved by Premamayi. In the bhakti tradition she expresses her realization of God through singing bhajans and traveling the world bringing her message of divine love. 
nkb091tn.jpg (5160 bytes) Neem Karoli Baba 
Neem Karoli Baba became known to western seekers through the writings and talks of his western disciple Baba Ram Dass, aka Richard Alpert, former sidekick to Timothy Leary. Neem Karoli was sometimes called "the blanket Guru," since his only possession was a blanket. Once Alpert gave him a strong dose of LSD and nothing whatever happened to the saint.

Anandamayi Ma 
Anandamayi Ma is renowned and beloved by millions throughout the whole of India. She was a lover of Krishna and through intense devotion and love attained the highest state of God realization. She had many ashrams in India and traveled between them to give her darshan and blessings to her many devotees.