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Premamayi's Page
porch02.jpg (12366 bytes) All the devotees and friends of Baba both in America and in India were very grieved to lose our "mother" Premamayi on May 14, 1997. Along with Brahmamayi, she was the center pole and strength of our little American group. Our only consolation is knowing that she is now with her Beloved completely.

Premamayi's last words to Premananda (RealAudio)

Letter from Baba to Athena

"Athena gave this to me a few months before she died. It's a beautiful letter from Baba. I want you to post it on her Web page on the site." - Binodini

Dated 11-20-79


Dear Daughter,

Received your sweet letter in time and very happy to go through this [letter] which is attuned with divine music. Daughter, I bless you for this divine thought and love for human beings.

God is an eternal child playing an eternal game in His eternal garden, and the purpose of human life is to serve and love Him. And we are mere dolls in His hands.

So everything depends on His mercy. I have a mind to go to America in the month of June and you have requested me earnestly to be positive in this respect. But only the grace of Mother can fulfill your desire, and I pray to Divine Mother for Her blessing so that I can stay with you and other devotees and disciples of America with divine pleasure. I also pray to God for your advancement towards the eternal goal.

Blessings to you and all the disciples and devotees of America.



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