Andandamayi Ma (1896 - 1982)

"He alone knows to whom He will reveal Himself under which form. By what path and in what manner He attracts any particular man to Himself with great force is incomprehensible to the human intellect. The Path differs indeed for different pilgrims." Anandamayi Ma 

"Anandamayi Ma, or Blissful Mother, had reached full Self-realization without the help of any system or Guru and without great effort. She freely went into trances and during a deep state of Samadhi, she realized the whole universe as her Self and then saw how the One appears as the many.

Having hardly any education to speak of, she perplexed educated people with her profound answers ever since her realization. When she was thirteen years old she was traditionally married and came to stay with her husband when she was eighteen. However, this was not to be a normal relationship of married couples, instead her husband learned that she was different and, eventually, became her disciple.

At times she displayed Hatha Yoga asanas and produced Mantras without ever having learned these systems. Others around her soon fell into Trance and her reputation started to spread and it did not take long before her disciples grew in numbers. It is known that Yogananda had visited her as had Daya Mata and many more. Of course, people would also come to seek healings of all kinds of afflictions.

The usual anecdotal reports of other extraordinary events are recorded. At one point, Anandamayi Ma quit feeding herself. It is said that her body refused to hold any food. From that point on, around 1924, her worried devotees undertook the task of feeding her. But even when fed, she ate very little.

When asked about the best way to realize God as the Self, she recommended the path of Devotion (Bhakti), also favored by religions including Christians, and the path of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga) favored by Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, and all Vedanta and philosophically minded people. As in the tradition of Vedanta, she insisted that there is only one God and nothing else."


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"It is the pure, undefiled flower that finds a place
at the Feet of the Lord and nowhere else. Take great
care to spend your life in spotless purity, worthy to
be dedicated in worship to the Lord. Speak about Him,
meditate on His Glory, try to see Him in everyone, 
Him who is Self, the breath of life, the heart of 
hearts. You feel lonely? In very truth you are not 
alone. Does the Supreme Friend ever forsake His friends?"

Anandamayi Ma

A Thumbnail Biography
"Though she was never formally initiated by a guru, one evening she spontaneously performed
her own initiation, visualizing both the ritual scene and movements. Simultaneously, she heard
the chanting of initiatory sacred words (mantras) inwardly."

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