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What's New? Page

August 10, 2005

Made a new separate page for the videos to come. Now audio is on one page and videos on another. Working hard on new video content. Thank you, Arjuna and Jeff!

Also started a "blog" and want to let any other disciple who wants to start one do so. It connected with Baba's saying we should keep a "spiritual diary" and the idea hit me: "spiritual blog." Because a blog is basically a diary.

I doubt if I'll be disciplined about keeping it up, but who knows?

As the Baba video work begins in earnest I'll be adding to in various ways. Time to expand a bit.

Work begins on subtitles

New page for "Baba Speaks"

Put some pictures from Guru purnima 2005 here:

NEW! Ashram Chanting MP3

You can now download and listen to an Mp3 file I have made of the chanting at the ashram. More Mp3's will be posted soon. 

Ashram chanting: Hare Krishna kirtan

Excerpts from the Kathamritha

In the Spiritual Gallery section I have started to post some excerpts from The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. A link is there as well to the full work online. 

New Kathamrita page is here.

Premananda's new Video Page

I am starting a year's worth of working using the pictures of Baba to make new videos. These will be put onto real DVDs and made available to disciples, or anybody who wants them. Some of video tests are already online for anyone interested to see how the work is going. Much thanks to Arjuna and Shuk Dev for enabling this new work.

The new video page is here.

New Server operational!

We have moved to a new server as of July 22, 2004 with increased disk space, so we plan to expand a good deal, especially offering more pictures and more videos.
My To Do List (reminders to myself)

Change all sound files to MP3 files. I have had it will real media! Their player never works, sounds crappy, and MP3 is now established as the dominent sound format. More sound files will be offered of Baba speaking, chanting, and of the disciples chanting.

Question for disciples: How can we make certain Baba materials, such as the DVDs I am planning to make, available to people in general? Is there anyone who would volunteer to do things like mailing? Would we use something like PayPal to deal with covering costs of materials and mailing? Who could handle that?