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Prahlad Video Page


Baba Meets His Guru (Embedded Windows media player)
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This is the first section of the "Guru Story" video (1976) that I have added subtitles to, something I have wanted to do for over 20 years! More sections coming as I do them.

New! "Guru Story" in DivX  format. (Click "DivX" at left to get free codec). Higher quality than the WMV file above!

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Note, DivX files are a little bigger so there may be short wait at first, but it is worth it in quality, especially for saving for future use.

"Everybody Hurts" - streaming video, full version
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Within a relatively short time we lost two disciples of Baba, Athena Kouzan and Steve Feinman, and one friend, John Batiste whose home Baba visited 3 times. This video is dedicated to them. I am currently re-making this video in a higher resolution and quality.

Video 1 - Baba talks in Brooklyn, NY, 1976
Excerpt from a video tape of Baba talking in Bengali

What is Holi? - Subtitled talk, India, 1974
Bengali audio speech with English subtitles (excerpt)

What is Peace - Subtitled talk, India, 1978
Another subtitled Bengali speech (excerpt)

The above were my very first attempts at the subtitle process. I didn't have the tools I have now so I couldn't get very far, but it helped me envision what I am doing now.

3D Baba Motion Tests


More to come....