Examples of Sightings of
Probable Scalar Weapon Activity
as cited by Tom Bearden at www.cheniere.org

Mushroom clouds from "cold explosions," Tesla domes sighted, taking over a pilot's mind. All quotes by Tom Bearden.
1. Endothermic exhaust plumes on Soviet island
"The right picture shows the "puff" of an explosive emergence of the exhaust. In other words, this one is the exhaust from a "dumping transfer" howitzer used in the pulsed exothermic mode. Since it did not have so much energy to dump, it could dump it in a pulse. Again, the primary howitzer, of course, was activated in the endothermic mode. "  
2. More probable howitzer plumes
"These exhausts from Bennett Island are euphemistically called plumes by U.S. weather analysts."
3. Location of many anomalous exhaust plumes
"This slide shows the location of three areas of interest relative to Soviet scalar EM weapons testing."
4. Site of Mystery Mushroom cloud, seen by several pilots
"The location of the "cold explosion" off the coast of Japan on April 9, 1984. The site of the explosion was only about 200 miles from downtown Tokyo. It was seen by the crews of several jet airliners, including Japan Air Lines Flight 36."
5. Giant mushroom cloud erupted above the ocean south of the Kuril Islands
"It also was a direct "stimulus" to the Japanese and the rest of the world: That is, stimulate the system and see if the scientists recognize what happened. If they do, then they know about scalar EM weapons. If they don't, then their countries know nothing of scalar EM weapons, and those countries are defenseless against them. "
6. April '84 Cold explosion
"Indeed, this highly anomalous cloud was due to a cold explosion -- a test of a Soviet scalar EM howitzer in the pulsed endothermic mode. "
7. Cold explosion signature
"Indeed, we know it was a cold explosion. As I've stated previously, a colleague has in fact produced the basic effect over a dish of water in the laboratory, using a small scalar interferometer in the endothermic mode. "
8. April '84 cold explosion: seismic activity ruled out
"Dr. Walker and his colleagues performed a comprehensive analysis of the data recorded by the hydrophones in and around the time of the incident in question. The data shows the absence of any natural seismic or volcanic event that could have caused the April 9th phenomenon off the coast of Japan."
9. What is a "Tesla shield?"
"Such a shell may be several hundred miles in diameter at the base. The enormous energy required to form such a defense shell is obtained by a "scalar power tap" into the molten core of the earth itself, as previously explained."
10. Tesla shield sighted, Mar. 20, 1969
"This is directly indicative of a test of the Tesla shield, first as a small, more intense shield and then expanding to greater size for a less intense shield whose primary destructive mechanism is EMP. Note that the EMP in a Tesla shield is locally contained in the energy-bottle shell. It is not an ordinary EMP of energy radiated out of the shell."
11. Mar. 24, 1977 sighting of Tesla shield with two smaller orbs
"Here is a second instance of apparent Soviet testing of the hemispherical Tesla shield over the ocean. This time it is combined with simultaneous testing of two smaller scalar interferometers creating Tesla globes of EM energy."
12. Large Tesla shields seen in Soviet Union from Afhanistan, 17 August 1980
"In short, with these systems an essentially 100% ABM and anti-bomber defense is possible. Further, the Soviets have possessed such an effective defense for two decades, just as they have openly stated."
13. Another Scalar Weapons test observed, CIA report
"However, note the date --mid 1966! The Soviets have therefore been testing such scalar weapons of enormous size and power for at least two decades. This implies that development must have started at least a decade earlier, or in the mid '50s"
14. Another dome observered by pilots, June, 1982
"The diameter of the ball was estimated as at least 18-27 kilometers by the pilots. Depending upon the actual distance to the sphere, it may have been of much larger size."

15. June 22, 1976 Dome observered over North Atlantic
By 2140 hrs the sphere had faded and disappeared. The sphere was sufficiently thin that the stars could be seen through it at all times."
16. Intense continuous Tesla fireball witnessed Sept. 1976
"Here is another incident that represents a stimulus to the British government, to see if the British are aware of scalar electromagnetics."
17. Giant arcs in sky observered in 1961, test of earliest scalar weapons system
"This was probably a test of an early research and development prototype, since Khrushchev had only announced his new "fantastic weaponry" in development in his January, 1960 speech to the Soviet Presidium"
18. Other indicators of Scalar Testing
Anomolous cloud formations betray scalar action on the Woodpecker grid; electrical strikes and power grid phenomena; seemingly "paranormal" phenomena
19. Photograph of scalar marker beacon near shuttle launch site
Did the Soviets sabatoge the Challenger?
20. Possible Mind-control event, and current status of electromagnetic WMD
"When was the last time the "talking heads" national news media --- or our own government --- alerted us to the growing Yakuza threat in heartland U.S.A.? They already have scalar interferometers, including smaller portable ones they have made in their own facilities in Japan, taking back the technology they leased from the KGB at the end of 1989." 
21. EM missile practice, example
22. Scalar Tesla dome sighted, 1969
23. Another Tesla dome sighting, 1977
"Disappeared after two minutes."
24. Dome seen by many residents, Virgin Islands
25. Yugoslav Earthquake, Followed by Cold Explosion
"At Kamenari Adriatic sea mushroomed up like atomic bomb explosion, signature of a cold explosion"
26. Probable scalar mind-control, the mysterious flight of Capt. Button
27. Another scalar induced mind-control crash
"Psychoenergetic strike induced an instant hynogogic trance, shifted pilot's sense of up and" down.
28. Unprecented failure of all four engines of an HC-130 aircraft, all at once
29. Kill of Arrow DC-8, Gander AFB, Dec. 12, 1985
"Eyewitness observed beams form in the sky."
30. Strange Iran quake of 1978
"Anomalous depth, no aftershocks, strange epicenter." More
31. Russian attempts to ban "frightful new weapons."
"On July 2, 1975, Brezhnev repeated his proposed ban on development of frightful new weapons, to a group of U.S. senators... No one had the foggiest notion of what the Russians were talking about!"
32. Microwave Radiation of U.S. Embassy in Moscow
"Two Ambassadors died, another sickened."
33. "Bright Skies" Evidence of scalar weapons testing in the Australian outback
from Nexus Magazine: "The massive, high-altitude, blue-white light energy flashes are possibly due to Tesla EM wave emission coupling briefly with the upper atmosphere, whereas the ground-level flashes are possibly due to the operation of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (located either in Australia or overseas) that is transmitting EM energy through the planet to the antipodean target site where electrical arc energy is being violently released"
34. Probable current status of Scalar Weapons
"Five nations now have it: Brazil, Russia (KGB), China, and two nations friendly to the U.S. 

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy, lots of things got available for lease or purchase that would never have been under the old system.  That happened in the resulting economic chaos.  The Russian Mafia rose to prominence, as did some wheeling and dealing entrepreneurs who played both ends against the middle.

"In that atmosphere, and in the need for money, the KGB allowed leasing of the earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometers to a consortium of the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo."

35. Overview of the powers of Scalar Weapons
"The Woodpecker transmitters can carry scalar components which, in addition to biological strikes, can be used for many other purposes