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Rabi's Page
Rabi (Rabindranath Battacharya) lives in a house which belonged to his parents, in an ancient neighborhood in the area of Calcutta known as Shyambazar. Since he was a young man Rabi was interested in spiritual matters. However, he had become convinced that no real Gurus still exist in modern times.

As an employee of the State Bank of India (where he still works) in the early seventies, Rabi one day received a visit from a coworker, who showed him a picture of Baba. Rabi took one look at the picture and said, "I will go to see him". He left work and set out for the village of Ramanathpur that very day.

Since that time, Rabi has always been one of the closest and most trusted disciples of Baba. Rabi also speaks excellent English and was there at the ashram to help when the first young people from America began arriving according to the cosmic schedule (this was in 1974). For that reason alone, the great assistance and encouragement he gave to all, Rabi occupies a special place in the minds of the American disciples. Since Baba's passing Rabi has also served as the organizer and president of the ashram committee, which holds to Baba's wishes and directs the ashram when issues arise - about this job alone, a book could be written. Rabi has unselfishly served Baba all of these many years, and has said that his only wish is to please his Guru.

Shyambazaar area near Rabi's house

When the American disciples visit India, a stay at Rabi's home is de rigeur. In the smaller of the two bedrooms, right next to the head of the narrow bed where Rabi has slept for decades, is a small wooden table with a pair of Baba's sandals lovingly placed on a knitted mat - close enough to reach out in the night and touch them.

Rabi is considering retirement within one year, and plans to spend some time each year in retreat at Ananda Ashram once his work duties have been resolved.

You can hear Rabi singing some Bengali bhajans HERE.

Molina, Purnima, and Rabi at Molina's house