Letters of Condolence for Premamayi

Molina’s letter to Sivananda
Dear Sivananda,

When I get any letter from your side I feel very happy. When I received you letter I didn't know what I should write to you. I feel like I have lost everything.

I’ll be here the whole life but I will never forget how much joy I got from you people in those four months. I can not forget it. All the time I wait for a letter from Premamayi.

When I get that letter, I get shakti. I have lost my mother. Whether you will receive my letter I do not know. Bapi (Jeff), I always expect a letter from you. Send me a letter if you feel like it.

I lost my mother. You convey my best regards, respect and love to everyone there. I sent the same to Rabi Da, with Bapimuni, the day Premamayi departed. Rabi Da got the message the the following day, but sent no word to me about it. I was very shocked not to get any word about it.

Had you not given me a letter I would not have known anything about it. I informed Rabi Da when I found out about it. I have sent Premamayi two letters. I was waiting to hear from my mother but I will not get a letter from my mother anymore. I have lost my mother forever. If I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.

yours, Molina

Rabi's Letter to Sivananda

Om - Ma - Om
Om - Guru - Om

19th June 1997

Dear Sivananda,

Our beloved and respected Gurudev named Athena Premamayee. The greatness of her name is justified. A good number of disciples and devotees attended the condolence meeting to preserve her memory. The meeting took place in the Samadhi temple. First we observed silence. We chanted so many hymns. Many of us and myself sang devotional songs. Everybody sand her praise.

Malina was speechless. When she started to glorify mother Premamayee, she was weeping all along her speech. Malina and Nayan were greatly touched. Myself garlanded her picture. We placed fruits and sweets as oblation.

It has been decided in the meeting that a room would be built. The name of the room would be Premamayee Memorial. Half of the ash of her death body would be placed in one of the corners of the room. Tombstone would be built there.

Premamayee observed that a few disciples used to go to sleep at night in nearby disciples’ home at the time of Annakut festival. She did not like it. So she told us to build one or two rooms. Rest of the ash would be immersed in the mother Ganges. It has also been decided in the meeting that if our mother Athena or American brothers and sisters have instruction regarding the ash of mother Premamayee’s pyre, it should be followed up first. Please let us know about it. Please write me beforehand about ... any disciple who would come at the Calcutta Airport with mother’s ash. Someone or myself would go to the Calcutta Airport to receive them.

Would it possible for you to send us a beautiful picture of mother Premamayee or its negative? Malina gave us a small picture of Mother Athena. We placed it on the Altar. The picture is good but the eyes are hazy because of glasses.

Mother Premamayee was the embodiment of PREM. Prem and Pranam to you and your wife and affectionate love to your babies.