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arrows2.jpg (6463 bytes) Thakur as Revealed to Pranab
Chapter 12

"The flow of Para Vidya (the cult of becoming learned in the Eternal Knowledge) had been my only essence for which I became beloved to all those people. With rapt attention they would hear me, with all keenness they would stick to me, season in and season out, and lastly, they would, with all eagerness, try to follow my precepts, so that, an atmosphere of a sacred state could prevail within their daily activities.

My Lord, ceaselessly, carried me over from place to place. As I had the scope to see the manifestations of the Creator in the stature of those villagers, so, also, I had the greatest handicap concerning taking my meals. Seldom I had the occasion to having cooked rice in their houses. Instead I used to quench my hunger by means of certain food-stuff other than cereals. Of course, there would have been certain devotees who always would give me cereals to be cooked by my own hands.

In those times I had the least desire to cook the food. I feel it a sordid task to exert my body and mind to get any morsel of rice and a little curry.

Unfed to the extent and ill-clad on the verge of nakedness could never stir my feelings with any sense of arrogance. The Mother had taught me her hidden virtues due to Her will. This was my only treasure which She gave me at a time when I was fully ignorant of the worldly life. It was my poverty which really became my only source to acquire the Truth. So, if ever there takes place any otherwise designs in the leading of my life, then, with all frankness I should admit that those designs would definitely confiscate my sound virtues.

Within the atmosphere of straitened conditions and stringency in the background of my first life I became the recipient of the caressing touch of the Mother. That’s why money and food could not deter me from my attitude towards the noble life. The more I threw aside these two inevitable requirements and the more I had curtailed my demands, the more I was counted upon by the villagers as their only well-wisher.

To perform Pujah in a noble manner was my only desire. I made it a point to burn ghee for performing the ‘Homa’ Pujah at least once throughout a day long. The significance is that I had never been thwarted in this stupendous task. Only a little while ago of performing this Pujah I had never been able even up to this moment, to locate the house of my cause. But, whatever would happen it had happened all for the best.

It was a fact, that, I had to cover miles after miles on feet, in order to get that sacred house in my sight. Either the day would merge in the darkness of the night, or the night would hold only a very little time to be swept away by the blazoning of the dawn, I had always been fortunate to get at least a devotee who would assist me in my Pujah. Again on the following day I would leave.

If utensils are not washed then fungus would grow on the surface. Similarly, just like the current in a river the Sanyasin must roam helter and skelter.

The Mother of the Universe has woven Her creation likewise a spider’s web. She remains at the central position spreading Her web to a bigger space and on Her own will again she either casts the web to a farther greater span or consumes the web within Her self. Maya or (illusion) has been the only essence in Her mode of creation. This means that this essence has gone within the heart of Her beings. But, we do not care to understand that we are consumed by the Force of the Universe likewise any pest is consumed by a spider if it is trapped by the web.

Illusion is the only phenomenon in this cosmos. As an insect acquits itself, at times, from the greatest pot-hole by means of its sound constitution and tough attitude, similarly, a human being can get rid of this illusion if and when the being is tinged by a mind full of devotion and the surrendering attitude to the Feet of the Mother. In that case this type of being sees in every other object his own resemblance, and hence serves the humanity wholeheartedly by the blood of his breast. The "ego" is disintegrated to the dust. Everywhere the part and parcel of his "ego" is blended with the supernatural. So, the spider in the wheel of illusion understands the feelings of such a being and makes him free (Jivan Mukta) from the bondage of birth.

The cycles of operation, in the formation of Karma (work and actions) during our own life speaks all about the actual characteristics. The magnitude of work and action in any life is undoubtedly unfathomable and difficult to justify. Yet, amidst our activities there seems always something perceptible bearing either good or evil phenomenon. That is why we can easily pass our remarks concerning any individual. Remarks have been scathing and raucous as and when there has been ignominious under-taking by any being. Similarly, a good deal of appreciation has always poured out of our lips when the magnanimity of the men concerned has been the only achievement.

Thus, we classify the tendency of any being according to the respective deeds one would perform. That is, the proverb goes—habit is the second nature. And, from the particular out-look which one might exhibit as his natural gift becomes an underlying truth. Where the virtue has been vivacious there it shows that reciprocity of the conscience has gone up, proportionately, with the same soundness and sweet imposition.

A conscience has always been remarkable only when the doer is not provoked by any arrogance and vindictive attitude. There the conscientious man always tries to adjust within all adversities which means, that, the "ego" is disintegrated to the dust.

The cycle of operation, known as Death, is the single fun for any object. What is Death? That is the only question which is lurking within the mind. It is an age-long search for which the First man on this earth had stripped his mind to his last day. Up to this moment the curiosity that had stirred the mind of the First man is ringing with the same severity and has not ceased to work within the heart of the present day beings.

Actions are aggravated with reactions. Every work is judged by its merit. As and where the merit of any individual has shown outstanding brilliance there it has been commended to exceedingly.

Merit is established every moment in the field of this man-made society. But, there are certain factors which we never count upon; rather, we are victims to these perpetual changes. This single law holds good for both animate and non-animate objects.

From the very start of the neo-natal stage for any being it is seen, that, 4 different stages crop up simultaneously. That is, the first stage being childhood is taken over by the youthful stage and this second colossal part of the life moves on towards maturity which sets in at our later life. Finally, this maturity is consumed by the old age which is the fourth order of merit for any life.

In a man-made society only the best are counted upon and appreciated with certain rewards. We never see any partiality in the Law of the Universe. After one covers up the four consecutive stages, then, the end is rewarded by a single common form, known as Death.

So, death is the inevitable law for any object that we see throughout our own life. The personal gain, within the span of the life shall exist so long the next best is not found out. With the time factor again, the merit or skill of a being is transformed to the dust.

Really, we have been ambitious for an over-all achievement in which all that is earthly will be embedded. We forget that whatsoever we shall possess by dint of our wisdom will have to be left at the beck and call of the Death. If this is the only outcome of a life-long struggle, then, should we bid a halt to our working spirit and stay aside?

For this question the answer has to be woven. We live in a society which has developed as we see now. Only a man’s life is not the sole issue on this earth. There is the woman by the side also. Romanticism within the both has been the common factor.

The well lingered span of a life is found to flow within the bond of marriage. The effect, in almost all occasions, is there. That is, sons and daughters are born.

In a developed society the requisite issues, confronting the aspects for every day amenities, grow on. It is a fact that the standard of living in each age had been best for that moment. In the passing state the picture in a society has been either wiped out, or has gone into another transformation .

While a life as embodied then the question of maintenance has to be counted upon. This means, that, the fighter has to exert his ability to the greatest extent. Difficulties in each step are very many. Somewhere these become unsurmountable. Always the end has to be acquired by means of certain exchange. Money or other treasures have been the only agent to give us a scope to lead a life there in the fierceful realities.

Obviously, the question of a treasure has built the basic criterion for a smooth life. On top of everything there is Death which peeps in without giving any warning. Life being transient everybody thinks, so very often, of amassing a treasure for their respective posterity.

But, how many amongst us has been active in corroboration with the virtues that are within each and every individual? Selfish out-look has made us a specie of our own. There we are infallible to practise our own mode of attitude; which means we are lost, times without number, in inventing the means in order to get the flow in our family life. Hardly the ways are found out than exhaustion creeps in the mind of a good deal of fighters where so many finally has to step down.

Nevertheless, we must reconcile all the inconsistencies and incongruities in a way which shall not deviate our conscience towards an egoistic state. Every life has to become remarkable, - if not in this birth, then surely in course of next, and the next, and so on.

That life which is besmeared with the scum of a hellish state will ultimately regain consciousness for a clean deal in his or her own span of life. It is not unnatural to think in terms that the present state of affairs in the life of any individual has been a matter of struggle.

As a matter of fact, struggling for achieving the goal has always been extraordinary. The same work may have to be conducted by another person with much more zeal and tough attitude. Actually, the ratio of force that is applied, or the type of application of the brain power that is set in, for getting the due result has differed always.

There is no standardised criterion to perform any work. We notice always that a man of no education at his back has got more power within him to enchant people at his front. Probably, he describes something with a good deal of mistakes in grammar, as well as his sayings with the least of vocabularies. Another man, having degrees and diplomas, when extended his desire to tell something on the same issue could not captivate the heart of the hearers.

This we see so very often. What it is then which subdues the ratio of this so-called knowledge! Definitely, there is something hidden in certain persons. Either it may be personality, or personality-cum-intuition has been the vital force.

He who is endowed with this gift will play the role in a supreme way. The action will be more forceful only when the quality within is more consolidated.

However, it might be deduced that we are engrossed in our own field of operation due to innumerable adversaries. Life itself within the cage of our body is struggling tooth and nail, to fight the malignant diseases. Actually, a body survives to its last only due to a stamina known as immunity. The more is the immunity within our body to resist the awful diseases, the more is the soundness for a big span of life.

The only word immunity is the real vital force to keep the constitution in a body ever active for a more prolonged career throughout the span of a life. Similarly our activities in our life will give us a peaceful recess if only we do not cling to a state of irrationality. As a matter of fact, irrationality grows due to the influence of instinct. And instinct is essentially a phenomenon for the beasts.

Beasts cannot talk neither has the power to understand any reasons in their daily life. Rather, prowess is their only means to exert superiority over other beasts. So, it is absurd to think of any rationality in their attitude.

Although rationality is the foremost quality in the human beings, yet it is found that human beings are mostly inclined towards certain irrational phenomenons being absolutely in the category of instinctive. So very often we are influenced by anger, lust or bitterness. Where we should have observed silence in order to avoid further clash, with anybody, while in dispute, there, we had exerted tenacity and adamant out-look for an everlasting rivalry. Then, where is the merit of having our birth as human beings? Nevertheless, we are ultimately in and out a rational being. That is, a dispute is impeded with an ulterior motive for peace. Actually peace sets in rapidly in the midst of dispute if and when one of the either parts would forego the irrational attitude to a greater extent.

Patience and forbearance are the most active agents in the life of human beings for the cult towards rationality. These two merits are the only weapons to fight the instinct within us with a view to acquiring good habits. By dint of practice only, the good qualities like love, affection, charity and hospitality are inculcated. It is easier to land a slur or a slap against an attack; but, it is really hard to swallow, head-foremost, all the stings of the opponent at the cost of surrendering the other cheek on the tip of being beaten.

Rationality means equilibrium of mind. Mind is like loose mustard seeds which are so very small grains. Mustard seeds packed in a bag is undoubtedly a matter of relief. But if these mustard seeds get scattered on the ground, it is a hellish task to pick up these oily grains which often slip out of the clutch. Similarly, human mind is exactly like mustard seeds scattered in the region of our heterogeneous senses.

In general the sense in the human beings are rough. As we till a speck of land perfectly to the requisite extent, similarly, by means of a series of practice we transform rough senses into finer states.

One shall be able to thrive in the matter concerning formation of sharp senses only when the consciousness is active, as well as the bid to become conscious is spontaneous. By sheer practising only a man can bring about equilibrium of mind. It has been always noticed in the life history of the great that the more the being is rational the less is the "ego". And, in such persons only two things are prominent. That is, personality and intuition are two phenomenons working hand in them.

Of course, these two merits are developed as gifts ultimately. Personality focuses external potency over the countenance and intuition focuses internal divinity within the core of the heart.

To get hold of a state of equilibrium one must reconcile his earthly egoistic views and eliminate the "self" which is tinged with instinctive factors.

As a matter of fact, I am a fortunate being. The great Mother has very kindly given me the scope to realise the intricacies concerning the established Truths.

I had enormous somersaults and these tumultuous onslaughts never broke within my heart any note of sigh. Despondent although I had been at times yet, marvelously the Blessed Mother spoke within me all the utility of those awful setbacks and consoled me every time for a more brighter culmination.

There I have understood that the more we are selfless and attached to performing benevolent deeds on the name of the Mother, then, only our work and action (Karma) will have more eloquence over Death.

Our work and actions are interlinked with very many desires. Once the "self" is triumphed, then, the state or desires will be likewise taking off the petals of an onion. When the petals of an onion is scaled off, then, it is seen that the last petal gave away giving no seed in our hand.

Death will have no hold over that life which has attained perfection in the sense and the desires will be eliminated while harnessing the work and action throughout the whole span of life. To work is the only right and as regards the effect we have no right to weave any design within our heart.

Thus when the personal is transformed into the Impersonal, then, the liberty to become likewise an onion is established. Here, every petal of work and action being void of any desire will have no scope to undergo any active change and hence each petal of work and action will remain in a passive state, and when the final and the last work of this type of being will be operated will cover up the final passive action which definitely is an Impersonal mass.

That means the soul being a part and parcel of the Omnipotent Being will get blended with It, and the badge of work and action of the "self" will confiscate the scope of having any rebirth.

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