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Chapter 13

Devotion is the primary cult that the human beings undertook with the very dawn of consciousness within the heart. Mind clings to the learning of various episodes which finally lead us to the fulfillment of developing the career. Ambition undoubtedly conflagrates the mind to explore into the region of the unknown faculties. There we get the key which is known as eagerness in order to detonate our ambition for final victory.

But, this detonation of the mind is seldom spontaneous. That is, our eagerness is never tuned up constantly. Always it is fluctuating due to the fact that human beings are having counter blows in their individual working centre. Once the conducive atmosphere is secured due to our emotional outlook, then, at the very moment certain set-backs break us into pieces.

We lose the vigour for onward journey. Instead we retrace our path and even get below the state of the incipient stage of the eagerness with which we had first started our mission.

Unless the stages are covered up systematically and hindrances are overcome, there is no way to keep the devotion working within.

Because, ambition working under the influence of eagerness, so every often gets distracted due to very many aspects, so, it is really hard to keep the flag of eagerness, for a particular ambition, flying. By being a devotee only we may, to a certain extent, operate our mind.

A devotee in general is he who has tendered his desires to be supplemented by means of a surrendering attitude. While doing this task he may have to remain life long a man clinging to his perseverance and intuition. That is, our eagerness to remain attached to consciousness must be our sole object. While in this state, it is not unnatural to face so many varied affairs within the fold of our domestic causes.

Human beings are endowed with the only one weapon which is known as "consciousness." With the very growth of a child this consciousness also shapes into an active operative phenomenon. Environment is the main source in order to elongate the growth of the consciousness. So, consciousness is tended by the respective orders what we see in the lives of different people.

Being mostly liable to the fold of the environment one is aptly initiated by the working figure-heads from the very state of childhood. Naturally, consciousness is dawned in the heart at par with the respective family cult. It is more a training imparted by means of induction. Also, it is really difficult to establish this virtue.

However, I had noticed as a boy in my teens that my parents were benevolent and God-fearing in their every attitude to the sustenance of life. Our house had the good reputation even on tip of misery and suffering. We had never bothered to earn any living by hook or by crook.

So, during my sojourn, as a boy, I had preferred to observe silence and starvation amidst my innumerable trials and sufferings.

I had my eagerness fired by a series of optimistic emotion. Always I had to cling to the attitude of my environment that I had seen prevailing within our small house. Being God-fearing, by all means, I had all along dissociated myself from the fold of my activity leading to the region of calumny.

That is, any way or other I had learnt to surrender myself at the altar of The Lord. Gradually, the phases, covering the trials made me tough as well as honest.

In this way I could cross the final hurdle comprising of the different aspects of devotion. The Goddess Mother manifested Her overall influence in all the complexities with which I came across.

She is the only Mother of the Universe. In Her only lies all the Forces of the cosmos. It is Her sole desire to manifest Her Force in all the living and non-living objects. Her manifold disintegration into endless combinations, both in the sphere of form and formless, shall not confiscate Her wholesome Energy.

Life and Death are but Her two forms. In life if she has disintegrated Her Force in the multifarious typical different forms, then, in the next moment She integrates Her lost Force by giving Death to Her created objects.

Permutation and combination are the only diversities in all spheres of our known and unknown planes. Yet, out of these constant changes She is united by Her Own Eternal Process.

We are stunned to watch the brain power of the Great men in our front. We are apt to appreciate the ingenuity of such men. But, we are indifferent to assess the Nature’s enormous creative resources. The way She operates Her essence at the background of Her manifold creation is, as yet—since time immemorial—a secret.

We get blind in front of a candle emitting light of a higher intensification. The morning sun which soothes our eyes and mind radiates scorching rays in the noon, and in that occasion it is never a pleasant object. Also, the sun in the noon looks so very small in size. Is it absurd to think then that the Mother of the Universe remaining invisible will be unfathomable luminous?

She is endless, infinite, with all Her Jyoti (luminosity). We are amazed to see the powers in certain men and women. What is the extra power that ignites the stature of these beings and enables them to focus their personality over their countenance?

Have we not noticed that the proportion of the power-ratio has differed in comparison to the next genius? Either one becomes great or the other is greater or the next one is much greater and greatest and so on. Nowhere the power in a human being has reached the culmination. It has always been relative and every next moment, we find, that there was a gap in the accession of more vigorous thoughts to be filled up by another thinker.

So, we may surmise that it is not possible for any human being to get hold the whole Energy in his own miniature constitution. It is a fact too, that, a small receptacle cannot contain all the water of the ocean.

The Lord has hidden all the qualities by His own process. Only the thinker of a particular line, by means of his eagerness explores into that region and pulls out the thread for his guidance. Here this particular eagerness works in the form of wisdom and the Lord sanctions His favour to the seeker of that particular line.

Actually, the devotees in the guise of ascetics are void of any earthly desires. They surrender their desire at the Feet of the Lord and remain prayerful to get the only Omnipotent which is also Omniscient. The Sanyasin (ascetic) also enkindles his all eagerness to get the touch of Lord.

Every action transforms into something that is undoubtedly new. So, eagerness finally sharpens consciousness and elevates the merit of consciousness to a greater extent. Truth-seekers dealing with different aspects will have the scope to form in their consciousness respective affinity for the object. The Sanyasin definitely aspires for the Lord and his devotion in the form of eagerness will enable him to get the Lord of the Universe.

That is, who is for what? A truth-seeker in the line of discovery or invention is trying to bring out the secrets concerning the basic laws of the Force. But, a Sanyasin is after "Him" who is the possessor of all the Laws of the Force.

Who is fortunate? The man who gets the treasure or the man who secures the owner of the treasure as his most intimate?

Obviously, the latter is fortunate as well as more powerful than the former.

Nevertheless, the process to explore into the region of consciousness is always the same. The Lord and His treasure are both opulent objects glittering with luminosity. Every heart is having a mirror known as consciousness. The majority amongst us are having this mirror absolutely veiled by ignorance. Eagerness in the form of devotion is the only weapon to lift the veil of this mirror.

The devotional attitude is all for the best. That is, perfect concentration with the less tinge of "ego" is required with a view to being a devotee.

To become a devotee to the truest sense means attainment of the highest height. The only desire from within our heart has got to be tended to the path of Bhakti (devotion). Emotion functions within our heart in order to establish our own individuality against our eagerness for any object. Where eagerness is high, there our emotion also is large.

It shall have the reciprocity if and when our desire for the matter concerned is maintained through and through. In that occasion emotion plays its note just like a terrific flood in a river. Emotion in its next phase gives way to the path of inspiration.

Inspiration is the only phenomenon hidden within the core of mind for the final achievement. A small plant is eaten up by a goat or a cow if it is not kept within a case made of wire-netting. Similarly, inspiration vanishes very often due to inclemency in the mental region.

At this odd moment we always exert our all-out ability to hold patience and forbearance. A little fickleness within our mind shall not enable us to work whole-heartedly for the cause. Truly, patience and forbearance are two lock-gates which check the path of concentration from being drifted away.

The word "concentration" means forcible detention. When anybody is kept in a concentration camp, then there is no other alternative but to surrender to the wishes of the oppressor. In the same way Sanyasins (devotees) surrender their "ego" at the feet of the Almighty. They keep their "self" in the region of concentration. That is, they are saved from the effect of horrible Vasana (desires).

I should say, that, my Karma (work and action) was gradually leading me to a passive state and hence, I ceased to be a Sadhaka (devotee) from practising the Tantra-cult (a state of higher order where the Goddess Mother comes in front of the worshipper) in the Burning Ghat.

It is about forty years ago from today (1962) I was given the bid by the Mother to practise concentration of the mind within the four walls of Ramanathpur Ashrama. Hence, I had very little opportunity to leave my hut. As my reputation as a monk had scattered in the distant villages, so, people of both sexes, used to remain squatted in front of my door for even two days at a stretch.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that women are susceptible to the awful onslaught of the act of Destiny in their respective home-front. So, I had to receive their visits with all my heart.

During the time of my Sadhana (meditation) within the closed doors it used to be their greatest difficulty to get me in the normal state. It was never unusual with the visitors to wait hours together in order to catch a glimpse of me. In one word I had my own inclination towards the Absolute and the visitors had their own inclination to meet their desired point of intersection.

In general I used to be available by them but always in the evening of the day. This means, my discussion with those people would continue even after the darkness of the night had set in. There would have been people who were from distant villages, and hence, the question to get back to their respective houses became a problem. It became with them a common occurrence to spend the night on the tip of the greatest disadvantages in my Ashrama (hut).

Definitely, I was apathetic to very many affairs. I was not my own master to while away the time. The tranquillity in my mind used to be stirred by those who used to call at me. The duration of the cleavage in my Yoga (meditation) would get filled up constantly due to the great wish of my Master.

Ardently, the people would seek my advice for their new order of life, in vain; because although remaining within them I used to be impregnable at the approach of the night.

That was my actual state of affairs in those days. But there are queer type of men who do not feel scared to spread calumny on the good name of certain men. Likewise, I had to sustain scathing remarks, so very often, while in deep concentration and meditation.

Once it went so far as to the point of calumny, that, it shook the foundation of my character. The villagers of Ramanathpur forgot, once again, their own sense of decency and jumped on me one fine morning with their full-throated slanders and offensive remarks. They had no tangible brief to cite against my good name; rather, they were a whirl-wind of their own design.

A devotee always maintains a mind as that of a student. There the age is not the criterion. He is a best devotee who has banished his "ego" from the heart and has the virtue within to hear only, and has forsaken the attitude to hurt anybody. In the pitch of their arrogance I had the least inclination to argue against.

The tussle took the shape of most high-handedness and the leaders of the affray shouted out with a note of caution, that, all my bonafides could be counted upon if only I would remain alive for a few days within the four walls of my deity’s room from that very moment. Actually they had wanted me to stay within my small room without any food and water for a period of long seven days. Without any further altercation of words, soberly I went inside the room and knelt down, with folded hands and tears in my eyes, in front of the image of the Goddess Kali.

Oh! What a solace! What a bright manifestation of the Goddess Kali! The closed room was through and through dark.

Instantaneously, the Mother started emitting Her celestial Light from Her own body and made the room fluorescence-lit. I felt the Mother in the other way for so many years. I was least in my "self" and saw the Mother in the Divine Form and the great step the Gracious Mother took in my favour was so very thrilling and enchanting! The Mother came Herself to me and lifted me over Her Divine Lap! All my consciousness was taken over by the Super-consciousness and I became One with that Big One for all the seven days of trial.

It was a ruthless challenge instituted by a pack of skeptics about my devotion. At least I had been moving up to that moment, on the name of The Mother of the Universe.

I had been practising the formalities of being a Sanyasin. Brahmacharyam (celibacy) was my only vow and fully I was observing the principles heart and soul. As to the purity within me there was no dearth of credence, yet, a few turbulent men did not spare their pains to perpetrate their preposterous conviction concerning my state of affairs.

For long 7 days I did not feel the Nature’s call within me. Both my appetite and thirst for a glass of drinking water got quenched due to the preoccupation of the Divine Mother within me.

How could I explain the inner significance which had happened, within my heart, particularly when I was beyond the region of senses.

What is Pran (Life)? As within a ray of light there are hidden seven spectrums, similarly Pran (Life) within the cell of a body becomes a combination of certain forces. Pran is never Brahman (soul) itself. Rather it is the Jyoti (Divine Light) of the Lord, or, we may say that it is the Force which the Lord Himself emanates, constantly, out of Illusion (Maya).

He who has the power of introspection is a man of wisdom. There are two types of wisdom what we generally see within the human beings. The man of wisdom having egoistic cult prominent within him, although has gained in the footing of higher knowledge, yet is not tinged with the Divine Force. Out of a Force he has acquired more force which is the natural outcome and an established Law of the earth.

But the man who has attained certain power and acquired knowledge by means of devotion becomes a man of Divine gesture.

This type of man gradually understands that the life in the body is a system which is directly under the cycle of operation of the Nature.

So, this 2nd type of human beings having divinity within receives real type of death at the end. These beings learn to discard the gross phenomenon of the life and finally understand that the Jyoti (force) in the cell of the body is really the Jyoti of the soul.

We get light only when there is a source to radiate the glow or light. Similarly the Omnipotent Lord is emitting His Joyti in the form of life.

First, the ego which is vibrant in the life of any human being has got to be eradicated. Secondly, the Karma (work and action) has to be performed in a phased way but there should not be any urge for the final effect. Every action will bear a fruit. It may either have the good side or the worst. The man who surrenders his "self" life long at the Feet of the Lord and yet works according to the issues with which he is confronted has one virtue at the background of all events. This type of man is practically a Jara (morbid) concerning his own individuality. He feels that his bath means the bath of his Lord; whatsoever he eats is offered in the name of the Lord; the work he performs is done by the great wish of the Blessed Lord; when he sleeps there also the Great Lord sleeps to His desire, and finally whatever he speaks is spoken by the Lord Himself. Thus, anything that comes up in the life of such a person hints at the Eternity and the "ego" of the man, in turn, plays the role of a witness.

To remain a witness throughout the span of the life within the body has to be practised. Where to go and where to stay* , when to eat and what to eat must not be the ruling factors. Remaining within the pot-hole of the materialistic world he does not urge for any of the working events. His only urge rests in the seeking of the Maha-prana (the Absolute Creative Force).

So the Prana (life) in any body does not attain the high; altitude even if all the knowledge is instilled within. Undoubtedly, this knowledge becomes the treasure of such a devotee only when he detaches his "ego" from the "self".

With the death, the body only dies but not the "self". The Sanyasins assert that so long there is a single grain of Vasana (desire) there cannot be death in the real sense.

It is the Pranayam (concentration of the mind) which enables one to dissect the Pran (life) from its gross state.

What do we mean by the gross state of the Prana (life)? The Brahman (absolute) is the Omnipotent Being, and hence It is the Omniscient. In this state He is formless. Maya or Illusion is the Creative Essence. All that we see, or all that we have been ourselves, are His manifestation with respective forms. The life in the body is formed with Five Elements being a part and parcel of Earth, Water, Heat, Air and Ether. "Life’" is the Active Agent in the form of an adhesive category to form the body with these Five Elements.

For a living "form" all these constitute in a single mass. But, this is not life, so to say. And, in the category of life there are certain formidable issues,—that is, life in the animals and plants focuses respective criterions; but in the life of human beings it is having all the qualities of the animals and plants as well as certain specific qualification being known as consciousness.

The more the Prana (life) within our body is regulated and freed from the influence of the five elements the more that Prana (life) gets the scope to be in unison with the Maha-Prana (super life) order. In that state this type of superman gets beyond the working order of the senses and remains with the Jyoti (luminosity) of the creative force.

The taste of a grain of sugar is sweet and it can be tasted only when one would chew one such grain and beyond that there is no way to express the actual state of order. Similarly, the ascent of the consciousness within the region of super-consciousness evil be maneuvered only when one will be able to form within him the actual avenue to reach that height.

This "self" when gets blended with the super-natural order will make one forgetful of the appetite or any other type concerning Nature’s call. And, I had that blissful state at a stretch for seven days which was my trial period. Finally, I could conquer their heart. It was proven to the hilt that the efficacy of devotion is never to be subdued by the sheer will of a pack of turbulent men.

I could cross the hurdles that lay in the path of my Sanyasin’s order, as well I had no barrier in the society I lived in.

Thereafter and up to this moment I am treated in the village of Ramanathpur as a man of remarkable order.

Last Chapter: Love