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arrows2.jpg (6463 bytes) Thakur as Revealed to Pranab
Chapter 14

"It was decided upon in the year of 1930 that, I should commemorate that particular date which led me to the region of the Bliss, and since then it is being observed every year. Fortunately that date is followed by the Great Pujah of Saraswati Debi (Goddess of Learning).

How strange is it to think about the mentality of those villagers who really became blind with their ill designs and wanted me to remain for 7 days, without any food and water, in that small room which was no doubt like a dungeon? By the blessings of Mother, I was delivered, on the due date with all my stout physique and distinct brightness.

To what extent they became sorry for their mean attitude was beyond my wit to survey. Nevertheless, they tendered their apology to me and sought my benediction.

In order to supplement their lofty goodwill towards me, every year, they had wanted me to observe, the particular date when I could receive my Siddhi (final order of the Impersonal on my personal sense). And, Saraswati (Goddess of Learning) Pujah takes place just after that particular auspicious moment, so, they had requested me to conduct this Pujah, too, on a bigger scale.

For a while, in the year 1930 after I had heard their proposal I became obstinate in my one way. In a second I had to change my mind and submit to their demand. A Sanyasin should not display any arrogance and hence, I could not set any bitterness on them who are most ordinary in their daily life. In the next moment I cleared off all pangs which I had to sustain severely due to their flimsy get up.

It was my turn to project benevolence against their low mentality and to seek the great Mother’s Grace against their ignominious understanding.

Since then up to this moment it has been for a good deal of decades I had fulfilled their desire, every year, and the vast congregation that had gathered, during the period of the Pujah could be served with cooked rice, curry, and sweets.

It has always been a big congregation to the extent of twenty thousand heads strong. Nobody is to worry for the observance of this colossal task. It is the villagers, from far and wide, who subscribe every year their poor mite, either in the form of cereals and green vegetables, or in cash. Their eagerness to perform the Pujah has given me impetus to stand the great hardship and deep austerity for long duration of the Pujah.

The note of surprise lies in the fact, that, after the completion of my Pujah mounds of cooked rice is thrown by me among the big gathering. What a scene of agitation it has been all these years. With due deference everybody waits anxiously to get a single grain of cooked rice which is known as Prasad (that what is offered to the Deity becomes Prasad) .

It is not unnatural to find that these thrown-out rice would get trampled under the feet of those multifarious gathering. But, within the twinkling of an eye all the grains of Prasad are picked up with due devotional gesture. The villagers have found the greatest efficacy in a single such grain of rice at times of dire distress and painful ailments.

Their strong belief have enabled them to receive the desired result in all occasions, and hence they preserve these grains of rice with all keenness as a remedy during the time of severe catastrophe.

However, that has been an established truth to these men and women. But prior to getting this speck of land where the image of the Goddess Kali has been installed what a painful situation I had to face! Because, I had offered cooked rice to the goddess Kali, so, they did not mind to impose the most worst insinuation on me. With all their arrogance and rough temperament they actually had unseated me from the shelter and driven me out from the yard of my first host.

We do not care to understand that we have nothing to offer to the Lord of the Universe. Yet, externally we try to worship our Deity with good deal of materials. The Mother definitely accepts our offering if the whole Pujah is done with our tears.

Human beings have nothing to offer. Only we have our tender heart and pure tears to offer at the Feet of the Lord. This is known as Bhakti (devotion) which only would lead us to get into the Kingdom of God.

Devotion is the only essence with which we should prepare ourselves for our Karma (work and action) from the first phase of our life. And, it is the only means by which the end has to be achieved. By degrees we can merge ourselves into the pot-hole of the Maha Prana (the Absolute Creative Force). The petals of life which is like an onion will get unfolded, and being devotional, all our Karma (work and action) will have the passive state and finally the last petal of the life will await the merger with the Maha-Prana (Luminosity of the Lord or the Absolute Creative Force).

The Bhakta (Devotee) at this final stage becomes a part and parcel of the Divine Light. Only a big magnet has the power to attract a big mass of iron. Similarly, a devotee of highest order who has had realization of the Soul would have the power to pull other lives like a big magnet.

Every life is the carrier of the Absolute Creative Force. In other way it may be pointed out, that, the life of every human being is exactly like this Earth. This Earth is filled up with so many treasures. On the surface of the earth we find so many varieties of things. Within the bed of the earth there are innumerable ores and mines. Whatever man has been able to tap has not been the final achievement. We neglect only that much about which we have not been able to justify the efficacy, as yet. Once the question of utility is established, then, the ways to get more stuff becomes our only object.

Man has found out Diamond Mines within the deep bed of the earth and learnt to dive deep into the fathomless oceans to pick up the pearls. As yet, so many things are left out and every effort is being exerted, tooth and nail, with a view to ascertaining more things and their advancement towards the phenomenon of the cosmic theory has been marvelously prominent.

To propound new theory against the theory covering the Law of Nature might be of importance, but, will it not be much more gigantic if our achievement concerning the Grace of the Almighty becomes fruitful?

The prince of an estate knows fully well that all that belonging to the estate is his. So, he does not bother much for what he has.

He is fully at ease, for this type of treasure being his own property. That is, the relevance of the phenomenon marks the reality in his approach of life.

Similarly, human beings are having only one essence at the background of their respective life. How often we forget this particular truth, although we do not forget to stretch ourselves at the Feet of the Almighty only when we are submerged in the pool of a countless misery.

Are not we helpless in our all spheres of activities? Do we ever think that the sole Master of the Universe has kept aside the ‘"triumph card" under His domain and has given us a tough tenacity, instead, to fight life-long with our individual "ego"?

In fact, the egoistic or the non-egoistic will perish by the same Law of Nature. The difference is that the former achieves death through a course which covers all that is within his own limit, while the latter accepts death, through a gradual change, known as transformation towards the prime core of the Life.

This phased change that betakes the span of the latter type, having only non-egoistic characteristics, will only be possible when the devotional attitude will he intensified within our heart. The egoistic or the non-egoistic man shall have to exert certain means in order to achieve success. In the egoistic spirit we see the superiority is stamped by an inclination towards a state of manliness. But, the non-egoistic cherishes for the transformation into the state of being a God-Man in a most methodical way where devotion is the sole criterion to establish this truth.

Karma (work and action) is the inevitable outcome for every human being. The majority are striving for the establishment of name and fame save a very few who are nonattached. Those who are nonattached they do not feel the need of becoming unscrupulous even for a single deal. The only criterion for them is their liberty to remain forgetful of their own stamina, and all their expeditious drive for work and action is for Truth only.

Any mal-practice, deception or perversion is not to be hatched within the heart of such a noble person. So, the ethical aspect can never be stagnant nor becomes stereotyped throughout the career of a noble man. By sticking to the path of devotion the mind erupts out and hence, the "Illusions" of the life, which constantly impede the development, are knocked off into pieces.

Every exploration in the soil of earth will have some feasibility of success. So, a mind when constantly is charged with a note of devotion will unfold a mirror-like state.

When the sun, in the sky, radiates its rays at an angle, then, the image of a man, under this sun, will be seen somewhere. But the sun remaining directly overhead will effect the shadow underneath our feet.

Every human life is His life. But, this is seldom realized because we are not keen enough to practise, whole-heartedly, all the laws and principles of life. It is the same Eternal Creative Force—the All-pervading Omnipotent Being—who is reigning within the core of our heart.

The human manliness supplements to the "ego" and likewise the dazzling sun it is radiating its glow from an acute angle with the result that we are always conscious of our own stamina and strength. Undoubtedly, our manliness, proportionately, emits a light seeing which other men at our front can get a glimpse of the vigour within. But, this is not all. Because this light of manliness has neither the depth of illumination, nor it has the beams to be spread all-round.

It is only by means of a constant devotion something extra-ordinary, in the form of a miracle, is achieved. As analytically proven, herein, it may be said, that, the devotion at its highest stage knocks off the veil of ignorance, which is our only "ego" and makes the Bhakta’s (Devotee’s) heart just like a mirror.

The Universe is having the spontaneity of the Absolute Creative Force. Nowhere is void of His existence. As and when such a mirror is established within the heart of a being, then the Jyoti (Luminosity of the Almighty) is focused on it. Being directly opposite to each other—the Bhakta (Devotee) and Bhagawan (the Lord)—they see each other only. No sooner the Bhakta becomes the recipient of this celestial light on the surface of his mirror-like heart, than forthwith the same is reflected on the Original Divine Order.

Such a devotional man forgets his own self, becomes devoid of "ego", transforms his manhood into God-Man, and finally confiscates his personal with a view to being at par with the Impersonal.

In one word when the heart of a being is free from all the arrogance of Vasanas (Desires) then only The Luminosity of The Lord will be superimposed on that man. There the Bhakta (Devotee) is relieved from the effects of Karma (Work and Action) and his heart becomes a store house of a Divine Honeycomb in which only the Almighty in the form of a Bee will remain within."

I do not know what is the actual state of order that is now working within me. It is the Blessed Mother who has dragged me so far on Her lap and has hugged me, all along under all stress and strain, with Her merciful care.

I await Her bid and when the opportune moment comes up, I should fall in for all Her commands.

As Pranab, may I say, that, this much I have been able to state—which is really a fraction of the teachings and summary of his life-story—that Sree Sree Thakur told me on certain occasions. Whatever I have written has been, solely, possible due to the Grace of my Thakur.