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Some Links to other sites...

Tylersword Forum
This is an interactive forum on spiritual topics and you can join in!
Run by Michael St. Claire, astrologer and friend of Premananda
A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts
This is a giant book of quotes from the world's major religions.

The Varieties of Expresssion (since 1997)

The List of Awakened Teachers
Many links to a long list of spiritual teachers, seers and sages.
Dharma Central
Information on the Hindu Sanatan Dharma
Divine Mothers and their Institutions
Information about a number of women saints, sages and teachers.
Calcutta Online
Everything you ever wanted to know about Calcutta, and more.
Get the Calcutta newspaper before the people of Calcutta get it.
Anthony Damiani
I met Tony in the early 70's when he gave classes at his bookstore in Ithaca, NY. He was a student of Paul Brunton, a wonderful man and a genuine teacher.
Mysticism in World Religions
A giant and wonderful site. Hundreds of pages.
King James New Testament
Click this link to download The Bible as a zipped text file
Om Guru
Short biographies of some holy men and women.
Robert Ghost Wolf
Author of: "The Last Cry" and "Winds of Change!"
OURLADY2.jpg (3448 bytes)Marian Apparitions - More Apparitions
Still More Apparitions
and The Catholic Encyclopedia
Latin Vulgate Bible
Traditional Latin Mass
All-Embracing Yoga Directory
Long list of links to various yoga and spiritual sites
People in Action
Some Spiritual Links and Newsgroups
Bengali Songs
Website with
Bengali songs in RealAudio format
A page by a western lover of Calcutta

Bhajans, Kirtans in RealAudio
by Swami Acharya Krishnapremananda Saraswati

The Divine Life Society
Founded by Swami Sivananda, Rishikesh, India
"What is Enlightenment?" Magazine
Articles online
Upanishads More..
Read a number of the Upanishads here