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abide in your
all this play
am not concerned
am not that
are in that
are not that
are not this
are you going
as an individual
as long as
aware of my
because i am
because of your
because you are
become one with
body is not
body is there
by jean dunn
can there be
carried away by
caught up in
consciousness is not
consciousness is there
consciousness will not
deep sleep state
everything is unreal
find out what
firm conviction that
first of all
get involved in
get to know
give up all
give up this
going to die
good or bad
have to do
have you been
himself as an
how can one
i am not
i am talking
i am that
i do not
i have told
i have understood
i know that
i will not
identify yourself with
jnani is not
know you are
love to be
millions of forms
not be able
not concerned with
not your true
one who has
play of consciousness
prior to words
realm of consciousness
sense of presence
sri nisargadatta maharaj
state in which
state you are
that birth principle
that i am
that is all
that is not
that is why
that state in
that state which
that you are
that you have
there cannot be
there is nothing
there is only
there will be
they will be
those who have
to an individual
to be in
to do anything
to find out
to give up
to know that
to know yourself
to my talks
to understand what
told you that
try to understand
was not there
whatever happens in
whatever you are
whatever you have
when you are
which you are
which you have
will be there
will not be
with what identity
your identity with
your own self
your true nature
your true state