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Yogamayi's Page
[Thank you to Brahmamayi for sending the following items she received from Yogamayi]

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Brahmamayi and Yogamayi in spiritual discussion, early 1970's


Happy Birthday
to the
Divine Mother

She it is who takes birth in different forms according to the place and the working She undertakes. When she becomes the Soma and flows from the Sahasrara She is the Power of Bliss. When She shines in the eye of the yogin, She is the Power of Consciousness. When She takes up a fixed position in the Muladhara She is the Immutable. She embodies the Sat-Chid-Ananda in the individual.

Happy Birthday Adorable Divine Mother, Beloved and Adored Lord Siva, and my Adorable Beloved Brahmamayee.

Yogamayi Ma