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Sivananda's Page

This is the tribute that Sivananda had written for Premamayi's memorial. Unfortunately the format of the service did not allow for that. But there was a hom fire at the service according to Premamayi's wish and Binodini thoughtfully offered the crumpled paper into the sacred fire instead.

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Memorial to Athena

A saint has died. A friend has passed away. A sister, a mother, a servant to God has left us.

Athena is truly in joyous union with our beloved now. She suffered enough. And now that the sick body is dead, only the beautiful eternally giving soul of Athena remains.

We were all blessed by her life. We will always miss her. She was my spiritual archery instructor. She alway kept me directed to the true target. She cut thru to the quick and pulled me back to concentrate on the real thing. And she alway did this in gentleness, peace, and love.

At this moment we may mourn our loss of her (as is fitting). Alas.

May we always remember the happiness that she brought to each one of us.