Gangadi's Tale
Dual Language ---  Bengali only

Name:  Srimatti Gangarani Patra
Husband: Srijukto Mritunjaya Patra
Village: Dayulpur
PO: Kuldanga Bazaar
District: Howrah

Ganga dee is sick. [brain stroke]. But I was able to hear all the stories from her daughter.

The question was asked: Since when and in what way did you come to be acquainted with Gurudev?

She answered that she had been initiated way back in childhood, before her marriage. Because Gangadi's house was near to Molina's house. And Ganga Dee's mother was initiated by Gurudev so Ganga Dee would also go and see Gurudev.

Gradually her love for Gurudev ecclipsed everything and she became intitiated. As Ganga dee came of age she became very big-hearted person. In this way, after a while, she got married, but her mind was totally not in the worldly and domestic life. Gangadi was all the time doing worship after worship.

So engrossed did she become during worship that she had no care at all left for worldly life.

She would even forget to feed milk to her child because only the worship was in her mind. This all because Gangadi's mother-in-law had take the Mangalchandi jar with the worship water and thrown it into the pond. After that, slowly but surely, the mother-in-law's two eyes went blind.

Since very early childhood she used to go with her mother to the Ramanathpur ashram. Gangadi's mother was an initiated disciple of Gurudev. In childhood Ganga dee was also intitiated with "mangel chandi" mantra of the mother Goddess "Chandi." She grew into an extremely devotional woman. So absorbed and engrossed in her worship would she become that she no longer cared for anything else in this world.

Gangadi's marriage took place in a village named Gangadharpur.  From Gangharpur to Ramanathpur the distance is almost 50 kilometers.  Gangadi's harvest from farming used to be fairly good.

Taking Gurudev's favorite vegetables and things to cook, she used to go by foot to Ramanathpur ashram and without herself eating anything at all.  After she reached the ashram by all available means she would present the things to Baba and then take his feet and wash them and then she would drink the water from the foot washing. Day after day she used to do this.

One day in chaitra or boushakh month, as she was walking in the heat with a heavy bag on her head, at some point she lost her way. She was so thirsty that she was panting as if her chest would burst.  She became disgusted with herself and saw a pond in front of her and she tied her clothes around her and was going to jump into the pond, thinking "I don't want to live anymore."

She is thinking "I don't want to keep this life anymore."

Thinking she was going to jump one brahmin's son came along and he said "What's the matter, have you lost your way? "You are suffering, where do you wish to go?"