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Brahmamayi's Page
nelliegp1.jpg (22718 bytes)Brahmamayi was the first American to meet Baba back in the early 1960's. After an early inner experience which she will describe only as "an epiphany" she became determined to search for a genuine guru in India. Later while living in the city of Calcutta a like-minded friend approached her saying "I've found someone I think you should meet." He took her to a gathering in the suburb called "Howrah" across the Hooghly river from Calcutta. There she met Baba for the first time.

When Baba first saw her he lit up with recognition and joy, telling all that she was the first of ten disciples who would eventually come to see him from America. Even at that early date he recited the names he would give them, though the last of them would not arrive until well over a decade later.

The love which Baba had for Mrs. Hart was apparent and clear to anyone fortunate enough to have observed them together. In her presence Baba was always like the little child happy and free in the arms of his mother. It was deeply touching to witness the two of them together. We hope to be able to present some of the stories of Brahmamayi and Baba in the future.

When Brahmamayi had to return to America Baba would keep in touch with her by letter. A number of those letters, which Mrs. Hart has kindly donated to the foundation, are presented in the letters archive.


Nellie Hart passed away on July 15, 2007 at the age of nearly 91. Here is a memorial page.