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Binodini's page

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Binodini writes: I first met Baba in July, 1976, and my life was never the same after that blessed moment. The first time I saw Baba, His eyes were shining like no ordinary human being's, but as deep lakes of Divine Bliss. As I walked into Prema Mayi's home, Baba was standing immersed in a state of God-inspired love, and with His hands outstretched, He repeated the words, "Shanti...Shanti...Shanti."
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These pictures taken by Gyanananda are among the last taken of Baba. They were taken just months after this letter was written.

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Below is the text of Baba's last letter to Binodini, dated December 21, 1981.

Dear Daughter,

Received your letter and money order in time. This money order becomes very helpful to me as there is urgent need of money. Because regularly there is great expense of money for my treatment. I have become seriously ill for long days and I am under the treatment of Dr. Siddheswar Mukherjee. I am almost bedridden. Some days ago the condition of my health became suddenly very bad and Dr. Mukherjee attended me. However, under his treatment that stage is now over. I am [a] bit better now but still ill and very weak. If you get leave, you will try to come here as I like to see you. You will convey this news of my illness to my other disciples and devotees.

I did not get any news of Prema Mayee for long days. Of course I am sending a letter to her on this date. You will try to contact with her. I am giving you some advice regarding monetary matters. If money is spent for good purpose, the utilization of becomes successful but if it is spent for bad purpose, it produces bad result.

I bless you, my daughter so that you would be as generous and great as the great boundless blue sky of this world by the grace of God and you would advance towards your divine goal with firm determination and full faith on Him.

Blessings to you,

Some of Baba's favorite bhajans and chants as sung by Binodini