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arrows2.jpg (6463 bytes) Thakur as Revealed to Pranab 
Dedication by Nellie Hart

nellie02.jpg (18094 bytes)ETAD VAI TAT

The devotion of Pranab for his Revered Thakur has found expression in this book which reviews the Sadhana and Realisation of Thakur Sri Srimat Swami Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari.

Baba unlocked many new streams of bliss and illumination in the hearts of his devotees. How blessed were those moments of exultation and Divine joy when Baba became inebriated with his divinity!

It was Baba’s wish that this book appear to enable us to better understand the mystery of these Divine Moods as expressed through him

Om Saha Navavathu
Saha Now Bhunakthu
Saha Veeryamkaravavahai
Thejaswinavadheetha Masthu
Maa vidwishavahai.
Om Shantihi! Shantihi! Shantihi!

Mrs. Nellie Hart